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Since you won't stop bugging me about this, I decided to take a look. I have been waiting for a Johto RP for a while now. Silver was my first game that got my into the world of pokemon. Now seems to be a good time to go back to my roots, with a few twists!

Name: Tyler Morgan

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Tyler stands roughly 5'10. He is very skinny, bordering on the unhealthy side. He is not very muscular. His face is rather narrow and straight. His eyes are a soft brown that are almost always set into a glare. He hardly ever smiles, and his mouth is very thin and usually set into a semi permantent sneer. His nose is narrow and pointed, almost like it was broken. The hair on his head is a dark brown, and is cut into a very trim and suave style.

His clothing is a professionally tailored suit. His slacks and jacket are both black, with a crisp appearence to it. The shirt is dark gray, with a neat black tie. He wears a pair of immaculately shiny dress shoes to finish his look. Of course, he can't wear this suit all the time, despite the fact that he wants too. When he is not in his formal clothing, he can be found in a pair top of the line jeans, black of course, and a similarly expensive Polo shirt. That look is accompanied by a set of brand name walking shoes. No matter what he is wearing, he never leaves out his platnum watch, which was a gift from his father.

History: Tyler was born into one of the wealthy families that holds stock in the Silph Company. His father is on the board of directors, and his mother used to be a top pokemon co-ordinator. Tyler grew up in Saffron City for most of his life. He was raised to be proper, prim, and polite. He became well versed in the proper manners, and at the age of five was being groomed to take his father's place on the board of directors. His parents hired private tutors for him, because he was too good to be scooled with other children, so he didn't get very interaction with kids his own age. It turned out they were right, as he soon surpassed the other children with his intelligence.

But life was not all good for Tyler. He was terribly lonely. And he was chafing against his parents, as most children do. He wanted to do something. He wanted to leave a legacy, not just be the son of his very famous and respected parents. So to that end, he asked his parents if he could go on a pokemon journey. Thinking it was just a childish fancy that would go away in time, they told him that as soon as he graduated the top of his class, they would let him go. This drove Tyler to work even harder than he had before. Running a top company was all well and good, but Tyler felt he needed more than that. At the age of fifteen, he fired his tutors and enrolled in the local highschool, where he stood out for his brilliance and his attitude. He was not very close to his peers, whom he considered somewhat beneath him. He graduated the very next year, as he had promised, at the top of the class. His parents were surprised when he came to them and told them he was leaving to get his first pokemon. He and his parents had a very large arguement, but in the end, they caved in and flew him to New Bark Town to get his first pokemon on their private jet.

Personality: Tyler is very arrogant. His background and his intelligence have made him feel he is superior to everyone else. After all, he is one of the most valuable people in the world. While he would go out of his way to help someone in trouble, he would do it in such a way that it makes him look better. Being the spoiled brat that he is, he is not very pleasent to be around when he's not getting his way. That being said, when he's in a good mood, he can actually be pretty nice. If you can stand the snobbishness and the arrogance that goes along with it.

He is very combatitive and hates to lose. If someone challenges him and his wit, he will say what he can to try and convince them he is right. If that doesn't work, he will soon become a brat and throw a tantrum. If that doesn't work... He wouldn't know what to do. That has always worked for him in the past. He believes that he is right, and will always be right. And he has no problem letting others know that. He sees things as black and white, with no shades of gray. Either it is or it isn't. Right or wrong. Good or bad. He has very high standards of what he should be held to, and he holds others to these standards as well. Anyone that falls short is automatically inferior.

When he was young, he simply fell in love with pokemon. He was never able to get one for himself, and that weighs on him. Now that he has grown, the time has come for him to go out. He treats pokemon with love and respect. His views about them are that they are all valuable creatures, and that he would die for them. But, being the competitive person he is, he will not hesitate to use pokemon to settle his disputes. And he will battle them to the best of his ability, as he wants to stand out and be the best.

Aspiration: Co-ordinator/ Gym Battler. He loves contests, but his desire to establish a seperate identity from his mother won't let him focus all his energy into that.

Choice: Pichu!

Password: Glasses

RP Sample: You said I don't have to as you've already seen my writing. If you would like, I can take something from another RP and put it here.

I hope that's good enough! And I choose Eevee for you.
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