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Ok, what did I do now?
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    I think it was a think Aura added a little while ago, but i know the song I want as Kiroku's theme XD

    as for what's going on the in the role-play, pretty much everyone who has been active (except for the later arrivals in this RP) is confronting a powerful elder dragon and they're essentially being introduced to their core powers (which I'm assuming is just added power through dark energy, but I was thinking about sneaking a slight form change when Kiroku is introduced to his.). They are currently on a rescue mission to save the princess of the land, but Kiroku and Miharu are currently keeping watch in a cave while contemplating death and a spy amongst them.

    Additional characters include:

    Benjamin (a slave boy that they found. Josh shot him... smooth.)
    Emil (The head of the royal guard detail designated to protect the princess. Knows Kenna and is rivaling with Josh, but there is slight tension between him and Kiroku and Miharu, too.)
    Adriel (Although the headmaster's secretary, she's a fighter sent to give them aid. There's reason to believe that she's the spy, but the people fighting Scythe can't exactly take the time to deduce things)

    more or less that's what you need to know :p

    Murder has never been so adorable. H3H3H3H3H3H3 >:]
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