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    Okay my first update!


    -Did the beginning stuff, choosing Mudkip as a starter
    -Hacked in Vulpix (Nina) in Route 101
    -Caught Lotad (Lumid) in Route 102
    -Finished more beginning stuff, beat Team Aqua in Petalburg Forest, Lotad evolved along the way
    -Beat Roxanne with Lumid
    -Went to the cave, saved Peeko
    -Beat May, my rival easily
    -Went to Dewford, beat Brawly with Will-o-wisp and Lombre
    -Delivered letter to Steven, grinded a bit more
    -Traveled to Slateport City, won a Soda Pop
    -Beat Team Aqua in the museum
    -Went north on Route 110, beat all the trainers
    -Hacked in Nidoran (male), nicknamed Spikes, grinded it into a Nidorino fast
    -Beat Rival, yet again
    -Got to Mauville and beat Wattson with Nina and Flamethrower, got Rock Smash
    -Went west towards Verdanturf, training along the way
    -Smashed the rock in Rustboro tunnel
    -Met up my "pal" Wally and left
    -Went north of Mauville to Route 111
    -Got to Fiery Path, rushed through and made it towards Falarbor Town
    -Went inside Meteor Falls, found a moon stone and Team Magma and Aqua
    -Evolved Spikes to Nidoking
    -Caught Swablu on the way back towards Falarbor Town, nicknamed Air
    -Went to Mt. Chimney, stopped Team Magma from erupting the volcano
    -Got to Lavaridge, beat Flannery BARELY with Nina and Flash Fire :D
    -Met up with Rival, went away and back to Fiery Path to get a Fire Stone and evolved Nina into a Ninetales
    -Went to Petalburg and challenged the gym, beating Norman's Slaking handily
    -Got Surf from Wally's dad, went back to Mauville City
    -Went east on Route 118, met Steven again
    -Got to the Weather Institute, drove Team Aqua out
    -Met Rival, who got whipped
    -Got to Fortree City, went to get devon scope and beat Winona, Nina single-handedly beating her
    -Now training on Gabby and Ty to evolve Air into an Altaria

    Screenshots, which strangely only my second half of screenshots were saved ;;


    Maxie, beat by a Vulpix...

    I'll show my team next update!