Thread: [Gen V] Need help with my team
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Originally Posted by pknight96 View Post
If your looking for a strong physical sweeper to replace Rampardos, try Darmanitan or Conkeldurr. If you want a good Special Attacker to replace the new idea of Darkrai, try Zorozark or DW Serperior. Gengar is a good replacement for Chandalure. Hippowdon and Hydrigon are great, and as for your empty space, try Skarmory or Ferrothorn.
Yeah, I'll add Ferrothorn soon.

Originally Posted by Pkmn-Br33der View Post
Gengar or spiritomb for chandelure and for a physical sweeper suggest this
Adamant nature
Dragon dance
Dragon claw

And ur empty space, try umbreon with calm nature or careful since it has such high def for ur wall.
I'm going to do that Dragonite, and okay, I'll add Umbreon as a wall.
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