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    Originally Posted by smile! View Post

    Ah, I think you can request to join any Squad that you want. You might not get a high rank, but I think any Captain would be happy to accept you as their 5th or 4th seat. Or maybe just an unranked member.

    Speaking of which, have you designed your zanpakto? It's perfectly fine if you don't want to though
    Cool, then could I please join Min-chan's Squad 10? (I'm asking her directly)

    I've started to design my zanpakuto, but no picture yet... Here are the basics:

    Zanpakuto Name: Nakitori (鳴き鳥) (Songbird)
    Type: Sound/Plant
    Zanpakuto Details: Katana, disguised as a rod (like Husky's fancy rod from the manga +Anima) for no reason other than it'd be fun to bop people on the head with.
    Release Command: Kyoumei Suru! (共鳴する!) (Resonate!)
    Shikai Details: Transforms into a small harp or guitar (electric) based on the situation. Can form solid sound waves, which can be manipulated like water, ice, air, etc. Can be directed at a specific person, and can make them fall asleep or heal them (soft, lullaby sound), cut them (sharp pizzicato-ish sound), or be used in other ways.
    If needed: Bankai Name: Hoshi no uta (星の歌) (Song of the Stars)
    Bankai Details: Transforms into a large treble-clef-shaped conductor's baton. Okay, how about I can modify the natural melodies of living things (actually, only plants, because zombies would not really be cool) to make them grow rapidly, to manipulate them, or for practical use (poisons, something to land on if falling, food, etc). Kind of like Yumichika's shikai, but I can't take an opponent's reiatsu and use it against them the way he does. And I can use any type of plant in the surrounding environment, or use my own seeds. One of the ideas in my thought process was that I've heard that if you sing to plants, they grow faster/better.

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