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Ok, what did I do now?
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    I'd like to reserve a role as a Male Familiar, please! My SU will be up in a few

    *** My SU ***

    Name: Kiroku Morir (Kiro for short, if desired)

    Age: 17


    This is the reference for his head

    When Kiroku was spirited away from Earth, he was wearing his basic clothing style: A heavy winter sweatshirt with elaborate patterns of black, gray, and darker gray, a green undershirt, simple blue jeans, socks and black shoes with neon blue laces.
    As for his body, Kiroku is a pretty average build. At 5'8", he didn't tower over people, but his spiked hair gives him a few more inches of height to say he's working with. His hair's a deep black, and his eyes are a silver-like gray. His muscular tone is slightly enhanced from the natural average because there's some reward for carrying heavy books and avoiding aggressors for years. Disregarding his new archaic marking/branding, the only other mark on his skin is a large scar that travels from the top of his left shoulder to the bottom-right corner of his torso.

    Before becoming a familiar, Kiroku lived an incredibly lackluster life. Having been bullied most of his life, he's grown defensive and rather satirical towards people. He has acquaintances, not friends or loved ones, whom love his wit and charisma, but as of late he has severed most of his personal ties. He hardly has family; he has numerous members in the group called family, but none of them ever act like it. They seem more like the bullies he has had the displeasure of knowing. It even seems like fate was against him. No matter what he did, good or bad, he was punished for his actions. Why bother to be nice when you're punished like the naughty?
    Recently, his academic success has been called into question. He's a sharp individual, but maybe too smart. Numerous rumors had surfaced that Kiroku had been bribing teachers, or even going so far as to hack into the system and alter his grades. Obviously it wasn't true, but it was just for more fuel to everyone's fire. More and more people began turning on him or asking to have their own grades changed. To Kiroku, this was the ultimate form of betrayal. The only real good thing about his life was being degraded, and no one seemed to care that they were taking away what little he had to call his own.
    In reality, he needed a chance to restart and find a new life. Maybe he was receiving a blessing in disguise...

    Personality: If Kiroku was ever to be told that one day he was going to be swept off to another realm and be someone's companion/pet/combat slave, he'd be in serious denial over the mental sanity of the one whom told him this. If it came to light that this were to be truth and that it had happened, he'd be caught in between skeptical and hopeful. He'd want nothing more than to be away from his first life, but how real could it be? It could just be a dream that seems too good to be true...
    All that aside, though, Kiroku isn't a bad person. He's cocky at times and won't be afraid to push authority if he thinks he can get away with it, and when he's not in the mood he can be a real downer, but there are at least some good qualities that makes him feel superior to most people he's had to deal with. He's loyal when he has to be (even if he doesn't want to be), he's a quick-witted individual on his best days, and he can be a real pushover and an overall nice person when he feels like he has a friendship with someone. This is doubly true if he's in loving hands.

    Familiar ability: Psychicae Nectunt

    Ammount of time spent RPing: High

    Partner: Nope! All on my lonesome for now.

    Murder has never been so adorable. H3H3H3H3H3H3 >:]
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