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    I've been dying for a johto journey RP. ^___^

    Name: Amanda Bel

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Amanda is about 5'4; a relatively not too tall, not too short person. She is characterized by having light blue eyes, along with her skin color being a white / beige tone. She often has pink, long hair, but sometimes, she would usually put it on a pony tail, or sometimes dye it black. She doesn't wear much lipstick; in fact, she hates putting on lipstick; or even powder her face. She does, however, wash her face often, to make sure that she doesn't have any blemishes on her face. Sometimes, she wears fake black eyelashes, to make her blue eyes stand out more from her appeal. On this pokemon adventure, she would wear a black and white baseball-like cap on her head on a forwards style, along with a light blue dress shirt, that's over neath a yellow small t-shirt, which is over neath a black dress shirt that she usually leaves it un-buttoned. She also wears light pink jean shorts, that are below her knees. She also wears black shoes with a white pad on the bottom. She would also wear a red good luck charm, that she inherited from her late mother.

    Her overall appearance in a picture:


    History: Amanda was brought up into a wealthy and kind family that lived in the small, peaceful town of Olivine. Her house was stationed right on the coast, risen up from the sandy beach by a large deck. Her house was literally, right on the shore of Olivine, only a few meters from the Olivine Lighthouse. As a young girl, Amanda would play on the beach with her family, as they were very tight knit and friendly towards each other. Her father was the captain of a famous ship known as the S.S. Anne. The ship had sailed back and forth between Olivine and Vermillion, carrying hundreds of trainers and tourists to their requested destinations. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom that cared about her children deeply. Not only did Amanda have caring and successful parents, she also had four caring and kind younger siblings, two sisters and two brothers, at the age of 11, 8, and two 6 year old twins. The two females were the older ones, and the boys were the younger twins. This healthy relationship only helped Amanda live as she wanted. Her family pampered her with whatever she wanted, yet she would never let this advantage get to her head. Her parents had praised her for keeping her integrity towards what she received.

    However, one day, Amanda's father had left on a cruise to Vermillion, scheduled to return in sixteen days. Unexpectedly, fourteen days later, Amanda's mother received a call from her father. He had stated that he needed to take his ship over to Slateport City in Hoenn, he was now supposed to return to Olivine within a span of thirty-two months. At this time, Amanda was 11 years old, too young to see her father leave for such a long span of time. She had bawled and cried for hours, for shortly after the phone call her mother had with her father, her family as a whole completely lost all connection with Mr. Bel, unable to contact him whatsoever.

    On Amanda's fifteenth birthday, her mother grew ill. She had a life-threatening sickness that eventually led to her demise. All of a blink of an eye, Amanda's parents...were gone. This made Amanda felt like her own child, and teenage hood was destroyed. So, from that point on, she developed a pessimistic attitude towards her own brother's and sisters. They all moved to New Bark Town, where her grandfather lived, which was where Amanda finished high school.

    Personality: Despite becoming an upcoming pokemon trainer, Amanda is not what you would call a "cheerful person". She's impatient, in-cooperative, usually unmotivated, and, basically, as someone would say, just an all round douche. The main thing you should know about her personality, is that she is a very big pessimist, and an all around negative, dark personality-based person. However, despite her pessimism, she is very much a go with the flow type of person, not one to stick to plans or rules. She prefers to just let the earth tell her where she needs to go, and once something happens, she accepts it. Not one to get all worked up because something bad happened, she has learned to just let things take their toll. When conversing with someone else, she's not as nice as the normal cheery, energetic trainers. In fact; she's a person that does not go well with any body.

    When it comes to terms of pokemon, she is actually quite close to her pokemon. In fact, her pokemon are the only ones that will truley let her show off her "soft side", as she would call it. She is also pretty much a ditz when it comes to pokemon battling; never remembering what moves they learn, not remembering how to ~actually~ battle, and so on. The weird and kooky thing about her, is that she's grown to be quite attached to pink-bodied pokemon. Not necessarily those that are strong or weak, in fact; she loves all pokemon. She just has a fondness of pink pokemon.

    Choice: Smoochum [Snow / Light]

    Password: Glasses

    RP Sample:
    Edward was biting his nails frantically, pacing up and down his quarters, which was essentially a glorified dungeon. Eventually he fell onto his bed, digging his head into the blankets. He always got nervous when he was going to see the King, despite the fact they had met on several occasions, sometimes not in the most formal of circumstances. Edward's mind flashed back to his childhood, the time he had been caught by the King sneaking around the royal quarters. He giggled a little bit thinking about it, it had probably been the most embarrassing experience in his life, and he'd fluffed up lines in his performances before. He thought about the King's words from that day, who had been lecturing the boy. 'Don't let anything stop you from doing what you want. Anything'. It rung with Edward, who flipped over on the bed, now facing the ceiling, a small smile creeping up on his face. He wasn't about to let anything stop him, especially some pre-meeting nerves. With a hefty sigh he jumped from the bed, brushing himself off and leaving the room promptly, a pop in his step.

