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    Hey there, everyone! One familiar, please!

    Name: Kita Wahlgren

    Age: 17

    Apperance: Kita is a tall girl, an inch shy of 6 feet tall. She has an athelete's body, thin with light muscle, with a very slight tan. Her hair is light red, reaching her shoulders, and her eyes are blue. She wears light blue jeans and white running shoes, with a variety of shirts. This particular day she is wearing a black T-shirt with a purple Decepticon logo. She doesn't wear much in the decoration department, except for a red bead necklace and a pair of black kneepads.

    History: As a child, Kita was the third child out of four. She had an older brother and sister, and a younger brother. She was a quiet girl, letting her more active siblings gather the attention of her parents. This led to her parents spending time with her when they needed to relax, and she enjoyed being a calming influence in a chaotic household. As she grew older, she wasn't as quiet as before, and had a few friends here and there. But she wasn't interested in a social life, and gradually became more of a recluse.

    She did quite well in school, but still had few friends. She stayed in touch with her family, but was starting to distance herself from even them. She was quite content with her life, but wondered if there could be more to life. As she went for a trip to town, a glowing green portal answered her question.

    Personality: Kita was quiet as a child, staying in the background and never making a scene. Her parents were grateful that she was so nice and easy to handle. She is very analytical, taking time to think through a situation, and as she grew she was less content to just hang back, becoming more active while still being quiet. Despite being nice to people and enjoying helping them, she sees little use for other people and stays away for the most part. She has her own interests, and doesn't like to discuss them with other people. If she has to be involved with others, Kita tries to be helpful and resolve the situation quickly.

    Familiar ability: Perceptio

    Ammount of time spent RPing: Medium

    Partner: Random
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