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    (just remember guys, nobody knows Joshs name, they refer to him as Mist)

    Josh followed the others up a flight of spiral stairs, Miharu was in front of him with Kiroku by his side and Adria and Andre were behind him.

    He still clutched Kenna tightly to his head.

    "I assume that you are one of the familiars that have been summoned from Earth. My name is Miharu and, yes, I am a student here at this school, obviously."

    Josh had smirked in reply.

    "Hmmm looks like you're the only one thats been making sense today and yes your correct, names Mist. But nows not the time for conversation, I suggest we further discuss this when we're not injured and we're all currently concious." He said gesturing to Kenna with a nod.

    From there they had exited the East door of the great hall and had began climbing a massive set of stairs. Once at the top there was a singular door with the emblem of the new kingdom of tristein (a griffon) grafed onto it.

    The door opened and a secretary led them inside, she seemed strangely familiar to Josh...

    After going through the office they were led through another similar door to findthe headmaster sitting before them with a bandage on his head and a worried look on his face.

    "Sit." he said gesturng to some chairs in front of them.

    They all sat down and Josh propped Kenna on his lap.

    "It concerns me... that you would have summoned your peculiar familiars the same day we are attacked by a void mage. I'm not accusing you of anything. At least not yet... I just wanted to get that out of the way and let you know I have my eye on you."

    Josh grimaced, this old bag really thought they could be involved?! Despite his anger Josh knew better than to voice his anger.

    "I thought, no knew, that at least a small ammount of void magic was being used in the killing of Ms.Samantha Lockheart. However the magic used tonight was something much more powerful and deadly. What you saw happen to that boy was a pure form of void magic known only as chaos. There are many legends regarding chaos... but perhaps the most prominent and the most believable considering the shape of the mess the beast left behind, is the legend of the chaos heart, this legend only makes you look further guilty, but as of yet I have no proof..."

    "Now hang on." Josh interupted.

    "What is this Chaos Heart?"

    "Hmmmm..." The headmaster rasped.

    "The story my boy is an old one from long before my time. But I will try my best to tell it to you."

    It all started five hundred years ago...


    The man crouched in front of the obsidian clock, his servant had done her job and the second sacrifice had been made.

    They said there was once a beautiful woman, who was dreadful at magic, they called her "the zero" due to her inability to master a single spell.

    The man began to chant.

    "Oh Chaos heart, center of the void!"

    However upon the day she summoned her familiar it was discovered that she was a void mage... she had summoned a commoner familiar.

    "A sacrifice of a student from your former home has been made! Now the seal on your prison shall unwind and your glorious journey shall be the second of twelve steps completed in order for you to be freed!"

    She had many adventures and one day in battle her familiar died o save her, she was so angry that she casted a massive void spell that wiped out a whole fifty mile radius, in the process she transformed her own soul into a constantly shattering and reforming crystalyne heart that used the pure power of the void to sheild itself. She had become the chaos heart.

    "Now clock of the seeling void! Move a step forward to releasing your prisoner!!! O sacrum signum et sigillum utilitas ad nucleum continent inane moveri primum chaos duodecim gradus releas corde!!!"

    The strongest mages of all the land formed together and created an obsidian clock, they sealed the chaos clock in a hidden location and it was never heard from again."

    The clocks hour hand shifted and rested on two as the man laughed with sadistic glee.

    However a seal that powerful has its loopholes, they say when a pentagon mage, a master of the four elements and void together, sacrifices twelve students of tristein, the clock will complete a full rotation and the chao heart will be released into the mages control.


    "Thats the story... start to finish... now I want you to leave me for now, continue about your usual lives and I will contact you when the need arizes."

    The group left to go back to their respective rooms Josh was getting tired of carrying Kenna so he slumped her over his shoulder instead.

    "Wait boy." The headmaster said.

    Josh stopped and turned and saw the headmaster holding a black bladed gunblade with red-silver mechanics.

    "You can't fight using that rusty old piece of junk forever. Here take this its known as the gunblade of chains and it has served the greatest soldiers of Tristein in its years. Use this if you want to survive."

    Josh took the gunblade nodded and left without another word, as nothing else needed to be said.


    Josh arrived at the room and collapsed to his knees after laying Kenna on the bed.

    He rolled into the pile of hay by the bedside and let himself feel comfortable. He looked up at the girl who lay sleeping on the bed. It would seem he would be stuck with her for a while... but maybe that wouldn't be so bad.

    With that though Josh closed his eyes and began to fall asleep.

    The story of him and the others had only just begun.
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