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    "Quite a mouth that rat of yours has. Heh, he's got a lot of attitude... Shame I don't train Electric types..." Jen said with a smirk. She had no idea what Piku had said, but from his tone and clear annoyance, it had not been good. She pet Dusk carefully as he shook on her arm. He peeked his head out and glanced around quickly. He was starting to calm down now that Jen was here.

    "I-it's ok..." He said, still very distressed, even though he was calming down. Jen looked down at him when he gave a few short whimpers and pet him reassuringly.

    "Anyways, Nai, I have not, nor will I ever yell. It's just not good for my image. So back off with your holier-than-thou crap. And get one thing straight, you make mistakes. I don't," Jen said, mildly annoyed by now. But not enough to want to hurt the kid. He had no idea, so she supposed she could cut him some slack. Then some older girl came by and carelessly toussled her hair. She shook her head, bristling with anger. She didn't know who that older girl had been, but she was going to find out.

    "You ever touch me again, and I'll murder you!" Jen shouted angrily as the door swung closed. She scowled angrily as she fixed her hair with one hand.
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