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    Don't worry guys, I will tweak the first post. I just wanted the thread to be created before refining everything.

    [Edit] Alright, I just did! I've had several issues with bracket mismatches, but it looks ok now. Tell me if you think anything else should be changed!

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    Originally Posted by Dent View Post
    I would format that into post better for you but I have no time these days.

    Stealing from old thread:

    So first off, Meowth just happens to be lying in a bush near where the twerps are dining. Why there?

    He's badly beaten of sick or something. Okay, a) he could have done it to himself, b) Jessie and James could have done something to him making it look a bit worse than it is, or c) he could have gotten attacked by wild Pokémon.

    Alright, now he's telling this story. Which involves a failure in Raimon where J&J left him to get taken by the cops. Okay, if they took him, why would Giovanni pay his bail only to fire him? If they didn't get him, they would be on the lookout for the TRio, not just Meowth. It doesn't make sense for the Boss to toss Meowth, unless J&J were planting all the blame on him. Which they would not do.

    Of course, this hologram conference with Giovanni is just as weird. Last I was aware, the TRio were doing whatever because the Boss was too busy to speak to them. Why the sudden contact because of a small failure in Raimon? And to fire Meowth, who has been the most consistently competent of the TRio? I think not.

    So Meowth gets fired. This apparently leads to him rowing down rivers and trekking though snowfields. There is a DESERT between Raimon and Hiun, along with probably like.. fields and things. And it's spring; we've seen Shikijika for proof.

    Other things to note include the cheesy BGM during Ash's acceptance of Meowth, Meowth's over-talkativeness- he tends to chatter when he's nervous or got something up his sleeve- and the fact that nothing else has been said about last episode's "Leave it to me" line from Meowth. Also that J&J seem to have not yet done anything in Raimon and that it was Seger giving them instructions, not Giovanni.

    Anyway. We know Meowth has a penchant for exaggeration, but this just sounds like bull.

    Meowth hasn't been kicked, nor will he stay with the twerps.

    I'll remember to post on the right account someday I swear
    Well, don't forget the Pokemon logic is weird sometimes. I agree it makes a lot more sense if it's a plan, but we can't predict what it is really.