A Pokémon Journey: The Road to Victory [T]

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RATED: T (PG-13)

>> The Road to Victory
"Is just a few steps out your door."

Your time is now. The mint green envelope before you will explain everything. I inquire that you speak of this to no one - her spies are among even your most trusted friends.

>> The Message

Hello, young trainer.

My name is Bastion, and I have come to offer you a choice. We have been watching you for a while. Finally after so long we think you are ready. Ready for a grand adventure. One with great challenges but with also with great consequences should you fail.

I am offering you a chance at your Pokémon Journey. One you have been denied time and time again. Should you accept I will prepare you with a Pokémon and some equipment you will need.

Be wary though for this is unlike any other Journey.

I require something very special of you - very special indeed. You are to deliver a package to me. Not yet! No, we must wait. I will only ask for this package when the time is right. So for now you must carry it with you on your Journey.

Also, what I ask of you is that you must never give in to the temptations of the watchful eyes that follow you even at this moment. There is a force out there who will stop at nothing to keep your from your destiny and from delivering this package.

You must meet at the start of Route 1, just outside Pallet Town. There will be something special waiting for you there. If you choose to walk down this road then it is only just a few steps out your door.

Never give up! All I can tell you is that the Balance is in your hands.

Until we speak again,

- Bastion

(P.S. It is very crucial that you never let the Ice touch you!)

>>The Chosen Few

You are an aspiring Trainer, who has been denied their chance at a Pokémon Journey. Finally at last you get a chance from a very mysterious Bastion - who leaves you a strange and obscure note.

This same note was sent to five others.
Six people in total have been contacted.

You, in the lovely Region of Kanto, must take your first steps onto Route 1 where your Pokémon, supplies, and a Package for each Trainer will be waiting. All those contacted will be here.

Along with another mint green envelope containing your next instructions.

Finally at last your Journey has begun . . . but it will be far different than what you had ever imagined.

Are you ready?

Meet the Trainers:

Aaron Phoenix played by Sir Bastian
Aaron Phoenix

Nickname: (optional)
Aron (As in the Pokémon) or Phoenix

Age: (from 15-17 please)

Place of Birth:
Lavender Town

Appearance: (I require at least 2 paragraphs)
Aaron is a healthy, young boy with a decent build, but perhaps just a little too skinny. He looks agile enough, has long legs, a very –slightly- pointy nose and almost a constant little smile on his face.

He has dark-green eyes, gotten from his mother and long, -very- dark brown hair, set up in a ponytail, which reaches just below his shoulderblades. The rest of his hair is slicked back, away from his face, which makes him look slightly older than he actually is.

Personality: (I require at least 2 paragraphs)
Aaron, thanks to his mother and father, have always been a very kind and helpful person. He’ll try his best at helping someone, and he’ll get very annoyed with himself if he doesn’t pull through, or isn’t able to help him. However, he only helps those he feels –deserves- his help, which can get very problematic at times.

He thinks that everyone can always do better, even himself, which is why he went from helping his mom at the Pokémon Center, to helping those at the burial tower and soon, helping others around the world with his soon-to-be Pokémon. Whenever he does something, he expects himself to do even better the next time, and he thinks others should strive to become better as well. Even if he won’t say it, he’ll still think it, and can get pretty adamant and stubborn regarding this.

He can be incredibly stubborn if he believes that he’s right and the other person in question is wrong, and will very rarely admit that he was wrong, until he is proven it. However, when he is, he will fully admit his mistake and try to make amends for being so stubborn. He can easily feel bad for someone, if he treats them bad, even if he deep down believes they deserve to be treated that way.

History: (I require at least 2 paragraphs)
Aaron grew up in Lavender Town, his mother being a nurse at the Pokémon Center, and his father being a fisherman, the sea not all that much of a trip away from the town. Lavender Town is an incredibly gloomy and depressed place, but his father had and was always an incredibly cheerful and positive guy. This, coupled with his mother’s willingness to do anything to help those in need, gave Aaron a steel resolution, wanting to do good in the world, and him living in Lavender Town, there were a lot of people to help.

He spent his years growing up helping out his mother at the Pokémon Center, with rather menial and easy tasks, but as he grew older, he decided that he would rather help those in need at the burial tower. Be it with setting their beloved Pokémon to rest, or simply to console them, listen to their worries, fears and their sadness, and in turn try to cheer them up.

While he did this, he continued to try to, somehow, start off on his very own Pokémon journey. But both the fact that there were not any professor in the town, -or- a gym leader, or… well, any kind of person able to help him with this, he simply bit down his bitterness of not being able to go out into the world and help those in need –properly-. However, that may very well change soon…

Riku Kimura played by Charizard_Man
Riku Kimura



Place of Birth
Viridian City

Riku has the traits considered strange of a western Kanto native with his olive colored skin, golden amber eyes-the kind of eyes you see on a wild wolf, and very light brown hair-almost white-up into a faux hawk. Making up his heart shaped face are: naturally well edged, black eyebrows; a moderately rounded nose; and semi-full lips. Once upon a time, he could easily appear gaunt when under stress due to his already underweight and short form. However, the passing years managed to throw some lean meat on his bones and stretch his height. Able to receive adequate nourishment, participate in sports, train to be a capable pokemon trainer and the awakened puberty all worked in thrusting his new clean-limbed, 140 pound form to an astonishing 5'9". Living as a wealthy child of a successful music producer and fashionista, Riku's childhood pampering resulted in a flawless complexion; he does however have quite a few marking of scars on his body.

Riku keeps his wardrobe appropriate for the weather, so he always carries extra sets of clothes just in case mother nature decides to act weird. For this season, RIku is typically seen decked out in a sleeveless denim vest over a white tee with a red sun design and black jeans held up by a light grey canvas webbed belt that are just a little on the slim fit side. Though newer to his collection of sneakers, the pair of white, red and blue Jordan 3 sneakers have easily become one of his favorite things to wear. If he fears they will get dirty in any way, he has no problem going barefoot from time to time. He wears a wooden pokeball chain hanging from black wooden beads that hangs down to his abdomen, two wood beaded bracelets on his left wrist-one has a red wooden bead every other time, while the other is a natural wood color with a diamond charm on it. On his right wrist he wears a white watch, hanging from his belt loop is a louis vuitton coin pouch and he wears a pair of round diamond studs in his ears.

Wracked with inner suffering, Riku has a bitter attitude and a quet demeanor with an IQ through the roof. A tormented young man, Riku has always longed for acceptance in the world, constantly floating from book to book in search for more knowledge. Exceptionally smart and quick thinking, he has a tendency to over-analyze things, and has a very aloof attitude towards other people. Sometimes harsh and outright mean, Riku only spares the feelings of his family and elders. Although hyperaware about everything, he's learned to camouflage it with a dense nonchalant attitude towards anyting and everything, resulting in his social skills being null. Some of this was rectified after his school's basketball coach beguiled him into joining the team, revealing him to be a capable team player in spite of his lone wolf tendencies.

Brought into lucky circumstances, Riku was born and raised into a rich family. From childhood, he was pampered. He received whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it without exception. This was not only true for material possessions-He is an extreme flirt and if he sees a girl he finds suitable, he will go after her without a second thought. Being the son of two wealthy people has accustomed him to be frivolous, leading him to spend big and spend often. He's also very lazy-to an extent-not wanting to put any more effort into something than what is required, with the sole exception being when he's deciding what to wear. Among the students in his class, he is always the calm and poised one, who knows his limits and sets his priorities straight. In spite of the more negative traits brought on by his life, he cares deeply for people and Pokemon. This attribute favored him well during the time he volunteered at the Pokemon Center-something that he shared with no one because he couldn't very well ruin his reputation as the mean kid around school.

