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@Miss Doronjo and Name7aken- Lookin' forward to it! X3

@Everyone- Thanks to Tyler Cy, a new portion of the map has been revealed!

Cherrygrove City
“The City of New Beginnings!”

This bright “city” (although it’s more of a little town, being only slightly bigger than New Bark) get its title on account it was the first settlement of Johto to have been colonized by sailors from Kanto way back when. The city is accompanied by the calm tones of the lively Pokemon surrounding it. It has a nice, soothing breeze going through it. If you’re not calm while here, you’re doing something wrong. Because of this serenity, a lot of elderly people live here to have peace during their twilight years.

All the houses have trademark pink rooftops and a white paintjob, and an “old tyme” feel to them, being really old but well taken care of. There is also a huge sea border on the west side of the city, but a local hatchery company has made a circular-square-ish rock border to close in the sea to raise Magikarp for local fishers. Meaning, you can’t swim away from the town unless you like jumping over wet and slippery sharp rocks.

Things available:


The Cherrygrove Hospital

The most prestigious hospital in all of Johto, Doctors work around the clock for People and Pokemon alike. Some of the world’s best doctors work here. They have a special “Minor Wing” that works like a regular Pokemon Center.

Cherrygrove Hospital’s “Gift Shoppe”

Located in the “Minor Wing,” this room works as the city’s PokeMart and specializes in medicinal herbs and potions. That and get well cards and tiny plushies!

Important Goods


Standard Pokeballs
(Limit 3)

Regular Pokeballs for capturing Pokemon

Standard Potions
(Limit 3)

A small spray bottle containing formulated purple liquid that quickly heals battle injuries on Pokemon.

Decent Medicinal Powder
(Limit 4)

A brown leather pouch containing a green dust-like substance that slowly heals battle injuries of Pokemon, but in the end heals them more then a potion and makes them feel more rejuvenated.

Total Shopping Limit: 5

*Note “Total Shopping Limit” refers to the amount of single items you can buy. For example, I can buy 2 Decent Medicinal Powders and 3 Standard Pokeballs in this scenario. This is to delete the tedium of having currency and still be reasonable with quantity.

Fisherman Tully

There is this sulking fisherman on the mini beach border, line casted unenthusiastically in the water. If you ask him what’s wrong, he will tell you that he wants to have a team of rampaging Gyaradoses one day, and that he’s fishing for some world famous Cherrygrove Magikarp. Sadly, he’s getting nowhere fast. Catch a Magikarp for him, and Tully will pay you generously.

Visit Some Houses

I wonder what the citizens are like around these parts?

There aren’t many wild critters scurrying around, so you’re bound to not have any luck looking for that Rattata you’ve always wanted. However, there are plentiful swimming Pocket Monsters in the sea hatchery! They raise some fine quality Magikarp there. But it looks like a couple of other Pokemon reside that are descendants of the sea creatures that got trapped when the hatchery company build the rock border. Harder to find, but, they may be worth it. But who totally doesn’t want a Magikarp?!


  • Magikarp (Fluid)

  • Tentacool (Venom/Electric)

  • Corsola (Fluid/Mineral)
There are two exits- Back into Route 29, or north to Route 30. Unfortunately, there is currently construction work happening on the entrance into Route 30 right now, so looks like you’re stuck here until they’re done. Oh dear.

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