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Aight studs, time for some icon critique.


Let's pretend these are numbered from left to right beginning with one, through to nine. Anyway, you're getting better with icons, I see you've actually been snatching the methods of my technique in some of these, which include the circular gradient. If it helps, I usually use a medium brown on exclusion, I think, and at times a grey, depending on the icon. At any rate, you've got some critical errors in your icons. Let me start out by saying that you can't just use the same style with every icon. Icons number 1 to 3, they should never have be worked on in this style, they're too contrasted, too dull, and too saturated. The first two are nice stocks, but don't be afraid to use a nice, clean high quality edit. Icons are mostly about colour and bringing out the focal point. The circular gradient helps do that for some icons, but to be honest, for some icons you need to avoid the gloomy style. I advise you to try being original with colour, on some of your icons, without going dark, if you look at some of my brighter work you'll know what I mean. At ant rate, you can make an amazing icon with 4 adjustment layers. If you concentrate on colour. Then sharpen your focal, blur the background, and seriously keep the focal in the forefront. An example of where I like your colour is number 5, Emma Watson, I love what you did with the colour, but I think you killed the quality of the icon by adding extra effects to give it that washed out style. I think you know what I'm getting at, you need to avoid it sometimes. I recommend developing more than one technique. So that you can apply it to the necessary stock and work from there each time. I'm not actually drawn to any of these, I think they're all a little to washed out. The one I like most however, is the one you're using as your avatar. But I still think it's a little monotone. This is a very hard style to pull off, because you tend to concentrate a little too much on nailing the style that you forget about your stock. Never forget how important your stock is moom. I'm going to go and just say that you should apply the above advice to all the icons above. I'd be specific, but the issue is a general thing. Tone down how heavy the effects are, try not to think about the technique too much, and concentrate on retaining the quality of the stock.

Anyway, you've made some more since then so let's take a look.

Again, one through to eight. First icon is over saturated, I'm not a fan of the colours, again it's a little too dull. The next is better actually, it retains most of the quality. The next two work in the style, but they're made for it really, still though, work on emphasizing your focals more. As for the bottom four, I actually like these a lot more. Due to the colour more than anything. I think you've done well on that here. But believe me, if you could apply this sort of class into colour without reducing the quality of the stock, you'd make amazing icons.

I'd go through your tags, but I think icon critique is something to concentrate on more right now. I also dislike critiquing request tags because they're usually ~forced~ art if you know what I mean. But as far as they're going, you're getting a lot better with tags. But dude, you really gotta stop blowing effects out your ass ;]
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