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Name: Kenna Warren

Age: 16

History: Kenna's live in Tristein used to be great, she was sociable and would always make conversation with anyone arround her. However that all changed when she learned that her older brother died of a sudden illness. Ever since Kenna's parents were killed when she was young, her brother had took Kenna under his wing and looked after her like she was his own child. When she heard the news, she was filled with so much hatred and anger that her fire power practically took on a live on its own. Now Kenna is lucky if atleast one person talks to her.

Personality: Kenna is the kind of girl who hides in a book instead of dealing with the drama of life. She hides her emotions and tries not to let anyone bother her. She is very quiet and very shy, but she can also speak her mind when she needs too. She can be very smart when she chooses to be. Kenna is a strong dreamer who is filled with passion and desire but she is scared to go for the things she wants. When Kenna summoned a commoner, she was happy because she hopes that she is not as alone as she thought.

Magic school: Fire

Appearance: Kenna has long dark brown hair that is nearly the shade of black. She normally keeps her hair in a high ponytail. Her skin is very pale which makes hazel eyes, her full lips and the birth mark under her right eye really stand out. She is not quite tall but not that small, she is somewhere in the middle. She always has a small silver ring that her brother bought her for good luck not long before he died, she never takes it off and refuses to part with it.

Amount of time spent RPing: Medium on weekdays due to homework and course work, but high on weekends.

Partner: Aura Rift
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