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    it doesn't matter what starter, you start with in my opinion, as long as your character gets one right, there is nothing stopping a creator to give a person a Pidgey as their starter Pokémon, and being able to capture, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Mudkip, whatever, through-out the game...

    i'm not too sure whether to argue a case against or for Snivy, i can understand flamemaster, not wanting to claim Snivy's story, its not very good, and i have no idea what Cyrus is about, "i learn as i get to" (if you understand that.), so i don't know if he wants world domination or to open his own bakery... its stressful telling one person the same thing over and over again, tell him once, if he fails to listen, leave it... i'm pretty sure a MOD will do something =S.

    fair enough if KingSnivy, wants to rip off other people's sprites, and claim things that aren't his, who hasn't? thats what... "if i have missed anybody please PM"... is about right... in all fairness, don't play his game, and/or forget this thread ever existed... me for one, won't be thinking about playing this, if it gets past mapping the bedroom correctly anyways, but i don't see why others won't try this.

    @KingSnivy: Try not using other peoples sprites and rips, create your own, or try, it's not hard to learn, i have tried, they are not very good, but i have characters in my game that nobody will... i'm sure if i asked for help, someone will, i just haven't got round to that yet =S.

    KingSnivy, i know, never listens to anybody, i have seen that, like with the Kyledove thing... strange... but people are willing to help, like with his animated intro, clever, and clearly, snivy didn't do that, but others are willing to help him make his game somewhat playable... I just hope he doesn't give others an idea and they create it, and then claims it as his own, and does absolutely nothing to contribute to his own game =S
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