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I want to make a character more alike Ria or Nai. But it would be boring with too many similar characters :x So I'll try to mix things up.

Route 1 is up now, anyways. I'll hopefully post again here with the new SU soon.


Name: Cal "Clover" Cossinsky

Gender: Boy

Appearance: Clover is rather tall for being 12 and has almost hit puberty already, his body parts not being quite as round as the ones of a child, somehow. He is slightly underweight and hasn't got much in way of muscles. His hair is brightly brown and almost long, it reaches down over his ears and curls up in waves that he thinks fit him perfectly. He usually wears slim black jeans and equally black boots to go along with it. He cares more about his looks than his geeky friends and some of them sighs at him sometimes just because he comes to school in matching clothes. But being rather artistic as Clover is, he just can't help it.

The belt he has is specially made with a kind of magnets that lets him hook up pokéballs there and fetch them and set them back easily. 6 spots are there, on his right hip, as he's right handed. On the other hip, a small rubber pouch hangs from his belt, containing minimized empty pokéballs. He thinks it's good to have those close at hand in case he'll stumble upon a wild pokémon and have little time to catch it.

For the journey, his upper body is dressed in white t-shirts and his sky blue jacket on top. It's got darker shoulders and collar, and the rest is brighter. In bad weather, he's got a very foldable and durable rain poncho that is gray and fit in a small compartment of his bag. He also wears a striped gray scarf most of the time and only takes it off when the weather becomes too warm. Even when he takes off his jacket, he usually keeps the scarf on. He likes the soft feeling of it around his neck.

He reluctantly left his silver wrist watch at home, since he counts on the pokétop to tell him the time. He has got a real silver chain around his neck though. It isn't the most fancy thing and he acted like he didn't care when his mother gave it to him just a few days before he left Pallet, but in reality it means very very much to him and is a symbol for the things he left at home.

Personality: A typical, tall, lazy teenage boy. That's mostly what he's like. And he isn't even a teenager yet. Clover's voice hasn't deepened yet, it's mostly producing a rather monotone, bored sounding boy voice with sarcastic remarks on everything it possibly can. He's incredibly skeptic about most things and likes the way he does things himself the best. His most common gesture is him raising an eyebrow or even two. He also facepalms a lot. When something needs doing that he's not interested in, he can be very lazy and even ignorant on purpose. But things he cares about, he'll do with dedication and energy.

His main interests are digital stuff like programming and he's been working on creating his own programs to control miniature robots. He wants to become an engineer and invent more intelligent robots one day. Judging from this, you could think Clover was wholly on the robots' side. But he also likes pokémon.

The energies and powers of pokémon fascinates him and he's been reading on his own to try and figure out explanations for pokémon powers. But like all the famous scientists, he finds no scientific explanation and has to come to terms with the thought that pokémon might just be magical. Something he has trouble doing. He likes watching pokémon battles on TV and is a bit disappointed that Pallet City of all towns hasn't got a local battle club or stadium of any kind. He knows many pokémon attacks and species and names by heart and can't wait to become a trainer himself.

Another interest of his is photography. About a year ago, he got a modern, metal colored system camera from his parents and he brings it with him almost wherever he go. The walls in his room at home is a collage of great pics he's taken, and of posters by his favorite music artists. Because he also loves music and keeps headphones on even more than he keeps his camera on. He specifically requested for the pokétop to come with a music function and he hopes that the professor has implemented it. Otherwise, he wouldn't want to wear that thing.

Clover often snaps at his parents and claims that they are doing things the wrong way. But he really loves them a lot. He hasn't got any siblings and his parents are his only family. In school, he has got a few friends who share his common interests, but he hasn't got a best friend and has never really cared about getting really close with someone. He likes his computer programs and his music and doesn't have a problem with being alone. Sometimes he wonders what it'll be like to travel around with pokémon... they are almost as intelligent as humans, so that would be almost like traveling around with a group of humans. Fun?

History: Clover hasn't really thought about this traveling thing. He's not what you'd call self-sufficient and has never washed his own clothes or made his own dinner. The maid at home usually does everything. She's worried for him now; what if he panics out on the road?

His father works in a factory, controlling robots and his mother works at an office at a pokémon breeding center that actually delivers some pokémon straight to professor Cedar's lab. Sometimes, Clover has heard them argue about their work. His father thinks robots are much more easier to create and control than pokémon and doesn't understand why the mother bothers with them. His mother thinks that robots are scary and impersonal and think that they can never replace the life and uniqueness of every pokémon. Clover agrees and disagrees with both of them. He thinks robots should be given better personalities and that pokémon are worth the attention. He doesn't really see why there would be a clash there.

Nothing special has really happened when Cal Cossinsky grew up. Pallet kept growing and he visited the Oak Park a few times, it's like a zoo when Cedar opens it up to public sometimes, and that made him sure of that he wanted to go on a pokémon journey eventually. When he was 10, a series of random bad events - none so serious that it's worth talking about here, though - showed that Cal was an unusually lucky boy. Some were amazed by the luck he had, escaping bad things that happened all around him. Cal all of a sudden gave himself the nickname Clover and has since then insisted on people calling him that.

Starter choice: Staryu, genderless, Natural Cure

Pokétop look: Grass green, almost rubbery feeling to the touch. Pretty sharp looking, with slightly darker green metal edges around the visor and underneath. Like all pokétops, it's extremely comfy to wear since it's made to fit the owner's head. When inactivated, it retracts into a pair of rather large and round grass green headphones that Clover hangs around his neck when he gets too annoyed with the pokétop voice.

Character theme song:


ABOUT THE POKÉTOP: I suggest you read my Route 1 post in the main thread if you feel unsure on how to handle the pokétop :3 You don't have to do it exactly the same way or even with the same commands, but it's a suggestion.


Mmmwaah, I already want to post again xD maybe I should join another RP as well.
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