Riku was born Viridian City, and grew up within the folds of his parent's upper-class, snobby society. Despite his parent's rules for general ettiquette and the like, he completely disregarded everything they tried to teach him. His books what were he immersed himself into.

Riku's mother died in a car crash when he was six, and his father was so stricken by her death he attempted suicide. When that failed, his father left Riku and his sister Brigitte to the care of their grandfather, Papa Kimura, as he was known to the citizens of Viridian-where he lived. His grandfather, the once highly acclaimed top ranked trainer in the area, was happy to take care of his grandchildren and enrolled them in the local Pokemon Academy. Riku completely drowned himself in his studies to try and keep his mind off everything, his grandfather even went out of his way to train his grandson in the ways of Pokemon Training. Being the new kid in school he was picked on, but he always though it was because of his unique eye color, or even his tanned skin. But then again, it could very well have been his reclusive nature, or his habit to go around correcting all the idiot zit faces on their grammar skills. Or perhaps it was the way he walked, slow and easy, as if knowing there was no particular rush to life. He was popular with most of the pretty girls because he'd put the stupid meat heads that hit on the girls down with scathing ability. Consequently he was about as popular with the guys as a cockroach. Unlike his sister, who was popular with everyone.

Once he turned thirteen he left the academy, much like his sister did a year before. Unlike his sister however, he would not go around competing in Pokemon contests, but instead made his way to Pallet Town in order to begin his own journey across Kanto. He spoke with the famed professor oak and even took part in a little practice battle, only to get rejected because he was told he needed much more to learn before he could travel. Impossible, he knew everything. He insisted on traveling to the mountains west of Kanto with his grandfather in order to further train and learn the ways of a Pokemon Trainer. His grandfather was hard on him, even leaving him alone on the mountain tops with his only companion being the wild pokemon he caught on his own. On his fifteenth birthday, he arrived back home in Viridian after releasing the pokemon he caught back into the wild. He thought it would be better, he wasn't even a real trainer yet. Who was he to carry pokemon? His sister had become a famous coordinator in those two years, her posters all around the city. How could this happen, his sister had made a name for herself before he did. In those first couple of days he returned to Viridan, he received the letter. So he packed his things, left his town once again and was driven to make a name for himself like his sister did.

Extra Information➟

Leon Spaulding played by jackblaze
Name: Leon Spaulding

Nickname: None

Age: 16

Place of Birth: Pewter City

Appearance: Leon looks like a normal teen, medium height around 5' 8" with slim built bordering on almost muscular with blemishless light near brown skin. The only thing that stands out on Leon is his bright red spiky hear, a trait that could be compared to his fiery personality. His eyes are a bright green color the only trait that he got from his late father, calming beautiful eyes that sometimes distract people from his outlandish behavior and his trouble making.

Leon's dress consist primarily of close fitting Plain T's of various different colors, and black skinny jeans finishing his attire with plain low top shoes. He is most often always seen wearing his red hoodie with a "L" on the side and around his neck a necklace with a small golden pokeball a memento from his father.

Personality: Growing Leon was always considered a good and kind child but the death of his father and his mothers decision had made a major impact on Leons life leaving a major change in his personality and attitude. Keeping his same love for pokemon Leon would act like a child again if he see a new pokemon in person and has his child like love and attitude when it comes down to pokemon.

On a regular basis though Leon has a straight face and usually doesn't like to take crap from anyone around him leading him into alot of fights with the people around him, deep down though Leon is still a caring person always defending his friends from whatever trouble they might find themselves in. Leon hates that he upsets his mother sometimes but its overshadowed by his hate for her decision not to let him have a pokemon.

Leons desire is to get his pokemon and prove his mother wrong and do his best to make his parents proud, proving to his mother that he can handle the dangers of the pokemon world and fulfilling his fathers dream.

History: From a tender age Leon was groomed around pokemon by his father being taken out numerous times with him as he went on the road and during pokemon battles. By the age of 8 Leon had seen more pokemon battles than cartoons he watched. Leon had always awaited that day at the age of 10 when he could finally get his first pokemon and his parents were both behind him. A couple days before his 10th birthday Leon and his family heard the awful news about his fathers death.

When the chance did come for Leon to go out on his own adventure following in the footsteps of his dad, his mother had forbid him from doing so. Leons dream of accomplishing his fathers goal was dashed. He spent years begging and pleading but to no avail his mother just didn't want the same fate to reach to her only son. The rest of his day leading up to the letter from Bastion were filled with trouble making with many known Pewter City gangs and the other times he could be found watching all the pokemon battles at Pewter Gym to pass the time. Despite all the trouble making he has done in Pewter he continued to keep up to date with everything pokemon and studied about the all the time in hopes that one day he would get another chance. The letter from Bastion was a dream come true and he didn't care about his mothers decision this time despite his love for her he would take on the challenge no questions asked.

Extra Information: He can consider himself a walking pokedex and his years of studying pokemon he could tell you everything about any pokemon by just looking at them. Pokemon choice i would prefer a 1st-3rd gen fire type but anything would be ok.

Xander Knight played by romdinner
Name: Xander Knight

: None

Age: 17

Place of birth
: Blackthorn city , Johto

Appearence: How he looks --->

Xander is a very handsome young man who could charm almost every girl if he wanted to. His smooth dark blue hair is a result of his mother’s light blue and his father’s dark colored hair. His hair falls onto his eyes which have the same color and give off a very mesmerizing yet confident look. He is well built for his age and despite not showing it he really packs a punch. His skin is at the edge between Caucasian light and pale and has no bruises or scars.

The boy usually wears what he thinks is most comfortable for him but for this journey he picked a new outfit as to the beginning of his new journey. He will have a pair of blue long jeans that aren’t nor baggy or too tight. The jeans go down to his sneakers which are black and have some white stripes in some places ( Arcanine trademark ). The jeans are held with a black belt. Is upper appearance shows a white T-shirt with some kind of image on it that is under a thin piece of clothing similar to a sweater.

Personality: Xander is a loner who doesn’t really like to be surrounded by people due to the fact that he can’t bring himself to trust anybody due to personal reasons. Because of this whenever he has to get involved into speaking or dealing with people he will do it in a very distant way and as quick as possible. The only persons he will care to talk to is his mother Clair. Despite being very distant he will, from time to time, offer guidance to those in need but only if he sees them worthy or if he is forced to do it.

He is very calm and collective and rarely gets angry. He is the type of guy who would rather walk away than get involved into a useless fight but when things get serious and there is a reason to do it he will be the first to make a move. Xander will always come to those in need even if sometimes he thinks it’s too much of a drag, but even so he will do it without expecting anything in return as he is used to not getting anything in return from everyone and he usually doesn’t get emotionally involved . You could say he has a little hero in himself trying to come out.

