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This looks real nice. I'll have to download it and play it sometime.

Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
I need a grammar/spelling fixer. Any one up to the task? Also just to re-cap Light is always looking for eager spriters and asm hackers.
Would that task entail anything specific? I don't have much to do (though that may change in a week), so perhaps I may have enough time to help out.

Also, some more fixes:
Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post

*She's a scientist, and the Gym Leader ...
[Apostrophe for possessive "she". Also, "a" implies that there are multiple Gym Leaders for that city. I'm assuming that there's only one.]

* Crap! I wasn't supposed to be seen by civilians!
[A comma or period could also work in place of that first exclamation mark.]

* It appears to be a switch.

* ["]DIALGA, the legendary Pokemon of time."
[The caps are to maintain consistency with "PALKIA", below. In XSE, a bracketed quotation mark will become an opening quotation mark, whereas an unbracketed one is a closing mark.]

* ["]PALKIA, the legendary Pokemon of space."