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    Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
    Choice Scarf makes up for Chandelure's average Speed, while Choice Specs makes it hit harder right off the bat without setting up Calm Mind.

    Choice Band is on Golurk because it doesn't have a way to boost its Attack.
    I must say, being limitted to a single move is worrysome, but on a sweeper I suppose it isn't that big a deal now I think about it.

    Speaking of thinking, I've decided on my 6 pokemon. It'll be the 5th-gen four, Gengar to pay homage to the original, and Spiritomb simply because it's my two favorite types and I just like it.

    Moves are still up for discussion. [/general thread note]

    EDIT: I've updated my team in the first post. Also, when I say "diverse", I mean in terms of the offensive move types. I want to be able to get super effective hits against as many foes as possible, but at the same time I want to work in a few status attacks. The thing for which I'm seeking input now is any major holes in the new team and how to best cover for them.

    EDIT 2: The first post has been revised.
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