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    I'm just starting to watch this now (and I'll probably leave a comment on the video itself when I'm done) but just verifying that Yes, this is the 100% complete english version. If you run into any Portuguese text, I will be tempted to shoot myself in the head. And if you run into anything gamebreaking, I will do my best to fix it for you. The only major glitch that I'm aware of, and it's graphics-only, occurs if you enter the contest. Don't do that, and everything should work.

    EDIT: Also, blame Wesley for map errors and things. With a few exceptions, I only messed with scripts.

    SECOND EDIT: Actually, I'll just infodump here, because youtube comment limits, etc.
    - I really like your video layout, but you got it wrong. There are 16, not 14, badges. Eight for each region. After that, there's legendary hunting, and the world championships.
    - While there are pokemon from all 5 gens, there aren't all of them. This hack has 411 Pokemon in total.
    - Sorry about the heal script in yellow town. I intended to add one, and it'll be there if I need to release a bugfixed version. That said, you walked right around a girl in yellow town who gives you a Max Potion.
    - Wesley finished the Portuguese version sometime in January. I finished the translation earlier today, though I've only been working on it since late July.
    - Smallbirdie is working on a text walkthrough of the game, which should contain what pokemon are in what route. There's a link in her signature, and she posted in the LP thread recently.
    - Electabuzz evolves into Electivire at level 40.
    - *hint, hint* talk to the guy up and to the right of where that video ended.
    - When you get that far, Feebas is not useless.
    - Watching a video where I'm praised is nice. :D
    - Would it be rude of me to ask if you could put your let's plays into playlists? It looks like only some of them are.

    But in summary, that was great and I'll be following this. :D
    The Light Platinum English translation is complete, and can be found here: (1.0, 1.1, Final)