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There's one spot left right? Can I please reserve it!? :> my mistake, no reservations PLUS there's more than five hahaha.

I'm on my phone and in the process of writing an SU.

Name: Adelaide "Adelle" Thomas
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty-two, almost twenty-three years old

Appearance: Adelle looks (and acts) cool in any thing she does. Her short cut hair is a warm red colour, windblown, straightened and teased in several different directions. Her face always has a curt smile or a raised eyebrow, her golden brown eyes practically glistening with apathy. She's kind of tall, about 175cm, but a completely average weight, maybe 62 or 65kg, depending on what she had eaten that week. Her skin is a healthy colour, hardly a mole on her (except for her right shoulder). She's not physically fit nor exceptionally weak; her metabolism seems to make up for her lack in exercise. One problem with her female body is her breasts, or lack of. Her flat chest has never got her anywhere love-wise, though her attitude may be a little to blame for that.

Adelle is not the one for dresses, skirts, frilly tops or any kind of girly-girl clothing. She buys t-shirts and jeans, often wandering into the men's section when she can't find what she wants. Her ears are pierced (four on her left ear, six on her right), but are usually filled with simple silver studs or sleepers. Her idea of jewelry is not necklaces with love hearts and flowers, but a small, drill pendant on a chain and a simple silver bracelet (if you've noticed, she'd much rather silver than gold). She's known to wearing bands in her hairs with some kind of quirky logo, but only if she's bothered. Her shoes are always the same; converse or thongs (also known as flip-flops).

With the way she dresses, Adelle has been called a dyke on many occasions.

Fun facts: Adelle can and loves to play Bass Guitar. She's also quite good on Piano, but much rathers Bass.

History: Born and raised in Olivine City in Johto, Adelaide was born into young family, her parents only on the brink of adulthood as she was brought into the world. Her mother was an artist and her father was a trainer (though not a particularly fantastic one), so they never had a lot of money. Nevertheless, Adelle did all the things a normal kid her age did; went to school, played with Pokémon, grew up. When she turned seven, her parents brought a bouncing, baby boy in the world; Dashiell. The two have always got along, playing games, fighting and sharing secrets with eachother.

Adelle did not do particularly well at school. It wasn't that she was stupid, she was indeed a bright child, she just didn't care much for it. When she was younger, she was one of the top of the class, though her work was always forgotten after the next smartest kid constantly outdid her. As hard as she tried, she could never exceed him. After then, she adopted an apathetic attitude about school; she didn't care for her grades, only scraping in a pass. When she graduated from high school, she was the average student.

Growing up with Pokémon, it didn't surprise anyone that she decided to become a trainer. Her father always had his own Pokémon out in the house, it wasn't long before they found and started playing with the children. Adelle grew to love the beasts, even raising a Caterpie after it had crawled into their house (though let it go after it became a Butterfree). She found her calling; though humans never cared for her achievements, Pokémon were always grateful.

Personality: The look on her face explains it all; Adelle really doesn't care much for anything. She's capable of holding the normal emotions of any human beings, so laughs at a joke, snaps at an insult, cries at a sad movie, but she really doesn't care much for your aspirations or petty achievements. Call it jealousy, call it suspicion, call it doubt, call it whatever you like, she just doesn't care. When your story is getting boring, she'll close her eyes, raise an eyebrow or just ask you to shut up.

Being blunt and straight to the point is also something she's good for. Though she can be rude at times, she's honest and doesn't like to sugar coat anything. Being in her presence for long periods of time is enough to drive anyone mad. Though, in her defence, Adelle would say being in the presence of someone who tells tall tales, is mostly vague and who's a complete and utter moron would drive her insane.

Aspiration: Though her first step would be to become a trainer, Adelle would love to be a Gym Leader or part of the Elite Four when she gets better as a trainer. As clichéd as it is, she just wants an accolade worth showing to the entire world.

Choice: Togepi
Password: I wear these on my face, sometimes I drink from them!

RP Sample: give me something to write about! (though this is definitely not my first RP) <:
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