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Welcome! We made this thread to promote staff transparency, and allow anyone to offer their input on our ideas and projects, or suggest their own. Even members that aren't CBC regulars may offer feedback, but keep in mind you might not have a full understanding of how the forum works. While everyone can discuss and suggest their ideas, everything still needs approval from Anti and I before it is applied to the forum. The first post will list all the possible changes so far, and the approved ones we will be implementing soon.

— "Bumping" is allowed in this thread.
Expect to see me or whoever reviving this constantly! By the way, bumping means to post in a thread that hasn't been posted in for a month.

None...for now.

— Battling guide.
Easily our biggest project; covers mostly everything there is about battling that can be written. There will be one for the basics of battling (along with team building, prediction, etc.), and one directed towards more experienced battlers looking to improve their skillz. The first one is our main priority. Could include a RMT and battle log guide as an extra thing. This guide will replace Compiled Guides.

— Rating guide and resource.
This will also have a few sample teams and an example rate for each. This will be separate from the battling guide, and will be a sticky thread most likely. Anti is working on majority of the guide. (Mostly complete.)

— An in-game team guide and resource.
It would include topics such as how to make a good in-game team; good Pokémon, HM slaves, and strategies to use; strategies and Pokémon to help defeat certain Gym Leaders. That isn't all, but just some subjects off the top of my head.

— Clans.
Most important event currently; there needs to be more stuff happening with clans. Clans are the first thing we should work on, because everything else can wait. I have couple of ideas that I will introduce soon.

— Community Night.
Will be back up and running soon. There's a lot of stuff we can do with commnight (and clans).

— Pokémon Online tournaments.
More convenient than forum tournaments, but on a smaller scale and only includes people who are currently on PO. Will give megausers to pretty much every regular. Note: megausers is a PO status that allows a user to make tournaments, and nothing else.

— Forum tournaments.
Additionally, I shall revamp the official PC tournament soon, along with the concept of "Tour Series" being implemented. This is delayed for a while though, as clans require more attention or they will die.

— PC Ladder.
Is now running. Need to bug Petie about resetting the ladder rankings though.

These are events that could happen later:
— PC league.
Leagues certainly aren't as successful as the other events, but this is still worth a try again. Ideas for the league include two divisions that have 5 users each, and one champion (totally copying Luke here!). That would replace the traditional Gym Leader -> Elite Four -> Champion layout. It doesn't require as much users, and is simpler.

— Battle Frontier.
This was something Oppo and I thought of a year ago. The Battle Frontier would consist of five tournaments, each with a theme such as Battle Factory-style rentals (themes that require a bit more time to do). Each of those would have a factory brain like in the game, that follow the theme. Once you defeat all the tournaments, you can battle the final brain. This was going to be an annual event that lasts for one month, with each tournament lasting around six days consecutively. Meaning, they won't happen all at once. This is a very big event, so it probably won't happen anytime soon.

— Community Create-A-Team.
This a forum event where everyone helps make a team. To put it simply, users will discuss and vote stuff as we go along the team building process. Then, everyone can test the team and suggest changes.

— RMT of the Month.
Member fame: RMT style. Except regulars don't post enough teams. And it encourages the "RMTs are for showcasing teams, not for help" way of thinking.

— Team building competitions.
Two users have to make a team (that follows a theme?) and everyone votes which is the better one. (lol)

— Community Create-A-Pokémon.
Anti's worst nightmare! Also, instead of creating a Pokémon, we could improve an already existing Pokémon.

Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Sooo Karpman said I should ask here ;x

Since I was enjoying writing the comments on that battle log I was thinking how about an event where you get some good and some not so good battlers together to battle in like "unusual" teams and post the logs of the battles without comments or anything, and get members to write commentaries on the battles and see who can make the most interesting battle log of the battles w/ emblem rewards or something?

What are you guys thoughts on it?