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    Name: Ivan Tzere

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22


    Ivan is not relatively a small man. Standing at six foot seven, he packs on the pounds to match his height; allowing him to look quite intimidating at moments. He is a very light tan in skin color overall but his farmer's tan is very noticeable. His hair sticks straight up rather than laying flat so he tries to keep it short to avoid attaining the inetival "fro" that would be sure to come. The short hair has a dual purpose in that it draws attention away from his hair and to his eyes. His eyes, which are considerably his best feature, are hazel with flecks of gold, blue and green dotted about. The rest of his facial features coincide with his overall body type. His eyes, nose, ears and square chin are all larger the the average man's.

    Ivan wears what fits and what's comfortable. His worn out jeans rip at the seams and are stained with paint splatters. He wears loose fitting tee-shirts of various colors and patterns that would leave others drowning in a sea of fabric. He prefers the feel of boots as opposed to sneakers when traveling but wears sandals when he stops in towns for a break from adventuring. Often enough he'll have a black bandana wrapped around his head in some manner and a rough-looking cinch sack slung over his shoulder.


    Ivan was born into a more traditional family. His mother, father, grandparents and all sorts of other relations lived together in a small string of cottages right outside of Azalea Town. The commune of sorts bordered Ilex forest where he spent much of his time playing as a child. The most connection Ivan had to the world was one day every two weeks when he tagged along with father into town. Every trip was a wonder for him. He tried to meet and make new friends for all he had for company were his brother and cousins. However he was never in town long enough to establish a connection with the children.

    Shortly after Ivan turned eight a terrible sickness struck the small commune's pokemon. In the end the family's miltank, tauros and ariados were too weak to fight through the illness and passed. After the pokemon were given a proper burial deeps within Ilex Ivan's father was tasked with taking what apricorns that had been saved over the years to Kurt. The family couldn't afford the prices the Marts charged and Kurt was the only hope to replace the pokemon that had been lost. Ivan was lucky enough to brought along to town where he stayed with his father, Kurt and his granddaughter Maisy.

    In the few short days the two youngster had together they had grown close. Ivan told Maisy his story and she hers. They felt as though they had a connection to each other in some sense. When the day came that they would have to part they promised to eachother that they'd maintain their relationship. Ivan returned with his father to the little commune on the edge of Ilex and fell back into his normal routine. He continued to make trips to town, continued to visit Maisy, continued to feel a little let down every time they returned the commune.

    When Ivan turned fourteen his father enrolled him at the school in town. He had come to terms with the fact that his son didn't find his current life adequate. Finally Ivan felt as though he had a chance to be more than what was destined. He could finally make new friends, learn about life outside of Azalea town, figure out what he wanted to do with his life, and most importantly, see Maisy more often. What actually happend was a bit different. He did see Maisy, and he did find out about the outside world; but what he didn't do is make new friends. The other youngsters saw him as a weirdo from the sticks. They teased him for being so sheltered, for being so curious, for the way he talked and acted.

    There was nothing to connect Ivan with them aside for a passion for pokemon and so he thought it wouldn't hurt him a bit to tune them out. Maisy tried to help by talking to the other kids about him but his sad story didn't move them. This pushed Maisy to try to improve her relations with Ivan. She didn't want him to leave, to go back to the family commune where she knew he would never be happy. Over the next four years the two kept close, growing feelings for each other but neither working up the courage to admit it. And that is the way it would stay for as long as they were together.

    Finally Ivan's final year of schooling came and passed. He wasn't the top of his class, but neither the bottom. He had grown a lot in those years, mentally and physically. He wasn't sure yet what he wanted to do, but what he did know is that he liked the modern world a lot better than that of his family's commune. He said goodbye to Maisy before she left for her journey that summer. He made one last visit home before embarking on his search for a purpose. All but his father hardly recognised him when he returned for the last time. His father had watched him grow over the years while the rest sat and wondered how he was, who he was. A week after his graduation Ivan left on his journey. That was the only time he had ever seen his father shed a tear.

    Ivan found himself looking for work in Goldenrod City soon after he left home. He finally had found work at a constract construction company. The company traveled all over; from Olivine to Blackthorn and on into the Kanto region. They buit bridges, houses, corporate buildings; anything you could imagine they could build. He sent a portion of what he made home to try improving his family's condition. He held this job, traveling far and near, for four years.

    His last contract was a simple expansion. His team was called out to New Bark Town to make an addition to to a pokemon lab. The professor, Professor Elm, was a nice man with a passion for learning about all types of different pokemon. Ivan spent many of the nights in New Bark staying up late discussing pokemon and swapping stories with Elm. Ivan mentioned he had never had a pokemon of his own before, and that those back with his family were closer to others than himself. It was then that Elm mentioned that he had a batch of baby pokemon that he would soon be handing out to new trainers.

    Ivan let the idea churn and settle in his head over the last few days of construction. He decided he want to set out on a real journey. Not one just to find work that would sustain his simple life style, but one where he would figure what he really wanted to do, and what he wanted to do with the pokemon he met along the way.