Despite being a loner he has one thing that he loves from the bottom of his hearth. It’s Pokemon. Xander acts opposite with pokemon than with people. He is caring and understanding with them and always likes to have one or two around him. This is due to the fact than pokemon treated him better than most people so he prefers the company of pokemon. Xander knows what he wants to do….he wants to be a pokemon trainer and someday become the Pokémon League Champion, but don’t be surprised if you’ll spot him at a pokemon contest from time to time as he finds this a nice way to relax as well an experience that may come in handy in his gym battles.

History: Xander was born in the peaceful town of Blackthorn, in the Johto region. He is the only son of the well known dragon type gym leader of the region Clair. His dad was from the same city as his mother but died away when Xander was 14 due to an illness. The loss was a great tragedy to the family but also made Xander and his mother’s bond stronger. Xander was a pure and innocent child when he was little, very different from who he is now, which wanted to make friends with everybody but things don’t always go the way we want to. Do they? Even though Xander was just like any other kid people either feared him due to his mother’s reputation or bullied him as he didn’t develop his loner and strong attitude until later in his life.

The people who feared him were complete idiots, they didn’t have a reason to be scared of his mother as despite being tough and protective of her son she didn’t badmouth or bully anybody. Clair was a model mother so there simply was no reason but people tend to develop fear out of nothing, Justas in Xander’s case. Due to this Xander was always left alone in kinder garden as parents always advised their children to avoid him and don’t interact with him much so Xander always was playing by himself. The other who bullied them were children who followed their parents example and thought that Xander was snob and full of himself due to his mother being a gym leader in town so he could do what he want. Again another bunch of morons.

Despite all this Xander didn’t blame his mom of anything as despite being so young he knew also that the peoples around him were somehow idiots. This statement really surprised his mother. They were having dinner one time and Clair noticed that her son was sad and knew why. She had considered resigning from her job as a gym leader so her son could have a good life but that night when she told her son what she intends to do her son replied : “ Don’t stop being a gym leader just because some idiots don’t have a brain.” Clair was somehow amazed and proud of her son. A 10 year old saying such things were really incredible so Clair remained to her title and was even more proud of her son.

As Xander grew up he started to be more calm around others and just ignore their bad talk or their nasty stares. When those things started to bug him he would just get up and leave or if he didn’t want to give in this time he just had to open his mouth and say a good reply and others would just shut up. As for the bullies, Xander became strong as he grew up due to the fact that he trained along his mother with her pokemon so in no time he was strong enough to not even sweat and take down his opponents. As time passed and his mother brought him more often to the gym he found his passion for pokemon. He would play would them all day long until it was time for him to go home and at home he would study them trying to find any piece of information he might have missed. He would also watch his mother’s battles not moving an inch from his spot until the final blow was dealt. His love for pokemon was growing day by day and this lead to his dream of becoming a pokemon master.
He wasn’t able for several years to get his first pokemon due to saw new laws that were inforced in Johto, so when he was contacted by Professor Bastion, through his note, he took advantage of this and went to Kanto to start his journey.

Elizabeth Cooper played by Lincoln West
  • Name: Elizabeth Cooper
  • Nickname: (optional) Liz/Lizzy/Cooper/The Coop
  • Age: (from 15-17 please) 16
  • Place of Birth: Saffron City
  • Appearance: (I require at least 2 paragraphs)
Lizzy is five foot four with long red hair that she most often wears back in a ponytail under her favourite green visor with a white band. With a pale complexion, green eyes and a smattering of freckles she could easily be considered attractive or "cute". Her hair has a natural curl to it and is very thick, becoming bushy and unmanageable in strong heat or humidity. With her fair skin she also burns very easily in harsh sunlight.

Lizzy generally prefers to dress in loose and comfortable dresses that compliment her colouring and help her stay cool. For her possible journey however she has elected to dress in more sensible attire. Solid brown hiking boots, blue trousers with zips three quarters of the way up each leg allowing for the trousers to be converted to shorts. A solid black belt is adorned with a stylized pair of silver wings on the buckle(http://www.anaspides.net/images/anas...wing_front.jpg).

A collection of t-shirts and vests, primarily green or white in colouring, are worn under a sleeveless white hoodie that usually has the hood kept down since it catches on her visor. Around her left wrist is a charm bracelet that is made up of coloured threads, beads, playing card symbols and, disturbingly, what seems to be very small bones, sewn together.

Personality: (I require at least 2 paragraphs)

Lizzy has had to develop a strong personality. Her mother has passed away and father is an unsuccessful gambler who spends nights in the local gambling halls and his days sleeping, meaning that Lizzy has had to primarily take care of herself. She has a sensible demeanour and can often be accussed of being excessively serious. She has no true friends and can often be distant around those her own age, unsure how to act around them. She is much more comfortable around adults but is ultimately lonely.

Lizzy holds no strong opinions regarding pokemon, finding them primarily to be a distraction that the world is unnecessarily obsessed with. She views those who venture into the world at such a young age to pursue a dream filled with danger as irresponsible youths that society irresponsibly indulges. Pokemon break families apart through distance.
  • History: (I require at least 2 paragraphs)
Lizzy's mother was an aspiring pilot in the Kanto region, working to establish economic trade air-channels between the Kanto and the Unova region. When Lizzy was four years old, her mothers aircraft was attacked in the air by pokemon and unfortunately, Lizzy's mother did not survive. Afterwards her father entered something of a downward spiral, turning to alcohol and gambling. In no way abusive towards Lizzy, whom he still loves dearly, he has just never recovered enough to be able to care for both of them properly.

As Lizzy grew older she took over the household duties, the cleaning, cooking and other assorted chores. She began taking on part time work around the city to help support her and her father, but with his gambling even this was only a minor help. Although Lizzy has never blamed pokemon for her mothers death, it has tainted her view of them to be somewhat negative.

Recently, Lizzy received a mysterious letter suggesting that she embark on a pokemon journey of her own. Initially resentful of the idea, she has slowly come around to the possibility when she began to think of the possible money involved. The cash that can change hands as a result of pokemon battles could often be staggering, especially as one became succesful. Gym battles and even the championships were well known for having substantial cash prizes, along with the (so far as Lizzy is concerned) irrelevant badges and accolades. Finally making the decision to at least see what was involved, she set off, turning one of her mothers pilots badges into a decorative belt buckle in the hope that she could carry her mothers adventerous spirit with her.

  • Extra Information: I've always found it interesting that the games never reference just how much CASH pokemon trainers seem to make. Once you get past the first few routes, you can be earning hundreds or even thousands of 'pokedollars' per battle. The idea of someone going on a pokemon journey purely for fiscal reasons is one that appealed to me, so that's why Lizzy's story is focused around money.
  • Due to the nature of Lizzy's backstory, I would ideally like her starter pokemon to be a flying type (or a pokemon that involves into a flying type), but it's just a preference and entirely up to the GM.

>> Where to Find Your Envelope

Please visit the OOC Thread to Sign-Up and wait for approval. You must first read and understand the rules before sending in your SU. You will be replied to as soon as possible. When, or if, you are accepted you are free to;
  • Post a limit of 1 post(s), role-playing before, during, or/and after receiving the envelope.
  • Wait for all other Trainers to post.
  • Read and follow further instructions posted by AceOfChance.

Sir Bastian

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Aaron Phoenix
Lavender Town

Aaron was on the first floor of the burial tower of Lavender Town, sweeping the floors with his broom to ensure everything was sparkly clean and people would be able to put their loved ones to rest without getting filth all over their shoes. Not the most fulfilling thing in the world, as Aaron thought, but every little bit counted, he thought.

