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    Originally Posted by knizz View Post
    DavidJCobb, I wish I knew you when I was still ROM Hacking. Great work.
    Thanks. I've seen some of your work; coming from someone of your skill, that compliment means a lot.

    * * * * *

    Building on some work by knizz --

    Originally Posted by knizz View Post
    As I said once in another thread there is an array of npc-data at 02036E38 . . .
    -- I have deciphered more of the OW/Person data structure:

    Bytes 0 - 8: Unknown.
    Byte 9: Map number for this Person event.
    Byte 10: Map bank number for this Person event.
    Bytes 11 - 15: Unknown
    Bytes 16 - 17: Tile X (stepping off of)
    Bytes 18 - 19: Tile Y (stepping off of)
    Bytes 20 - 21: Tile X (stepping onto)
    Bytes 22 - 23: Tile Y (stepping oto)
    Byte 24: Unknown. Changes with last movement direction. (11 down, 44 right, 33 left)
    Bytes 25 - 27: Unknown.
    Byte 28: Sprite frame
    Bytes 29 - 31: Unknown.
    Byte 32: Facing direction (same format as PLAYERFACING script var's values).
    Bytes 33 - 35: Unknown.

    Offset of the facing direction byte for Person event N: 0x02036E38 + (0x24 * N) + 0x20

    * * * * *

    EDIT: Found offsets for some scripts that people may find interesting.

    0x081A4EB4 and 0x081A4EC1
    Something to do with trainer battles... Is this used by the core game engine?

    This script handles hidden-item Signposts. Inputs are 0x8005 (item ID) and 0x8006 (amount). If the item ID is 0 (item: ????????) then it is treated as a Coins pickup.

    Script for the PC.

    Script for SURF. It does not include the badge check; that is evidently done in ASM before this is called.

    Script for current that is too fast to SURF in.

    Script for the Mystery Gift questionnaire.

    Appears to be the script that is executed if you press Select without having a Key Item registered to that button.

    I have no idea, but it has something to do with digging up an item. Where in FireRed can you do that?

    Script for PokeCenter healing after whiting out.

    Script for Mom healing after whiting out.

    Script for whiting out (on the overworld, in battles, or both?).

    Script for a Fame Checker entry. This actually runs inside the Fame Checker. The others probably do, too.

    Script for WATERFALL. Like the SURF script, the badge check is performed elsewhere.

    Script for DIVE (submerging). Apparently an R/S/E leftover. Like SURF and WATERFALL, there's no badge check here.

    Script for DIVE (emerging). No badge check.

    Script for if you try to use DIVE when you cannot emerge at the spot you're currently standing on.

    Internal script for hatching an EGG (by walking).

    Script executed when REPEL wears off.

    * * * * *

    And some string offsets:

    0x0826CF8C - 0x0826D19D
    Nicknames of the Pokemon you can receive in in-game trades.

    Strings for saving the game.

    0x081B2DF8 - 0x081BB1B3(?)
    L/R help strings.
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