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    Originally Posted by jdthebud View Post
    Hey, I'll try this!

    Name: Jdthebud
    Game: FireRed
    Ultimate: maybe

    How do you determine the moves, anyway?
    I use this Metronome Generator. For 5th Gen, I'll pick 'em myself.
    1. Megahorn
    2. Wing Attack
    3. Rapid Spin
    4. Constrict
    5. Agility
    6. Transform
    Originally Posted by seren View Post
    I'm feeling a bit insane, so I'll give it a shot as an ultimate...

    Name: Seren
    Game: Blue/Gold/Emerald/Diamond/White
    Ultimate?: Yes
    1. Rain Dance
    2. Growth
    3. Whirlwind
    4. Psybeam
    5. Confusion
    6. Guillotine
    Originally Posted by Sammuthegreat View Post
    Could I have a move list please? I'll do my best to do the challenge, although I'm extremely busy at the moment so can't promise anything.

    Name: Sammu
    Game: Soul Silver
    Ultimate? No
    No problem. ;]
    1. Flamethrower
    2. Magical Leaf
    3. Light Screen
    4. Astonish
    5. Rock Slide
    6. Ice Beam

    Time for my update.

    • So, I started up Emerald
    • Named myself Sire

    • I adjusted my clock to the right time
    • Then I visited May
    • I then saved Professor Birch, picking Treecko

    • Nicknamed Treecko Thasos
    • After killing one and tediously trying to get a decent nature, I finally caught a Ralts with a Naive nature, which I thought was good enough (found 6 Seedots and only 3 Ralts)
    • Nicknamed him Complectus

    • Helped out Wally, then went through Petalburg Forest, beating the Team Aqua member
    • Obtained Cut
    • Beat Roxanne

    • In the process, Thasos evolved into Grovyle

    • Caught a Taillow with a good nature after two tries, nicknamed Hirundo

    • Helped out the Devon guy again, beating the Team Aqua member for the second time

    • Got Steven's letter and the Pokenav
    • Defeated May

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