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    (Might as well put this up so far)

    Name: Danielle King

    Gender: Female (finally)

    Age: 18

    Appearance: One of the things Danielle has got going for her are her looks. Her tan skin covers her thin body, and her light blue eyes rest in the middle of her perfectly round head. Long, dark brown curls, which she usually keeps down, fall down to around her chest unless she needs to put her hair up in the case of a quick start to the day or it’s obscuring her vision. Her hands, feet, and other facial features are tiny. She doesn’t usually wear much make-up, feeling that it doesn’t help her enough to waste the time. She will, however, use it if she needs to pretend something ‘bad’ happened, like an injury.

    In order to help with her persuasion tactics, Danielle does not dress in an outfit that would be appropriate at most schools. Her tops range from low-cut tee shirts to jackets that are a couple of sizes too small to tank tops with tiny straps. On the bottom, she enjoys nixing and matching several short shorts or skirts, and sometimes wears a pair of skinny jeans. Her shoes, however, almost always stay the same – black hiking boots that fit warmly on her feet and make traveling a lot easier. She tends to stay away from accessories, especially earrings, due to an incident as a child.

    History: Danielle, surprisingly, wasn’t, always that much of a brat. Sure, she had some trouble with her parents, both of which were Pokemon doctors, but what kid doesn’t get in trouble ever? She was born in New Bark town, and lived there for almost half of her life. In Danielle’s book, though, it was definitely not the better half.

    Things started out okay. She was a very smart young child; she could read at age two, write pretty clearly at age three, and do basic things for herself at age four (tie her shoes, lay her clothes out, get in the bath, fix herself toast). Her parents, noticing her abilities, enrolled her at Cherrygrove Elementary at four and a half years old, which was the city where the two of them worked. In her first year at the elementary school she did exceptionally well. Her brains got her work done far better than most of the other kids in her class, and halfway through that year she moved up into the first grade class.

    It was here that she started to have trouble. Not with the work, but because of the other students. She was now two years younger than most of them, and exceeding their academics by a bit. The rest of the class noticed the difference between her and them, and decided she was too different. She had nobody to talk to at school, and she was beginning to realize that the other kids made fun of her when her back was turned. She was an outcast. Luckily, after school she had about an hour to herself, where she would visit the Pokemon Center and play with the healing Pokemon while she waited for her parents.

    Things continued like this for a while – she ignored the kids that made fun of her, and focused in school, waiting to talk to anybody until she visited her Pokemon friends. She made it to the end of regular school at age eight, and graduated Cherrygrove Elementary’s regular learning program. The summer before she was to start the school’s Pokemon training program was when things changed. Danielle was at the hospital, playing with the Pokemon as usual, when she accidentally knocked over a special serum on one of the counters. The liquid spilled all over the floor, and the Sentret she was playing with automatically went to clean up the mess. The two rodent Pokemon eagerly licked the sweet substance up. Almost as if someone had taken control of them, the Pokemon’s attitudes changed. They didn’t seem to recognize Dani, and, frightened, they attacked her. Luckily, the girl’s screams immediately brought attention to her, and she was quickly saved, the Pokemon put to sleep. After that day, nothing was the same.

    Danielle was miserable – she was now afraid of the creatures that had been her only friends, and she couldn’t understand why they had turned on her like that. She refused to go to school in Cherrygrove, and constantly moped about until her parents finally agreed to send her to live with her aunt in Celadon City all the way in Kanto. Danielle had dramatically changed by then– she didn’t use her old smarts nearly as much anywhere, because she knew they would make her different. She no longer saw Pokemon as her friends, and she charmed her way through school without making any true friends. At age eighteen, she graduated with the rest of the kids in her class – and her aunt, not knowing what else to do with her, sent her back to New Bark Town to start a journey of her own.

    Personality: Danielle is the kind of girl who takes the midnight train eveeeerywhere. Deceiving and persuasive, Danielle will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She isn't a very friendly person, but likes to use people to get what she wants. She doesn't believe Pokemon are to be treated as humans, and sees them as tools to use to get stronger. Her main goal is to become the strongest trainer in the world, and prove that people don't need to be friends with Pokemon to be strong. She has no problems in completely ruining somebody's life, and doesn't care for other people's feelings.

    On the downside, because of her lack of feelings for Pokemon, most battles don’t go her way. She usually ends up frustrated and that gets in her way, causing her to lose. She is an incredibly sore loser, and can lose her temper easily. Because of having no friends and losing all the time, Danielle is never truly happy. She is always in a grumpy mood, acting rude and arrogant. The only time she doesn’t seem to be in a bad mood is when she’s acting to get what she wants, or when she actually wins a battle, which doesn’t happen very often and even then she rubs it in the opponents face.

    Aspiration: world ruler Gym Battler xD

    Choice: Cleffa >:( *sigh* But since that’s taken, Igglybuff

    Password: Glasses...right? ._.

    RP Sample: Do I haaaave to? D:

    to my infinity,
    you are beyond~
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