He smiled to himself as he swept the floor, until the sun was beginning to set over the mountains to the east. He gave a quick look around, making sure he had gotten everything cleaned up and nodded firmly to himself, resting the broom against his shoulder as he went downstairs to place the broom back in the closet. As he had done so, he was going to be heading home, but he was stopped by Gerard, the caretaker and manager of the burial tower.

“Oh, before you go… a man stopped by with this, a moment ago.” He held out a mint-green envelope to Aaron, who raised his brows. “Said it was for you. By the way, thanks for coming in today. You’ve been a great help, as always.” He gave Aaron’s back a pat and a smile before moving back to the desk he usually sat at while welcoming people to the tower.

Aaron peered down at the envelope. There was no address, sender or receiver. Only his name on the front of it. He shrugged and headed out in the proceedingly cool night air of Lavender Town, pulling open the envelope and reading through the letter.

As he progressed through it, his eyes kept widening, his mouth opening ever so slightly in shock at what he was reading, until he had finally read it all. He took a moment to stare down at the letter, quickly reading through it again, before breaking out in a large, brilliant smile, folding up the letter and running off towards his home in the other end of town, the sun setting behind him. “Yes! I’m finally going to be a Pokémon trainer! Hahah, mom and dad are going to be so proud!”

However, things didn’t go as expected. Long story and a –very- long argument short, his father and mother told him not to go there. This letter was too shady, and it seemed like he was going to get in a lot of trouble if he did. They wished all the best for him, but in the end, this was not a good choice.
Aaron was furious as he went to bed that night. He finally had a chance to go out into the world and make a difference. Make friends, find his path in life… and his parents had denied him that, just because it ‘seemed unsafe’. Therefore, he eventually decided on doing something he had never thought he would; Run away from home.

Early the next morning, before his mother got up, and after his father had left to go fishing, Aaron snuck downstairs in a pair of jeans, his sneakers, a white tank top under an opened, blue and black jacket, his hair sat up in it’s usual ponytail. He quickly pilfered some food from the fridge and brought all of the money he had made by helping out people around the town here and there.

He went out into the faint morning light, glancing back up at his house. It would be the last time in a long, long while he would see this, and… quite frankly, somewhere inside of him, he was a little happy to be free. Not of his parents’ grasp, but more of this little town, where he couldn’t do anything but what everyone else could. He wanted to go out there and make a difference… and now he could.

“… I’ll miss you both. Take care of each other.” He muttered, smiling a little up at the house before tugging the backpack further up, taking a deep breath before turning, heading off. He glanced back at the house a couple of times as he walked towards Craig Henderson’s house, living a few houses away. He knew that he went to Celadon every day in his truck, and all he had to do was make up an excuse like having to go pick up a parcel for his parents to get a ride.

After what felt like a long day of trekking through the contry, sometimes having to pay for a ride and sometimes having to do a faint bit of work first (Usually involving some lifting or the like), he had finally made it to Viridian. It wasn’t long now, and it was still fairly early in the day. He smiled brightly and began his trek down the road towards Pallet. After about an hour’s time of uneventful walking, he could finally see the quaint little town of Pallet. Not quite satisfied with sitting in the middle of the road, he kept going until he reached a rather large rock sitting at the side of the road, a couple hundred meters away from the nearest house, Aaron moved over to sit himself down on top of the rock after a short climb, dangling his legs off of it and then waited, anxiously, for his destiny to arrive. Or, so he hoped.
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Leon Spaulding
Pewter City

"Are you so sure about this" one boy asked nervously.

"....yea-h" another one said just as nervous as the first. The four boys were still hurdled down hiding behind the bushes. The boys seemed nervous, all but one at least, Leon stood up and took the box from one of the boys and as he opened it he stared at the eggs inside for a second, why was he doing this again? going through all this trouble for what? Constant questions kept rolling through Leon's head most days.

He took up an egg and threw it at the house, the others boys looked at him and began as well, starting throwing eggs, smiling and laughing. Seeing Leon throw the first egg gave them all a little more confidence to do it as well and they were enjoying themselves. Leon's face stayed generally the same he wasn't happy, he wasn't sad just call it indifference. The door began to open slowly all of them stopped, fear had stricken them, at this point now all of them may have been wandering why the mayors house of all the houses in Pewter.

"You kids have done it now!!!" someone shouted angrily. This voice wasn't the mayors though they have all been shouted at by him enough to know his voice, this voice was female and very upset. A figure started to emerge from the door Officer Jenny and three growlithes all looking ready to strike. The boys were glued to the ground in fear, even Leon was scared a bit but wouldn't show it, they would be in a heap of trouble if caught this time. "Best thing you can do is put down the eggs and come over here" she said confidently knowing she had the boys caught this time around.

Leon wasn't gonna get in trouble and he wasn't going to let anything happen to his friends either. Leon took up one more egg and threw it right in the officer's face "Run!" Leon shouted as every boy took off in a different direction. Officer Jenny took a couple moments to wipe off her face before sending out the growlithes to follow. Leon took off as fast as he could running and running and running as the barks from the pokemon kept chasing and seemingly getting closer. Stupid stupid stupid Leon saw his house in the distance another stupid decision having have to run home again. Ok just gotta time this perfectly No time for him to open the gate as was literally a steps away from being safe Leon leaped over the gate and hid behind the wall panting almost endlessly but relieve began to come to his face as the barks faded away gradually.

Leon walked into his house without a word to his mother acting as if nothing happened, she stared at him though she knew that wasn't the case "What this time" she mumbled silently as he walked up the stairs to his room. Slamming the door behind him Leon jumped into bed kicking off his shoes and flinging off his hoodie. Something was off though he scanned his room quickly and noticed something that shouldn't have been there. A letter, who had time to write a letter in this day and age and who had time to read one. Leon put it back on the table and went to close his eyes again going to sleep.

Dreaming the same old dreams, everyday it was the same, Leon ordering around a pokemon in some big tournament this time it was Leon and a Typhlosion against a mysterious figure and a Dragonite sad part was Leon always woke up right before finding out who had won the fight. Leon was still tired but sat up in bed staring through the window into the sunlight of the new day, glancing that letter every couple of seconds. How did it get here? Who sent it? Why? Leon took up the letter frantically and read through it quickly with every word Leon started to have a smile on his face. Was this real? Without hesitation Leon started packing a bag, without a second off thought.

Leon wrote his own letter three words written "I Love You" addressed to his mother. He sneaked out the window he just could't bother to face her now, Leon met up with his friends telling them the news and without even looking at the letter he could recite every word of it. They were all very skeptic but happy for him if it meant he could fulfill his dreams, he knew it was gonna be a long journey for a kid with no money but decided to make the trip anyways.

"If your really gonna do it we wanna help" one of the boys happily said as he ran into to his house returning not empty handed but with a bicycle "Not world class but it will get you there" Leon smiled honestly he couldn't believe his friends were this supportive. Leon took off with smiles and waves from his friends, by walking it would be a couple days journey but by bike it would cut down that time considerably.

Through Viridian Forrest and unto Viridian closer and closer by the second happier and happier by the moment it was now just the long stretch of road straight to Pallet Town aka Destiny. If this was all Leon hoped for the it would be near impossible to take the smile off his face, but if it was some sort of cruel joke he wasn't afraid to get violent with the joker who planned it all.

