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Hey uh, you have to map the ips first.
Maps must be made before you script or else things will go haywire.
Please lord, i wish this thread wouldn't be inactive.

Your current skills/Position you want:
Mapper and all around spriting(Trainer, Fakemon and OWs)
How much time can you dedicate: Mostly Weekends (GMT 8+)
Proof of work: Okay then...i'm lazy to make some, but anyways.

A Team Akatsuki Archive.

Okay, this one is a hero in progress in Team Snivy
I suck in map proofs but i'm good depending of what kind of map you'll ask

Sorry, but you'll see a map when you make me do a job.
It depends on how you will ask me on a route(land/sea), cave, or city.

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