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Jen glared at the little rat in Nai's arms as he extended his hand toward Dusk. She didn't mind him petting Dusk. As long as Dusk was ok with it, which he clearly wasn't. Dusk shut his eyes and tensed up, and Jen shidted him around a little. She gave a short shrug.

"Looks like Dusk isn't comfortable around you yet Nai. That's what you get for scaring him," Jen said calmly, with an air of superiority. She pet him reassuringly and smiled down at him. It wasn't her usual 'I'm going to kill you and have fun while doing it' smile. It was a genuine, sweet smile, and it looked very out of place on her. Ten she snapped to attention.

"Like I care how much security they have here. If they made me a trainer, they clearly aren't going to throw me in jail for insults and threats," Jen said, completely ignoring his question. She was confident they wouldn't throw her in jail. Especially considering some of what she had admitted in the profile. Then some other brat showed up. She completely ignored him... Until he started yanking on Dusk.

"Hey! Let go of Dusk you little freak! Go get your own Zorua!!!" she shouted even louder than Dusk was screaming.Then he let go and picked up his own Zorua. This one was Shiny, but Jen wasn't jealous. Dusk was far more beautiful than the other Zorua. She spent a moment calming Dusk back to his usual twitchy state then turned to the new boy. She raised her fist and punched him right in the face as hard as she could.

"If... You EVER!... Touch Dusk again I WILL make sure you are incapable of grabbing anything ever again! And keep your worthless apology to yourself! I don't care to hear it!" Jen said angrily. She was done with both of these fools. She turned and walked to the other side of the yard and leaned against the fence, hoping they would be smart and leave her alone.
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