"There it is" Pallet Town over the horizon, Leon was almost there wandering what was awaiting him.


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Xander Knight
- Kanto Sky and Route 1 -

It was the break of dawn and everything was peaceful over the Kanto region. The only thing that was moving at this hour were some buzzing Beedrill that couldn’t sit still in their hive and made their way outside in search of flowers. Well them and another flying beast that was soaring the sky through the clouds at a high speed. The creature was a Dragonite that endured the darkness of the night and flew non-stop with a clear destination in mind. But at least it wasn’t alone as on its back it had a travel partner…a young teenager named Xander, with dark blue hair that was sitting quietly on the back of the dragon and had just recently woken up from his slumber. He stretched his arms and patted the large dragon on the head. “ Morning big guy! ” he said with a smile. The dragon roared back. “ If you want you can rest a bit before we get there. There’s still about……. ” Then he looked in the distance “ …..about one or two hours until we get there. ” He said knowing that the dragon had been flying since they left, but despite his concern Dragonite roared again refusing his proposal then made a loop-the-loop before continuing his flight. “ Ok ok I get it, you’re tough enough to go on. ” He said smiling. “ I hope I’ll raise strong pokemon like you. ” He said getting a mint-green letter from his pocket. “ And it wouldn’t have been possible without this. ” Looking at the letter and remembering the content of the letter.

It all started a few days ago, two to be more exact , when Xander had just finished watching his mother defeat yet another challenger. It had been a close call but a well timed Dragon Breath had won Clair and her Dragonair the battle. After shaking hands with the challenger Clair made her way to Xander who was waiting for her. “ Enjoyed the match? ” she asked her son.

“ It was descent. But you could see from the moment he entered that he wasn’t neither prepared or confident. ” Said Xander with a smug look on his face.

“ Says the boy who doesn’t even have a pokemon. ” His mother teased him, as she usually does. “ Let’s go in the dragon den so the pokemon can relax a bit after the fight. ” She continued opening the door to the back of the gym.

“ Well if you would give me one then we’d solve the problem now wouldn’t we?! ”
Xander said exiting the gym.

“ You know that.. ” his mother started but was immediately cut off.

“ I know i know....the laws haven’t been cleared out yet so I can’t grant you your wish yet. ” He said trying to mimic his mother’s way of saying it every time she told his this phrase.

“ You learn fast. ” She teased him again smiling the put her hand on his shoulder. “ You know I would if I could. You remind me of myself every passing day. You have my determination and caring for pokemon and we both learned the joys and desire to win from your father. You’ll make a wonderful trainer one day I’m sure of it. ” She said as they reached the entrance to the Den. As they made their way into the cave Xander remained quiet as he had been touched by his mother’s words and was a bit sad that his days as a trainer were still just a dream for now.

Clair released all six pokemon that participated in the battle today which where a Dragonite, two Dragonairs, a Gyarados, a Kingdra and last but not least a Gible that she just received from a friend in Sinnoh. The shrine in the middle of the lake was the usual hangout place for Xander and the resting place for Clair and her pokemon. Xander sat down on the edge of the lake and was looking at his reflection while Gible was making his way into his lap. “ You bored too buddy? ” Xander said to the Gible that was sitting now in his lap and was staring at the lake. Xander waited for a reply but Gible was motionless and continued to stare at the lake. “ What are you looking at? ” Xander said raising his head and trying to spot something in the direction the pokemon was looking. After a few seconds he saw something that was drifting in the wind, slowly making its way towards the surface of the lake. “ Is that an envelope?! ” he said trying to distinguish the object. “ Yes, Yes it is. Dragonair quick!!! Grab the envelope before it gets soaked!!! ” he said toward the pokemon that was swimming near them. When the pokemon heard Xander’s request it quickly swam under the water and made its way towards the enevelop. It jumped out and launched a powerful Twister that sent the envelope straight into Xander’s hands. “ Thanks!!! ” he yelled as the pokemon submerged underwater wagging its tail at the praise. Xander examined the envelope closely and saw that it was addressed to him. He looked into the distance and didn’t see anybody. “ The only way it could get here was through the opening in the ceiling, maybe a carrier Pidgey delivered it. ” He said after some thinking. As he opened the envelope both Gible and the Dragonair from before, which now came closer to them, were watching Xander carefully. He started reading the letter that was in the envelope and was trying to comprehend the information he was given. After he was finished with it he had a smirk on his face that told that something big was going to happen. He got up and went inside and gave the letter to his mom. “ Guess I finally have a chance of becoming a trainer. However I know that the offer is a bit too good to be true and seems fishy and you won’t allow it. ”

His mother read the letter carefully then looked at the boy. “ That would be the case if we were talking about any other child, but if it’s you than the better motive to go. Yes it does sound strange but knowing you and you grudge for justice you’ll make them pay if something goes wrong. ”

“ Then that means... ” with a beaming face.

“ Yes you can go. But on two conditions. One promise me you’ll be careful out there and watch yourself as it may be dangerous. And two follow your own path and don’t stop believing in you. ” She said hugging him. So after a day and a new bag that he got from his mother as a parting gift he said farewell to his mother and hoped on her Dragonite that would take him to Route 1 in the Kanto region.

So here we are with Xander flying across the Kanto region just minutes away from Pallet Town. He could see the town from there and looked very different from Blackthorn City. His hometown was more rustic while this one was more modern but looked peaceful just like his own. Dragonite started to descend as they were now just about Pallet town. “ Land us at the outskirts of the town. We don't want people to be staring. ” And Xander was right as some people had already started to form a crowd in the city as they spotted the orange dragon. Xander and Dragonite slowly landed on the ground and the outskirts of the town. He jumped off and straighten his clothes and took his bag around his shoulder, then he patted Dragonite on the head and thanked him for his help to get him here. He got out a bottle of water which he gave to Dragonair. “ Don’t forget to remember to rest on your way back. I know that you can fly five days straight but do it for me. ” He said patting the pokemon’s chin. After that they said their goodbyes and with a flap of its wings Dragonite was soaring the sky again, making his way back to Johto. “ TAKE CAREEE!!!! ” he yelled waving at the pokemon. “ Guess this is it! ” He said starting to walk towards Route 1.

After a few minutes of walking he had reached the designated location and to his surprise saw that some other teenagers were waiting at the designated spot. Xander didn’t really think that others would be summoned just like him but nonetheless as soon as they start their journey, that is if the others are there for the same reason. He won’t see them very often. He could see a dark haired boy sitting on top of a rock, but what draw his attention more was a pink haired girl that was dressed in a very unusual blue attire. Xander decided to not make any useless contact so he went by them and leaned on the tree that was a few feet backwards from the rock. He decided to wait there under the shade of the tree until this so called Bastion would show up.

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.Riku Kimura|Viridian City
Episode Zero: The Road to Victory, Begins

”Momma? Momma?”

“She can’t hear you anymore, son.”

”Then unplug her ears! MAKE her hear me!”

”The only thing that’s plugging her ears is death, boy. Ain’t no way you can unplug that.”

“NO!! SHE’S NOT DEAD!!!” The boy threw himself on the ambulance, over the body of his mother.

The warmth she had provided for him was gone. The soft touch of her hand running through his hair had vanished. All that was left was a pale body with empty eyes that stared out at nothing and everything at the same time. Including their former son.

