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Heres update number 4! From Watson to Flannery...


Helped this fellow through for HM04 Strength

Took down this family of four, for a Macho Brace

After that, went exploring through the northern routes...

Met Lannette, the PC system owner/creator

In Meteor Falls looking for the third member of the team!

There it is! (I hacked it in since you couldn't find it in Emerald )
Those eyes are freaky! o.O

Pretty cool

Evil Teams stirring up trouble...

Why would Archie have a Poochyena?

My newest member Lunatone proves well in the battle against Team Magma's founder

Picking up a Wynaut egg, the fourth member of the team...

After some running and cycling around

Training this Pokemon should be interesting...

Took down Flannery, I also kept switching out Wynaut which led to this (see next picture)

My least favourite Pokemon!

and thats about it, next update to Norman, which shouldn't be as big but anyways...


Graveler ♂ Lv.35
Tackle/Magnitude/Rollout/Rock Throw

Pelliper ♂ Lv.33
Keen Eye
Water Gun/Protect/Supersonic/Wing Attack

Wobbufett ♂ Lv.15
Shadow Tag
Safeguard/Counter/Mirror Coat/Destiny Bond

Lunatone Lv.27
Psywave/Hypnosis/Confusion/Rock Throw

Thats the team so far, its shaping up a bit, just 2 more...

Update #5 soon to come.