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    Originally Posted by HUNTERX0 View Post
    just wondering what level would be classified as uber like 70's, 80's, 90's? or all 100's? thx
    ubers are not classified with levels, but rather the actual pokemon itself.
    competitive pokemon battling has been divided into tiers and the most common battles are fought between the same tier. this is done so that stronger pokemon are not used against weaker pokemon, which would make the battle relatively unfair.
    tiers are divided into the following: ubers, OU, BL, UU, NU, monocolour, etc... with ubers being the highest in rank. the pokemon in the uber tiers are lets say 'banned' because he have certain features (ability, stats, etc..) that makes the pokemon unfairly overpowering in battle. if you need to know more, just look it up yourself

    also i would like a battle :D FC in sig
    mixed tiers, no ubers, 6v6 5th gen only. thank you
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