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    I start the work with my editor this night.

    Edit : I have finished my extended research.
    That's my results :

    (That's we already know) - Models have pre-integrated doors. Just imagine how it's more easier for me for include all possibilities.
    (That's we already know) - Models have incorporated a rotation value (see my thread and my first research)

    - Models coordinates are same. Just Y values are inversed (i think).
    - Textures have the same system ; animation is already in the texture, and walk animation from permissions movements.
    - Same as rarely models in DP, a few textures can now use sub-textures in only one texture, this is a problem for common modifications.
    - 3D Textures removing is always easier
    - 3D Textures moving is always boring
    - 2D Textures extending is always harder

    - Castelia and bridges are after all Maps of the game (i think, i can't go so far).
    - Castelia is a normal Map with a giant texture background. The same system is used in Violet City arena and others (i think).

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