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    I never heard the Handy Manny theory before, but that one is very interesting...

    I heard the strange theory that the entire series of Digimon Savers/Data Squad was all a simulation on Izzy's laptop.

    And speaking of computers, there's the disturbing theory that the world of Mega Man Battle Network is a dystopian future with no internet freedoms, with the mere mention of downloading a simple file (whether it's illegal software or not) is met not necessarily with outright deletion, but incredibly heavy and imposing restrictions or fines, since everyday life has become so ingrained to the internet that even the stove is connected to the internet. The Undernet, while being the home to the most dangerous criminals on the internet, is the only remaining place in the entire internet that still shares information freely and without limits or fear of persecution, and the users of the Undernet are the only people who make a stand for the freedoms the internet is supposed to represent (despite most of them being terrorists). Now imagine if the real life internet was like that...
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