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Welcome to Don't Let the Mods Say Zero V 4.0! This wonderful game has been through Three versions, and will now continue! Please understand how to play, read the rules, and most of all HAVE FUN! Thank you!

How to play this game is simple. You simply have to post a number (the number after the last person's) until a Mod (or someone have a higher administration comes). If a mod comes around and says zero, then it's back to zero for normal members! Here's an example:

Poster 1: 1! Haha! We'll get the highest number ever!

Poster 2.: 2. Yes, let's get to the top!



Poster 115: 115. We've gotten so far!
Mod/Admin: 0. Whoops! I've Posted! BACK TO ZERO FOR YOU! :D

Simple, no?

Edit: Moderators and higher staff are now allowed to count along with the normal members. So unless one comes along and says zero, they are welcome to count as well.

The record is currently at 503 with
Twilight-kun making the final post.

1. All PC Rules apply. If you need to review what those rules are, please click here
2. This is probably the most important rule, since it's broken so many times: OBEY PT'S/OT'S FOUR COUNT RULE.. This mean you must have no two, not three, but at least four words in your post. The number does not count.
3. Post the number in consecutive order (1...2...3), and make sure to restart when a Mod comes in and says zero. However, if they count rather than say zero, then they may do so.
4. Have fun!

You manage to squeeze a dexterous finger or tail through the gap, pulling the stone out of the wall. In the cavity lay a small, glowing item - you have retrieved the Flame Orb. Continue your exploration, free style.