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Kenna finally woke up but her eye lids felt heavy so she kept them closed. She moved to turn herself over but she stopped when she felt the pain from her side and from her ankle. She sighed and slumped back down. She made her eyes open and look at where she was. It was light out so it must be morning. She was back in her room and 'Mist' was asleep on the floor.

She studied 'Mist' for a long time. He seamed hurt and really tired. That was when everything came back to Kenna about what had happened and what she had done. What had happened to the beast? Was anyone else dead? Them two questions seamed to stick with her for a while, she needed answers but she did not want to wake 'Mist'. She groaned as she moved her body to get more comfy.

'Mist' had protected her a lot back then and Kenna was actually surprised by that. She had not expected him to help her like that. What if he is seriously hurt because of her? Guilt washed over Kenna. She had to see if he was alright. She sat up quickly so the pain would be less but it still hurt. After a deep breath, she tried to walk over to 'Mist' but she had forgot about her ankle so she feel over and landed next to him. She groaned again and didn't bother to try and move.

His eyes became to open and Kenna's body stiffened. She started to feel weird, that was the normal effects she got after using her magic. 'Mist' finally opened his eyes, he looked shocked. Of course he would be shocked with a girl right next to you while you was asleep. She was going to kick herself for this later.

"Your awake, how are you feeling?" Kenna asked weakly.
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