“She’s….somewhere else now, kid. I’m sorry, we did everything we could.” The man dressed in the blood stained pale green surgeon's scrubs stood behind him, sixteen hours of surgery weariness etched on his face.

The young six year old sobbed his little golden eyes out, his chest heaving. The doctor proceeded to walk over to where another man stood, clean lab coat and glasses covering the puffy eyes that just finished sobbing.

“The piece of metal from the car punctured and inflicted a major wound to her heart. She passed out because of blood loss, and she was still blacked out when she died. She went peacefully.” The doctor continued. The boy could hear what the doctor was telling him father, it didn't make a difference. She was still dead. He walked over to his father and listened to what the doctor had to say.

“The authorities are trying to find the car that hit her, but they haven’t identified them yet. Don’t worry, justice will be served.”

The boy looked up at the doctor, face smeared and blurred with tears as he motioned toward the deceased woman. His deceased mother.

“Justice is a lie.”

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

"GOOOoooOOOOd morning, Viridian County! It's currently eight a.m. and the sun looks beautiful today folks! Looks like today's gonna be-"

The snooze button was mashed with vigorous, angry force channelled through a sleepy palm that was retracted back under the covers, cutting off the radio announcer’s annoyingly chipper voice. Shifting and groaning noises came from the bed, until red sheets were thrown off and the figure previously sleeping hauled itself out, one foot at a time, and one centimetre of distance a second until they found themselves in front of the bathroom mirror. The gaping cabinet mirror revealed a stately row of orange pill containers, cologne bottles and tooth paste. The same hand that killed the announcer’s voice reached out for the half-full tube of tooth paste and carefully spread it across their toothbrush, brushing and then cupping water from the sink to wash the toothpaste out.

The open mirror was closed with a bang, and reflecting glass showed the fifteen-year old face of Riku Kimura. Pale caramel dusty hair, jagged at end to create his fo-hawk. Golden amber eyes, eyes that were just waking up, still. A placid, peachy-toned face that wasn’t fully conscious, body wearing a white, sleeveless shirt that read; VIRIDIANBASKETBALL. His room was air conditioned, but Riku couldn’t’t feel the coolness until he exited the shower twenty minutes later, hair soaking and scalp freezing. He had no time to adjust his hair, not today. Today was a big day, and no matter how much vanity his hair demanding of him, he would not let the dead protein atop his head make him late. Today was a very important day.

So he put on the official Pokemon League snapback cap he just got in the mail, to avoid the time consuming duties that involved combing his hair back up to a faux-hawk. He had on his signature denim vest and pokeball chain along with some black jeans and a pair of jordan sneakers to match his hat. He'd been preparing, since he got the letter just three days ago, for the travel ahead of him. He ranked second in his entire class back at the academy, only losing to that super quiet chinese girl that no one talked to, so he was confident to say the least. He had been getting exercise and figuring out how to pack his bag properly. He found the optimum way to get as much as possible into his outdoor backpack... and then he tried to put it on last night to discover it was well past his weight limit. Oops. His grandfather passed by when the bag dragged the boy down to the floor and kindly reminded him he only needed supplies to reach the next town, not to get all the way around the region. He'd spent a few hours redoing it once, and twice, and the third time he'd decided it was the best fit for the stuff he'd chosen to bring.

He hefted the bag up, it was a good comfortable, black bag. He grabbed his music player and sat down on his computer desk. He glanced at the calendar for the umpteenth time that morning, attempting to trick himself out of knowing today was the day. Amber eyes stared at the boxed number barely visible in the dim lighting until the sunlight kindly beamed into his room. Feeling his stomach involuntarily knot with anxiety, he dropped his gaze with a sigh and placed his cheek in her propped hand. Today is the day. Today is the day. Today is the day. Today is the day. He had no idea why his mind kept repeating it, perhaps inwardly hoping to fall into some sort of Zen. It did not change in volume, just a monotonous skipping record bordering singsong. Was there something he was missing? At the moment he didn’t believe so. Everything was done. No tests, homework, or projects to do. Basketball practice was over—for him anyway. No clubs to attend—not that he was a part of any. Classes were done for a few months in the form of vacation. So why was he so antsy? The type of antsy one gets when an assignment is due the next day and one didn’t realize it until that very morning, having forgotten about it in the midst of other work. Was he not ready for this? He had been rejected by the professor before, maybe he saw something Riku didn't?

To distract himself, Riku looked through the un-draped window to the barely lightened sky, the sun's first rays lingering behind the rolling hills of Viridian. The streets were already bustling of course, people frantically trying to get to work on time. Everything was shrouded in a faint mist, giving the place an ethereal feel. Inhaling deeply, he returned to the crisp sheet of paper lying innocently askew on the desk. It was a letter, an opened mint green envelope beside it. Giving the letter a once over, he sighed and sealed it. He put it in his bag and closed the door, saying goodbye to his grandfather. Outside was cool and damp, the droplets of the mist wetting his bare skin. Riku have a small shiver from the temperature difference, but that was all. If there was one thing Riku loved most about his headphones, it was the fact that they could muffle pretty much any and all outside noises-that included the annoying honking of cras in the streets of Viridian.

He did manage to spot a helpful thing among these annoyances: a small green pickup truck with planks of wood surrounding the bed in order for the produce to be safely transported, tye sticker on the side of the truck caught Riku's attention "PALLET MARKET". He smirked and managed to jump into the bed of the truck next to all the vegetables. He figured the truck would pass through Route One in a matter of minutes, so he would hop out when he reached his destination. Until then, he played his music and decided to take some pictures along the way.


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>> Chapter One; Part 1
"The start of . . . something?"

When you reach your destination, just at the start of Route 1, you start to notice something you didn't see before. Where normally young children and blossoming Trainers once roamed . . . an eerie absence has taken their place. No one and nothing can be seen or heard. The worn dirt roads are now covered with a strange white dust - not a footprint to be seen but your own.

Wait! There is something. A lone figure stands off to the side. The black coat they are wearing hides any of their distinct features. Their face is hidden beneath a dark hood. You start to feel a strange sort of vibe from this person.

Even more so as they slowly approach you, beckoning each kid to come near.

"Looks like you are all here."

The voice is distinctly female, and her tone is almost impatient. A pale hand slowly reached out from under the coat, palm open, as if wanting something.

She gave off a huff of annoyance at your confusion.

"The Envelope please," the woman growled.

Oh. You quickly dig into your pocket and hand her the mint green letter. She does a short check over it and huffed again - this time with displeasure.

Suddenly she pulls of her hood, revealing her identity.

She isn't quite who you expected. Short, brown hair and hazel eyes look at you from a baby doll face. You notice now how short she is, and her petite body hides beneath the large cloak. Everything about her screams innocent and kind . . . except her glaring gaze and prune expression.

There is also something you didn't spot before - a large briefcase? Oh, this must hold the stuff that Bastion fellow was talking about. You stand there timidly as the woman scrutinizes you all. Finally, she speaks.

"Listen, I have no idea what He was thinking. If it was up to me I would have never chose you lot. Who needs a bunch of foolish kids getting in our way? Whatever. He's the boss so I guess I am stuck with you."

Her disapproval couldn't get any more obvious. She sighed to herself and dropped the brown case unceremoniously to the floor, and with a click it popped open.

Inside there were six PokéBalls in a row. Below them was another Envelope for everyone, atop small black packs of supplies.

