Thread: [Gen V] Need help with my team
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    Although it has massive base attack, I really reccomend you ditch Rampardos, with such low speed, low defense and many weaknesses it' can usually be 2OKO'd even if it does get a rock polish up, it's the definition of a glass cannon. But still I won't be useless so here's my favourite set for him, he's hard not to ignore with the second highest base attack (165, only second to attack form Deoxys) in the game;

    Rampardos @ Choice Band
    Adamant Nature
    Mold Breaker
    ~ Head Smash
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Fire Punch
    ~ Pursuit
    4 Hp | 252 Atk | 252 Spe

    Head Smash broken down is this; 165 base attack + 150 base attack power + STAB + Choice Band = Death. Although the recoil won't be nice. Fire Punch is for Ferrothorn and Skarmory etc whilst Pursuit can hit anything trying to escape, hope I helped.

    EDIT: Hydreigon also works better with either Modest or Timid nature, and use Choice Scarf or Specs as an item, or even Life Orb.