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Here's the character I will be playing!

Name: Witthoefft Evans

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance: He is of Asian ethnicity, and is fairly light in skin tone. Looking to his face, he has big, emerald eyes that give out vibes of innocence and almost nauseating cuteness. His nose is slightly bigger than average, and is sharp and pointy (although not curvy, it’s a straight line slope); some joke about how they can pop a balloon on his face. His mouth is somewhat smaller than average, and with Witthoefft always seeming to be in a happy disposition, he always seems to be happily smiling. He seems to have a natural line of blush going along his face like this: Click Here. He wears thick-rimmed black bottomless glasses for long distance vision problems. Moving on, he stands at 6”4 feet tall and doesn’t look like a body-builder, appears to be very athletic with excellently toned muscles. He has black hair, and a lot of hair at that. This is one fuzzy dude. The hair on top of his head his not long but plentiful, and has a disheveled appearance. He has well-groomed beard on his face. In contrast, his copious body hair is unattended and has that “O’Natural” look about it.

In the clothing department (finally), Witthoefft wears a white-zippered reddish orange-and-black tiger striped hooded sweatshirt with a long sleeved white shirt underneath. He leaves the sweatshirt slightly open in a V-Neck fashion when he’s not wearing the hood, but by instinct zips the sweatshirt all the way when he does. By the way, the hood on the sweatshirt is like one on a parka, having snow white – fake – fur. The cuffs of his sweatshirt also have this white fur on them for good measure. For pants, he wears pre-ripped light black denim shorts that reach down to three inches below his knees. For shoes, he wears slightly dirty white running shoes.

In the “accessory” department, he wears several cheap string and bead bracelets on his wrists that are usually hidden from view. Not to say he totally isn’t up for pulling down his sleeves and telling you about each freaking one individually.

History: Witthoefft was always one to stick out in a crowd, whether it be from his appearance or his loudness. He was basically in almost every club in school, being very popular and famous. In fact, he was student body president from his grade every year in High School. Due to his niceness and just general “feel-good” vibe, he and was very easy to befriend and had many friends and acquaintances as a result. He was generally known for his ability to express himself and unleash his creativity at every outlet, and also that he was the one always up to stopping a “bad” cause and expressing his ideals.

His family life wasn’t as superb as his social life, however. The youngest of five children, Witthoefft was caught in the middle of his parent’s anger-fueled and nasty divorce at the age of ten. His mother got custody of him and was left alone with her on account that at the time his oldest brothers Cal and Rodolfo were twenty-four and twenty-two respectively and already out on their own, his eighteen-year-old older brother Octavius declared himself as an independent from his parents during the divorce and got an apartment, and that his seventeen-year-old sister “Cosmo” was put under the custody of their father.

After the divorce his mother became an alcoholic, and physically abused Witthoefft in her drunkenness whenever she got mad at him. His only escape was with Pokemon that lived near his house and city. He made a vow never to hurt Pokemon like his mother did, and always treat them with respect and give them freedom. Pokemon can do no wrong in his eyes. Right when he was old enough, he got a job to make money for school trips, clothes, and activities with friends, but also so he didn’t have to be at home.

Now that he’s finished school, he immediately took the choice to leave home to start a journey with his own Pokemon and leave that monster of a mother behind.

Personality: Witthoefft is usually kind and easygoing, but has a high capacity for anger and rage. At first glance, Witthoefft is a highly sociable and almost too kind of person. He always flatters and complements others, wants to make them feel comfortable, and is always considerate. Charming is an understatement. His mannerisms are “cute”, and he displays all kinds of quirky behaviors that anyone could find adorable. He is also highly creative in every sense of the word (constantly using it in his everyday life for just about everything) and quite outspoken with his ideas, ideals, and opinions. He takes care of his outside appearance too, making sure he likes what he’s wearing, it looks good, and it says something about himself.

However, there is a darker side of the coin. When he is pushed over the edge (which is fairly easy to do, in some respect), he has fits of blind anger where he is defensive, belligerent, and adamant about whatever he’s arguing about. He will yell and not care who hears, and verbally assault others until they submit. To calm himself, he will have to channel all of his frustration physically, because verbal thrashing doesn’t satisfy anymore. He will exercise, occasionally to the point of near exhaustion if he’s really steamed. Years of releasing rage like this and school sports are to blame for his stellar physique. To get angry, someone must challenge an opinion of his. Not to say he will burst from the get-go, but if you say something, he will comment his own ideal. If you begin to debate, he will increasingly become more and more angry.

He tends to be truly close to Pokemon as a whole. The opinion he holds for Pokemon is that they can do no wrong. They are all innocent creatures to him. He doesn’t particularly like battling them, but seeing as it’s a must for being a trainer, he makes sure wild Pokemon aren’t too hurt and that the opposite team can receive medical treatment forthwith. Even if he has to do it himself! He is sweet and nurturing to Pokemon, making sure they get everything they need and that they are free spirits to do whatever they want. He constantly grooms and tends to his Pokemon – “motherly” would be a great word to describe his attitude towards the Pocket Monster race.

Aspiration: Primarily a Coordinator/Breeder- He will battle a gym if he and his Pokemon want to, but Contests are more fun and safer alternative.

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