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    Originally Posted by callumjames3 View Post
    What level does Chimchar evolve in Sol Platinum? Ive gotten to about 20 with nothing yet.
    Whoa! Seriously? It grew those many levels and still hasn't evolved yet? Hmmm, I don't know what could possibly be the problem. I've beta tested this a bunch time and it always evolve for me on level 14. Try repatching the game and see what happens.

    Originally Posted by PMniac View Post
    What is the rom for patch? Pokemon Platinum European or American?
    Well, I use the American version of Pokemon Platinum when making this patch, so I assume this patch will only work for the american version rom.

    Originally Posted by Vnalder View Post
    In Neo SoulSilver, after I name my character and Oak says his usual junk, the screen goes black, but the music still plays.
    That's the AP, in order to get passed that, you need to download the
    Rudolph's patch. You can find that on Gbatemp.

    If you're using emulator

    To be more specific if you're using No$gba or desmume.

    For no$gba you need the use it with the No$zoomer Extension. With No$gba bios, I forgot to add that last time I was talking about No$gba.

    If have desmume, you can run it perfectly by just patching the rudolph's patch; I don't use desmume, because my computer's too slow. It'll probably work differently on yours
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