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    Your overall premise sounds very much like every other pokemon game that exists. Do you have anything unique to add to your story that isn't in the others to make it stand apart?

    I do like the changes you're making with the mechanics.
    I like the idea of no EXP bar and no showing enemy lvls. I've been considering it in my game as well.
    As well the idea that not every trainer will outright challenge you, and that you have a right to refuse some.

    I am curious how you intend to set up the way you find out how powerful a person is compaired to you?
    An idea might be to let you see how many badges that opponent has, to kind of judge their power. I'm sure there are plenty of ways to figure it out.
    Maybe have dialog options?

    As for the ingame money, I was always under the impression that they had a currency similar to japan or china where 200Y for a drink is more to the sum of 2$.

    Just curious, how did you changed the rarities?

    Screen shots look good, do you have a lot of pokemon showing up out in the open?