"Now pay attention," she snapped. "My name is Seven. That's a code name - no questions, you will receive no answers. You will always address me as such. I will be the one who will watch over you on your journey. You will never see me. You will soon doubt that I am even there. My mission is simple: protect you and help you on your journey. You may think this is some fun trip to candyland and you can just take it easy and quit if it gets too hard. You're wrong."

Her eyes narrowed. Demeaning slits dared anyone to object.

"The moment you got here your whole life changed. No more carefree teenage days, you hear me? This is serious. The future of the Balance depends on your success. If you move on from here there is no turning back. You cannot quit. You cannot go home. Never forget that, or you will face the consequences. I am sure He explained that in the letter."

Seven bent down and grabbed a PokéBall from the case. She handed it to the person closest, Xander Knight, and stood back.

"This is the most valuable thing in your life starting now. Never lose, forget, or mistreat your Pokémon."

She smiled (or rather, her lips twitched slightly) and shook her head. "I don't except much from any of you. You could never understand."

Seven allowed Xander to come forward with a slight hand gesture. She then - reluctantly - gave each other Trainer their own PokéBall. She beckoned for them to a few patches of Tall Grass.

"Get to know your partner. Battle a simple Wild Pokémon. If you lose badly, this is where your Journey ends. If you somehow manage to win or at least do well enough I will give you too-curious-for-your-own-good children a few answers as to why you are here. Good Luck - you'll need it."

Listen Carefully, Trainers

Your instructions for Part 1 are simple. Read through the Content above with care. If you haven't done that yet do it now, then come back here.

I will be giving you your assigned Pokémon and what you need to do in this part of the post. Always refer to this part to look for directions, or if you forget something. This part will be in every post for your convenience.

Please read through everything below before you post.

{ Post Limits }
Min. 1 | Max. 3

Here is what you need to do in your post;
  • Play through the content of the Chapter found in the first spoiler tag through your character's perspective.
  • Accept the PokéBall from Seven.
  • Head into the Tall Grass and fight a Wild Pokémon.
Here is what you are allowed to do as well;
  • Team up with another Trainer and do a Double Battle in the Tall Grass.
  • Meet and converse with the other Trainers.
  • Get to know and (optional) name your Pokémon.
Here is what you are not allowed to do;
  • Talk to Seven. She's mean, who wants to talk to her anyway?
  • Grab anything from the Briefcase. That will come later.
  • Change/Add to Seven's words in your post.
  • Venture further than the Tall Grass. You're missing some equipment! Wait until later on when you're allowed to.
  • Leave. You traveled here for a reason, why go back? You are allowed to have moments of doubt and internal conflict! Don't confuse that with turning around and heading home. This is just the first part of the Journey. Besides, Seven will hunt you down. You don't want that.

Now to get on to your Assigned Pokémon and the Wild Pokémon you can encounter to fight!


To Leon Spaulding -

@ Lv. 5
(Female - Fire)

- Ember

- Tail Whip

{ This Pokémon is Shy. She isn't too trusting of anyone, but after gaining her trust she is the most loyal partner anyone could have. }

To ???????? -

@ Lv. 5
(Male - Water)
- Tackle
- Defense Curl
{ This Pokémon is very Social. He won't hesitate to go up to anyone . . . especially if they are afraid of him. If you allow it, he will become your lifetime friend. }

To Aaron Phoenix -

Cyndaquil @ Lv. 5
(Female - Fire)
- Takle
- Smokescreen

{ This Pokémon is extremely Brash. She will never run from a fight and, in fact, she goes looking for them. Her goal is always to win. However, she will always protect you even at the cost of her life. }

To Elizabeth Cooper -

Pidgey @ Lv. 5
(Male - Normal/Flying)
- Tackle
- Sand-Attack

{ This Pokémon is very Carefree. He doesn't take anything too seriously, and he likes to just have fun. He will though be the most enjoyable partner you could ever ask for. }

To Riku Kimura -

Pikachu @ Lv. 5
(Female - Electric)
- Thundershock
- Growl

{ This Pokémon is Mischievous. She just loves to cause trouble and play jokes on people. She will always be there though when you need someone to lean on. }

To Xander Knight -

Bulbasaur @ Lv. 5
(Male - Grass/Poison)
- Growl
- Tackle

{ The Pokémon loves Attention. If the spotlight isn't on him then it is on no one! He will stop at nothing to get your eyes to watch him. However, he is the most loveable guy you will find. }

Wild Pokémon;

Route 1 - Tall Grass

@ Lv. 5
(Very Common)

- Tackle
- Tail Whip
- Quick Attack

@ Lv. 6
(Somewhat Common)

- Scratch
- Foresight
- Defense Curl

@ Lv. 7

- Leer
- Poison Sting

Now . . . you are free to post! Have fun.

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Aaron Phoenix
Route 1

As the other kids started to move in closer and place themselves around the road, Aaron glanced around at them. Apparently he hadn’t been the only one contacted by this mysterious Bastion. This was also the moment he noticed, for the first time, the odd, white dust covering the road. His brows furrowed as he looked towards Pallet Town, which was eerily silent. Suddenly, the quaint little town seemed a lot more threatening and… dark, for some reason.

Focusing on the city, trying to think of what might be going on, he then spots a figure moving up closer to them. Squinting his eyes, he saw the figure was hooded, which didn’t invoke a whole lot of trust in him. However, he stayed quiet, sitting on top of his rock, until the person was closer to them. As the other kids moved close, Aaron slid down from the rock, folding his arms across his chest, watching the woman warily.

He lifted a brow a little as she reached out and stood, waiting for something. A moment later, she growled out for the envelope, and hearing her voice for the first time, made Aaron shift a little on the spot. However, he did as he was asked and fetched the envelope from his backpack, holding it out to the woman, glancing back at the rest of the arrivals.

“I wonder if they all have a story like mine… or if they’ve just been allowed by their parents to do this.” He thought, glancing between them before the woman called for attention again, speaking out. She sounded condescending and rather stuck-up, which made Aaron frown, his arms folded across his chest again. Several times while she spoke did he open his mouth to ask a question or interrupt, but stopped himself, simply letting out a little huff at the end. He hadn’t expected this to be a walk in the park. If he had, his parents would have just let him go.

In the end, they each had received their Pokéball, Aaron’s demeanor softening a little as he held what he had always wished for. A Pokémon. A partner. A friend. Too many times had he witnessed someone break down crying over losing their loved ones, but it was rare that he had seen someone even more devastated, by the loss of their Pokémon partner. Rare, but powerful. He wanted a relationship like that… and now he had the chance. A light smile tinged his lips, taking Seven’s words to heart. Never lose, forget, or mistreat your Pokémon.

"Get to know your partner. Battle a simple Wild Pokémon. If you lose badly, this is where your Journey ends. If you somehow manage to win or at least do well enough I will give you too-curious-for-your-own-good children a few answers as to why you are here. Good Luck - you'll need it."

He nodded faintly, giving the Pokéball a little squeeze, glancing back at the other trainers who were admiring their Pokéball as well. He smiled a little wider, seeing not just himself, but others, finally getting what they had been wanting for so long. He decided to introduce himself to his Pokémon first, and then to the other trainers.