    The hallways of the castle were stone and ornate, almost pure white due to the vigorous cleaning they received almost everyday, the king had Blastoise shipped in regularly to help along with the process, their high pressure jets giving the walls that glistening sheen. Edward said a few 'hellos' to the people walking the halls, most of them he knew from his years in the castle, some of them complete strangers. He had noticed over the years that sometimes they gave him odd looks, with narrowed eyes and a thoughtful look on their face, like they had seen him somewhere else, or mistaken him; perhaps it was his loud bard attire. It unnerved him a little, but he mostly ignored it, they probably had just mistaken him. Striding up the maze like corridors and large, mountainous staircases he eventually came to the room he had been looking for...the throne room.

    Edward squinted, the inside of the room was full to the brim of expensive decorations, shiny metal armors and weapons. Jewels and gems adorned almost everything in the room. It was often joked that one would require the services of several Snorlax to block out all of the lustrousness of the various sparkling treasures that scattered the room. As he entered, he was met by two guards who moved into his path, each dressed in matching Skarmory plate armour. It was spiky, shiny and tough looking, a Mach punch wouldn't dent it . Anyone who wanted to get past these guards was in for one hell of a battle. They looked him down thoroughly before asking for him to state his business.

    “Why, my metal-clad friends, I am the court bard, surely you have seen me? My purpose to spread joy and happiness to all willing to observe my candescent performances. Today I shall be receiving my very own pokébeast from the most honorable King, I sincerely hope that he hath told you of my arrival.” the teen sang, his voice sounding stupidly enthusiastic and jolly. The two men exchanged looks, each knowing what the other was thinking through their amour. Freak. In unison, they moved aside, making room for the eccentrically dressed bard to move past.

    Edward flashed them both a smile before marching ahead, admiring the room. He had been in here hundreds of times before, yet every time he came in it seemed different, each time retaining it's regal charm. It was in this very room that he had first performed for the royal court, which had, luckily, gone down a treat and earned him a place as an honorary royal bard. However, he still had a long way to go, and that was why he was taking up this journey. The king was eager for the boy to get a name amongst the people, gain a following. On his return he would be made to accompany the King wherever he went, introducing him through the medium of song. He'd also make a great show for foreign dignitaries, impressing them with his impeccably fabulous voice.

    Eventually, after walking for a few minutes down the corridor like hall, he reached the end where two chairs were placed upon a raised bit of stone. One for the king; One of the queen. Looking at them prompted him into thought, he had actually very rarely met the queen, only once or twice in fact. Maybe her highness isn't a musical person He mused, putting a finger on his mouth curiously. As he waited for someone to come and greet him, he looked around the hall a little bored. A few guards were dotted around the edge, each of these had a Growlithe companion stood with them. Security was pretty important in this room, considering it is the room where most of the country's affairs took place. One time, Edward had been present during an Hoenn diplomat's visit. Security included several Rhyperior and Dragonite patrols, as well as Machamp guards. No expense was spared when it came to royal protection. Despite the fact that the king was the champion of the pokébeast league.

    “Ho ho ho!” A deep bellowed into the room, followed by the entrance of a few servants, each dressed in a few modest pieces of cloth. “Where art these rookies then?” Edward recognized the voice, the King. Seconds later, a well built man burst into the room. He was wearing a green cape with a complimentary white tunic. It came down to just above his knees, where a pair of a red tights took over, finishing his legs off with a pair of white suede shoes. He was in his casual attire, looking a bit relaxed as he entered the room, heading straight for his throne. Everyone in the room knelt as he crossed the hall, watching as he stepped up to the seat of power. Silence fell upon the room, until the man began to laugh.
    “How many times do I have to tell thee not to kneel?” He chuckled, allowing everyone to get back up onto their two feet. He had probably told Edward about six times now, but it was too ingrained for him to just simply ignore. Edward adored the man, who was so full of grace and poise. He was everything Edward longed to be. A few times he had been complimented by nobles, who likened him to the king, although physically. In fact, he had been completely mistaken for the king on at least one occasion. Much to Nav's delight, they did actually look a little alike, similar blond hair and fair facial structure. Typical Kanto traits. The bard watched as everyone went about their duties again, guards standing upright and vigilant for danger; servants meticulously cleaning the floor were people had been walking, a few tending to the king on his throne.

    “Edward! My boy, come 'ere!” The jolly man called, pointing a finger at the floor before him. Edward, not wanting to disappoint, scrambled over quickly. Saluting him as he reached the throne. King William responded with a nod, acknowledging the boy.

    “Now, this journey you'll be going on. I've arranged for a few more travelers to go with you.” the monarch said bluntly, gaining an understanding grunt from Edward “Didn't think I'd let thee go on your own, did ye'? Pokébeasts can be a blessing, but they can also be a dangerous foe...I should know. I just don't want my best bard to get killed by a bunch of hungry Graveller, thee see.” Edward grinned a little, proud of the status he had achieved, the nerves that he had been suffering earlier had all but slipped away. You know you've made it when then king tells you that he doesn't want you to die. Suddenly, King William clicked his fingers prompting his servants to run from the room, returning seconds later with chairs, each one wooden and well crafted antiques.

    “Take a seat while we wait for the others.” He ordered. Like a child obeying their father, Edward obeyed and made his way over on the nearest chair that had been plopped down...waiting for his companions.

    Little did he known however, someone was listening in to his, and the King's conversation. He seemed sinister, as the unknown soon made a plastered grin on his face.

    “Foolish brother... Chuckle heartily all thou wants. The crown shall soon me mine."

    This one I did at my own RP. Hope its okay. :B

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