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Originally Posted by lunis View Post
I would be thrilledif you could transfer them

P.s. I forgot, I don't actually need Muk. I tend to get him an grimer confused XD
What shinys did you want again?
Originally Posted by tandyboy97 View Post
are we still able to trade?
what was the trade for again?
Originally Posted by rayquaza911 View Post
Zekrom 7/16/2011 Jolly
Zekrom 7/16/2011 Adamant
Reshiram 7/16/2011 Modest
Reshiram 7/16/2011 Timid
Pikachu 7/18/2011 Naive
Pikachu 7/18/2011 Rash
Victini 4/16/2011 Jolly
Victini 4/23/2011 Adamant
Golurk 6/17/2011 Brave
Hydreigon 6/17/2011 Modest
I'm interested in these:
Pikachu 7/18/2011 Rash
Zekrom 7/16/2011 Adamant
Originally Posted by Pkmn-Br33der View Post
Shiny poygon-z lvl 100
Metagross lvl 100 w/ ice punch
Shiny ninjask lvl 100

Dragonite lvl 100
Shiny lucario lvl 100
Spiritomb lvl 100
(fyi, these pokes will be all cloned so yea...)
What are they're stats and movesets?
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