    Ivan is a bit awkward socially because of his upbringing. He knows that some people can be misunderstanding, some people can be complete asses and that some can be as sweet as can be. Even after leaving the commune he has really only worked with the jerks at school and his buddies at the construction company. This means that he hasn't sampled all the personalities the world has to offer. He can get frustrated with how some people act, not understanding the motives behind their behavior. If someone is unusually kind to him he grows suspicious as to what they want out of him. If someone is unusually cruel he'll either learn to ignore them or he was blow up on them, somewhat of a defence mechanism internally that pairs well with his size.

    Ivan is a bit unwary of new people but once he knows you he really is a nice man. He likes helping other, knowing that he's made your life just that much easier gives him a good feeling inside of sorts. However he tends to keep to himself when working, having a mind set that the job should get done sooner rather than later. But when later comes and the job is all done he likes to sit down with friends and swap stories whether it be from childhood or work. He is quick to defend his good friends and sometimes will take it as far as physical confrontation.

    The pokemon that grew Ivan grew up with were his family's. They were cared for by him but never especially loved. They were always seen as just a source that kept him fed and clothed. They didn't go totally unloved though, he just didn't see them as special friends. He had met wild pokemon as well but had never befriended or caught any. The closest he ever got to befriending pokemon were the ones that worked with the company. But those had already caight by workman who were former trainers. Ivan hopes for the best in befriending caring for what ever pokemon Elm gives him.

    Aspiration: A trainer for now, but this journey is all about finding himself, so it's subject to change.

    Choice: Elekid

    Password: Glasses

    RP Sample:
    "Your pokemon are all better now sir." The Nurse Joy sister of Cherrygrove City handed Richard the pokeballs that contained his Hoothoot, Donobo and his Rattata, Clark. "We hope to see you again." The nurse ended the transaction with the signature sound off of all the nurse Joys. Richard grunted in acknowledgement to the nurse and walked off with his recovered pokemon. Who in their right mind would hope for a pokemon to be hurt or become ill in the first place? If she wasn't brain washed like all the rest she might just be more than a waste of oxygen. He thought as he stepped into the bright light of the afternoon sun. His hand came up to form a visor that protected his eyes from the sun. Maybe if his pathetic pokemon ever won him a battle he would have a little bit of spending cash to invest in a pair of sunglasses, or at the very least a hat.

    Richard looked about at the passer-bys in the small town of Cherrygrove. Most, if not all of them, with a smile on their face. Some conversed among themselves while others just enjoyed the warm summer day. He found an inexplicable disgust for these villagers. He couldn't place his finger on it but the men, women and children of Cherrygrove always had him on his last nerve. He observed each individual as he passed them on his way out of town. As the exit came within sight a kid, probably in his early teens ran past him, knocking him in the shoulder. Richard spun around, catching the little snot before he was out of reach,"You listen and you listen good you little mistake! You do that again and I'm going to find a nice little window and knock it out. Why you might ask? Well after that I'm going to take a shard of glass and I'm guna help you on your way to becoming a monk. That's right buddy boy; castration!" The kid's face turned white, attaining an expression of sheer terror. "Now I expect you've just learned how to use those things so I don't think you wanna be losing them. Now git!" Richard let go of the terror stricken boy, turning back to head to the next route.

    That little outburst had earned Rich quite a few stares from local on-lookers. What should it matter to me, it's not like these jokes are ever going to see me again. Hmph. He was still getting all sorts of nasty, judgemental looks when he reached the northern route. Richard advanced along the rode until found a field of tall grass. "Time to catch me one of those Sentret I've been seeing around." He walked in an uncaring manner through the field, no sense of eagerness present. And after a ten minute stroll through the grass he had found one, still unaware of his presence.

    Richard retrieved the pokeball containing his Donobo and brought it close to his mouth. "You better not mess this up you terrible waste of space," he whisper before sending out the Hoothoot. Donobo's cry as it was sent out startled the little Sentret which had turned to battle him. "Donobo, use tackle!" Richard commanded. All he got in return was a piercing glance from the little ball of feathers. It turned back to the Sentret and started... talking to it? Soon the Hoothoot hobbled over to the Sentret, placing itself behind it slightly."And what do you think the hell you're doing! Fine, get back in your cell, I guess you can't handle battles." He threw the pokeball to retrieve Donobo but the Sentret deflected it. The ball broke when it hit the ground, preventing him from using it to return his Hoothoot.

    "Fine, plenty of more there that came from you little snot!" Richard yelled as he rummaged through his backpack. The side pocket he kept them in was empty, the one's that were attached to his belt, gone. That little brat, stole all of my pokeballs. He looked back up at Donobo and the Sentret. They had a sort of smug look on their faces. "Fine, you want to 'roam free'? Go ahead, I'm sure that I'll never be needing you. Go on then you mistake, run off and we'll just pretend I never even laid eyes on you!" The two pokemon ran off into the tall grass. Meanwhile Rich shouldered his bag and turned around to begin his trudge back to town to buy more pokeballs.

    Sorry for how rough it is. Like I said, haven't really rp'd in 2-3 years
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