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    Hey guys, I have some bad news. I can't keep up with the RP with all the new things that just took over my life recently. I am so terribly busy and I am sad to say that this isn't on my list of top priorities. Also, I am finding it hard putting these scenes together for you guys to RP - because the way it plays in my head is almost too impossible to place into role-play form. Thus brings us to the other thing I wanted to say; I won't start this up again. I am afraid that it just won't work for me and it might be difficult for you guys as well. Instead I have decided to put my story into a Fanfiction. If anyone would be interested in reading it (if you aren't all mad at me of course xD) than it will be posted on the account named "Noble Glory". I recently created that account, I am switching all my details to there and going to stop logging in to this account. If you need to contact me or wish to chat/flame/etc. just send a PM or VM over to that account and I will get to it as soon as I can.

    Thank you all. I apologize for possibly wasting your time and I wish it could've gone differently. I feel the worst by the fact that we didn't even get that far into it. Maybe that was for the best though. I will say it again: thank you! You are all amazing writers. Best of luck and all the fun in the world towards your future RPs.
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