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    It's time to get started! Everybody! Time to rock and rolla!

    First Stop: Littleroot Town

    Welcome! You're about to take your first real step into the world of Pokemon. My name is Professor Birch. I am very pleased to be testing this dual program. I hope you all enjoy this journey and I'll see you at my lab later this morning!

    Everyone, please read carefully from this point forward.

    Mentors: I'm going to need to speak with you all privately when you arrive at my Littleroot lab before you get your trainer. This is more than a simple teaching job. It's best that you know what you're getting into.

    Trainers: Your Pokemon will be waiting in the back yard. If they haven't made it through their check up all right, you will be informed. The aides will keep an eye on you while I finish last minute preparations in the lab. They will give you your Pokedexes and a few Pokeballs. Now after that, please remain in the yard until you are dismissed. Is that understood? Good!

    Okay if that wasn't clear... first posts entail you all getting your/ picking up your starter and meeting your mentor. The trainers have no idea about the mentorship and the mentors know very limited information about the Darigans. After that you guys may get acquainted and proceed to... Route 101!

    Route 101:

    Here you may catch Pokemon, battle trainers, and generally interact. However, being a short route, there aren't that many trainers. Too bad.

    Your posts may include you catching your Pokemon but we will decide the level/abilities, which will be posted in the OOC thread.

    Pokemon on this route are...

    Wurmple- Worm Pokemon
    Abilities: Shield Dust/Run Away
    Levels: 4-6
    Moves: Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting

    Poochyena- Bite Pokemon
    Abilities: Quick Feet/Run Away/ Rattled
    Levels: 5-7
    Moves: Tackle, Howl

    Zigzagoon-Tiny Raccoon Pokemon
    Abilities: Pickup/Gluttony/Quick Feet
    Levels: 4-6
    Moves: Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip

    Pidgey-Tiny Bird Pokemon
    Abilities: Keen Eye/ Tangled Feet/ Big Pecks
    Levels: 5-7
    Moves: Tackle, Sand Attack

    I shall start!


    Piku was bored. He was really bored. And when the little mouse got bored, he got anxious. The mouse rolled over onto his backside, smiling in slight relief as the grass stopped tickling his nose. His long ears were itchy now. Dear God he couldn't win. What time was it... eight o'clock in the morning? He needed to get out of here. Stupid Birch. The man didn't know a paw from an ear.

    He hated Birch, especially for keeping him from Nai. He had not left his human's side since the kid was five and he himself was a bloody hatchling. If Nai hadn't said it was okay, he wouldn't have been away at all. Nai was not supposed to be lonely and sad. He was supposed to be happy and surrounded by people! But people made fun of his human, used him. He had let it slide before but not anymore. He would fry anyone who messed with his human. He was gonna destroy one of the human's machines. Yeah that was justice.

    The Pikachu sighed again and rolled to his paws. Seriously, he needed something to do. He looked around at the other Pokemon. There were all kinds, a statue-looking thing, a couple of weird foxes like Eevee on evil acid. One looked like it was pissing itself though. Must be one terrified little fox. There were more too but that was a bipedal canine with blue fur. Dear Mew, Arceus was so high when it created some of the creatures for Mew to turn into. Sighing, he realized he should go calm down the panicking fox before its heart burst. He moved to all fours and walked over. He could use two but that would look really weird right now. He didn't want to intimidate the creature more by being taller.

    He stopped in front of the shaking whatever it was, a Zorua. "Uh hey," he greeted, sounding a mixture of soothing and chill. "You feeling okay little dude?"


    Nai was normally very patient. He could wait for hours for the sunrise just because it was pretty. He could wait for Si to stop talking on the phone before asking him to play soccer. He could wait until Piku wanted to take a bath.

    But right now... Kat was taking forever!

    "Do not bother a girl when she's doing her makeup," Simon told him snidely as he passed the black-haired male sitting outside the white-painted door. Nai pouted at him, his blue backpack bouncing on his shoulders as he whirled to face him.

    "Buh-But she'll be mad if Nai doesn't say bye to her!" he whined expertly, crossing his arms over his chest.

    "Yes I will," came a muffled voice as a girl in a bathrobe tackled him. Nai jolted but chirped. "I'll miss you."

    "Yes you'll miss your errand boy," Simon sneered, glowering playfully. "Now hurry up in there. I need to get my stuff out before I go to Rustboro. I'm finally helping out at Silph Co and I refuse to be late because you choose to be girly just once!"

    "We're going together silly boy," she shot back. "So be patient! I have school too!" Nai giggled a bit and went down to the kitchen. He saw Miss Marcia, his stepmother, flipping another pancake as casually as she could a certain stepson of hers.

    "Bye Miss Marcia! Say bye-bye to Papa for Nai okay?" he asked, grabbing a bag of carrots off the counter with cheese and some toast.

    "Stay safe," she called as he ran out the door with toast in his mouth. He was so excitable.

    Nai ran as fast as he could, munching happily on the toast while zipping his extra food in his bag. He wanted to see Piku! Piku must be lonely without him! The lab was really obvious, with the glass roof and all. There was also an aide outside, who smiled nervously. He was interesting. "Good morning Nai," the man greeted.

    "Hi hi!" Nai greeted quickly, bouncing on the balls of his feet. "Can Nai see Piku? Can he Please?"

    The man chuckled. He was always so eager. "Only after you get your trainer card."

    "Yay!" He followed the aid, who handed him his trainer card, Pokedex, and a few Pokeballs. The boy knew the drill; he had seen it before. Before the man could even tell him anything, Nai had bolted outside. "PIKU!"

    The Pikachu turned from whatever he was doing and his ears perked. He looked at the fox. "Sorry kid." He bolted off and tackled. "Nai! Took you long enough!"
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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