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    Name: Christopher Blake

    Gender: Both. But mostly, Male. :D

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Christopher is quite small. He is quite muscular, but not too large and sinewy. Most of his small height comes from his long legs. He looks rather decent not too handsome or unpleasant-looking. He has sleek black hair that begins to curl when left untouched. His eyes tend to change color, from a light blue in the morning to a dark brown in the afternoon. A sharp uni brow covers his forehead, but he tends to shave the middle off, due to the embarrassment. With perfect tan skin covering his long arms, his fingers are nimble and quick. His nails sometimes begin to grow and due to his lack of care, he forgets to cut them. On the edge of his hands, a rather strange bone juts out, giving his hands a strange look. All the same, he doesn't show any attention towards his abnormalities.

    He usually wears a bright red tee-shirt and black sport shorts. He relies on his relaxed style to remove tension and pressure. He wears long red socks that reach to halfway up his knee. Christopher, "Chris", also prefers his black sandals rather than tennis shoes due to the casual feel. He usually has a black visor on his head, which is rather large due to its secret. He hides the scar on his head and rarely shows it to anyone. He has a black and white band on his right hand symbolizing his change of regions. (Can you guess which one?) Around his neck, he wears a gold chain with a small Pokeball on the end, the one article of clothing that symbolizes his care for anything: Pokemon.

    History: He rode the midnight train going anywhere. Christopher grew up in Nimbasa City. When his family sudden grew poor, he was forced to leave his lavish lifestyle behind. He learned about the darker side of life and became more serious. His family settled in New Bark Town out of coincidence. They were supposed to have settled in Cherrygrove City, but on their way there, Chris grew very sick. It left him a scar on his forehead. His mother and father decided to settle there instead. But, his father began to grow sick and soon passed away of the very disease Chris had managed to survive. He began to resent himself and when he began his Pokemon Academy, failed to make any friends.

    Slowly, he realized the best way to take advantage of life. He began to relax more. After a near death experience in Tojho Falls, he decided to take advantage of any opportunity. He had gone swimming with a group of friends, who accidentally pushed him down the largest waterfall. Barely able to hang on to a branch, he was sucked into a whirlpool where a mysterious Pokemon managed to save him. For this reason, he decided to live life to its fullest, relying on luck. This usually makes his mother scared for his life. But, he comforts her with the fact that "If I were to ever get in serious trouble, you'd be out one more stress-maker."

    Personality: Christopher is very kind, but when he meets someone he dislikes, he wastes no time in showing it. He will quickly put them down based on their appearance or personality. Usually, he avoids tense situations, saying they don't, "Need his lack of unbiased opinion." He sticks up his friends more than anyone else. If others are in trouble, he would most likely run from the situation, trying to avoid a confrontation with his weaker need for friendship. Sometimes, however, he would strive to do the right thing. This urge most likely occurs after he is face with the guilt that has piled over multiple scenarios.

    He can be very selfish, due to his spoiled childhood, but realizes how unreasonable he was in a short period. He has a very guilty conscience due to survivor's guilt, resulting from his father dying of a sickness he managed to survive. During battles, his personality changes from a relaxed floater, to a serious combatant. He never gives up a fight, and he never surrenders. The cost of the battle is unimportant to him. He has proved to be rather cold, even against his friends, when it comes to battle. Maybe, he is a little more two-faced than he lets on.

    Aspiration: Teacher. He wants to be able to teach others about life's misfortune and about handling Pokemon as an escape from life's less than happy encounters. Contests, Gyms, whatever it takes to learn the most about Pokemon.

    Choice: Magby

    Password: Glasses.

    RP Sample: From The Children Are Hunted.

    "It's getting smaller!" Arlanda screamed, her face turning bright red. She began pushing her arms against the walls, trying to escape. Mark watched as the clear world around them began to darken. He had seen this before. A panic attack. Even if it was true that the box was getting smaller, her mind would exaggerate the change.

    "Calm down! Close your eyes and count to ten." he tried to reason with her, but she only grew more terrified. Then, he saw it, the glint in her eyes. He also realized what that was. Another storm. But, would it be able to escape the box?


    "Alakazam, do something!" Tony yelled as his friends were slowly squished to death. Alakazam looked at him disdainfully and went back to her tree. She only got up once she felt another voice. The voice of the Espeon. Strong power. She thought of something.

    "Esper. I will help you. But, there is something I want in return. I will reveal it later, but for now, the box. It is strong magic, made to torture others." she told the Espeon through her mind. The screams began escaping. They could hear the voices of the souls trapped inside the box, but there was nothing in front of them.

    "Here that? It's lightning! She's gonna kill them both!" Clair yelled hysterically. "Mark! Arlanda! Mark!"


    The storm around them began to strengthen. Arlanda's eyes were a bright blue. Her arms were covered in blue aura, as if she herself, was the storm. Mark tried to stop her but fell back. His eyes glowed a bright yellow as he tried to reach her. It was as if his arms were being torn off through the sharp winds. He was so close to her hands. As he moved his hands through the blue mist, he failed to notice the trickle of yellow move through them. Caught off guard, he shrieked in pain at the shock of lightning. He fell back, eyes closed. At the sight of Mark, Arlanda began to scream louder. The top of the box began to drip water, and soon it grew into a downpour.

    "There's nothing I can do!" she yelled as her powers began to overwhelm her and she fell back, her eyes closed as well. Without any help from the outside, they would drown.
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