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    Personality: Christopher is very cold, and when he meets someone he dislikes, he wastes no time in showing it. He will quickly put them down based on their appearance or personality. Usually, he enjoys tense situations, saying they, "Need his unbiased opinion." He sticks up his group of friends but shows indifference to others. If someone he didn't care for was in trouble, he would most likely ignore the situation, trying to avoid a confrontation with his weaker need for friendship. Sometimes, however, he would strive to do the right thing. This urge most likely occurs after he is face with the guilt that has piled over multiple scenarios.

    He can be very selfish, due to his spoiled childhood, and takes a while to understand the gravity of his actions. He has a very guilty conscience due to survivor's guilt, resulting from his father dying of a sickness he managed to survive. During battles, his battling style reflects his personality, a cold-hearted person hence a serious combatant. He never gives up a fight, and he never surrenders. The cost of the battle is unimportant to him. He has proved to be rather cold, even against his friends, when it comes to battle. Maybe, he is a little more two-faced than he lets on.

    How's that?

    1. So, the "darker side of life" Chris learned about was the misfortunes that come with life, like his sickness?
    Yes, and from his family's shift from a wealthy to a rather poor life. He believes that anything good could be taken away.

    2. How, exactly, did he get the scar from his sickness? What kind of special sickness causes a huge, permanent scar to appear? Explain, it needs clarification.
    It isn't huge, it is rather small, like an indent on his forehead. A disease like The Measles causes your body to become scarred. In his case, he only has one scar. It is much worse for adults, explaining how his father died of the disease and he survived.

    3. Is above. I also think a slight change in History is in order.

    Slowly, he realized the best way to take advantage of life. He began to grow colder and darker. After a near death experience in Tojho Falls, he decided that life was a dark and difficult experience. He had gone swimming with a group of friends, who accidentally pushed him down the largest waterfall. Barely able to hang on to a branch, he was sucked into a whirlpool where a mysterious Pokemon managed to save him. For this reason, he began to believe that life could be taken away at any moment. He relies mostly on luck. This usually makes his mother scared for his life. But, he comforts her with the fact that "If I were to ever get in serious trouble, you'd be out one more stress-maker." She seems to be the one person he acts kind towards.
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