He shrugged his backpack up further, clearing his throat quietly. “I’ll go over here, think it’s a good idea to get introduced to each other in peace.” He said, to no one in particular. Then he went a couple of meters away from the others, moving to the side of the road. His heart was thumping in his chest as he looked to the Pokéball, swallowing down a little. He didn’t get scared easily, but… this was pretty terrifying. What if the Pokémon didn’t like him? What if it wasn’t a Pokémon –he- liked? Well… only one way to find out.

Taking a very deep breath, he opened the Pokéball, letting it shoot the red beam onto the ground a little in front of him, in the grass. The red energy slowly took the form of a Cyndaquil, resting on it’s hind legs. It took a moment to shake its back, yawning out as if it had been sleeping for quite a while.
“Quiil? Cynn…”

“Uh… hey there. I’m… I’m Aaron. What’s your name…?” He had never seen a Cyndaquil before, but there was something about it’s rather calm appearance, that spoke deeply to Aaron, and he was having a hard time controlling his voice while talking to the Pokémon, a soft smile forming on his lips.

“Dynn..? Cynda. Cyndaquil!” The Pokémon exclaimed, straightening itself out while ‘looking’ up at him, though it was sort of hard to tell, considering its eyes were closed. It sounded rather cheerful, but also sort of determined. Aaron snickered softly and nodded his head.

“Cyndaquil? It’s nice to meet you. I guess you and I are going to be travelling and fighting together. But… you have to know, I’m not going to force you into situations you don’t want. So if you’d rather not follow me on my travels… I’ll find a way to release you, alright? What do you say? Will you come along with me?” He reached out with a hand, offering to scratch the Pokémon under its chin.

It took a moment for the Cyndaquil to look, slightly judgingly, up at Aaron before stepping closer, lowering its head into his hand. “Quil! Cynn!”
Aaron chuckled softly and began scratching the soft, short fur of the Cyndaquil, smiling brightly as he tilted his head to the side, watching the Pokémon quite enjoying being nuzzled like it was. He was unsure whether it was female or not… not that it mattered all that much now.

“Hmh… Cynn? That’s a pretty great name, actually! What do you say we call you Cynn from now on?”
“Quil!” It nodded energeticly, seemingly smiling up at him, stretching its tiny arms out to the sides after so long being held in the Pokéball.

“Alright, Cynn it is! Heh… I can tell, this is going to be amazing. I… really can’t believe this. I’ve got my very own Pokémon. We’re going to be a great team!” He was grinning broadly now, overjoyed with what the future had in store for him. He had a Pokémon that liked him, and a journey to go out on. His life had been slowly grinding to a halt, but now, it was as if he was shot out of a rocket, and flying through the air. He actually let out a laugh as he stood up again, nodding firmly, with a bright smile, looking over at the other new-born trainers.

“I wonder how the others are doing. Maybe we should introduce ourselves. It might be easier to fight wild Pokémon if we’re more than just the two of us. What do you think, Cynn?”

The Cynaquil turned its head, crabbing on all four over next to Aaron, peering at the other Trainers and the Pokémon that had been released. At the sound of battle however, it nodded its head quickly. “Cynquil!” It seemed raring to go and ready to fight whatever came in their way.


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Xander Knight
Chapter 1 - Part I
- Route 1 -

" The dice have been cast! "

The shade of the tree was the best spot for Xander to be at that moment, as the day was as sunny as ever. A nice day to start a pokemon journey….or something that would resemble it, as the letter wasn’t really too informative to know what he and the rest were going to be put through. Nonetheless as long as he was going to get a pokemon, one he longed for since he was little, he would find a way to overcome everything… at least that was what he, or his pride, was thinking. As he finished checking his bag to see if everything was there his eyes started to wander onto the open scenery of the route. Strangely it was very different from what Xander had heard about. Knowing that this was the starting point of his journey, he asked his mother for some info on the place as she had been to Kanto many times on her training journeys. But the place was very different from the details his mother gave him. His mother said that this was a very active place, where starting trainers begin training with their pokemon, however the place was as quiet as a grave. The main road was untouched and looked like it was deserted…..add a few taverns, some tumbleweed and a common villain and it would be the perfect set for a western film. Xander was a bit suspicious ….the place was quiet…too quiet for such a known place.

He decided to put that idea off while they were waiting, maybe Bastion willknow something about this. Xander turned his head towards the bunch of people that had gathered there. Another pair of teenagers got there: a boy and a girl; that were waiting quietly as the rest of them. “ Hmm so far that makes six of us….something must be up if there are so many people here. ” He thought putting his hand at his chin, but just as he finished his thought he spotted a shady figure in the distance that was getting closer and closer. As the distance between them was narrowing down, they could distinguish a hooded character that wore a large black coat. Xander got up and went down to the other to get a better look. Could this be him? ” was the question that went through his mind. “ Not very trustful at first glance. ” He made a remark, not addressing to anyone specifically, as he just got near the others.

As the hooded figure finally got to them, it spread a bad vibe of mystery and impatience. The hooded figure looked around at all that had gathered and after inspecting them properly finally let out some words. “ Looks like you are all here. ” it said then lifted its arm and a pale hand came out of the coat and was beckoning for something. Xander distinguished the tone of a woman. Now he was wandering if this was the person they were waiting for, as Bastion was more of a man name the last time he checked. The hooded figure became annoyed as no one was moving an inch. “ The Envelope please. ” It said with an irritated tone…..

“ If she knows about the envelope then she must have been sent here by him. “ he thought making reference to Bastion. Seeing as no one was very daring to do something he searched for the letter in his bag and handed it to the mysterious traveller. After that the rest followed Xander and handed their envelopes after some searching in their pocket or bags. Then the hooded figure read one of the letters and as soon as she was done, it lifted its hood. Xander was correct…. the face behind the hood was a she. He was a bit surprised to see her appearance. The whole hooded figure act didn’t really suit the innocent and kind baby doll face that the woman possessed. On top of that she wasn’t very tall…..but one thing was for sure, you still couldn’t fully trust her glaring gaze which was hiding in her hazel eyes that matched her prune expression. As Xander averted his eyes from her face, he noticed the large briefcase that she was holding in one of her hands.

“ That must be our things. ” He thought. However he didn’t say a word as the woman didn’t look very sociable to say the least. She was thoroughly examining all of them and making strange faces at each and every one of them like she wanted to criticize the teenagers. “ Ok this is getting a tad bit weird…. ” Were his thoughts as the woman was now looking at him. But before Xander could say anything the woman started speaking again. As Xander had expected her words were as cunning and kind as acid. " Listen, I have no idea what He was thinking. If it was up to me I would have never chose you lot. Who needs a bunch of foolish kids getting in our way? Whatever. He's the boss so I guess I am stuck with you. " Then sighed and let the briefcase drop on the ground before them, the lock snapping, leaving the briefcase open.

“ Ok. If I wanted to listen to rambling, I would have stayed in my hometown and have taken a walk. We were asked to come here by your BOSS. ” Xander finally burst. “ So could you kindly get down to business and give use some useful information?! ” He ended crossing his arms.

" Now pay attention, " she snapped. " My name is Seven. That's a code name - no questions, you will receive no answers. You will always address me as such. I will be the one who will watch over you on your journey. You will never see me. You will soon doubt that I am even there. My mission is simple: protect you and help you on your journey. You may think this is some fun trip to candy land and you can just take it easy and quit if it gets too hard. You're wrong. " Now Xander wasn’t sure if he had done good or bad. The woman did start telling them useful info, but seemed like she was getting more and more angry with every word. Nobody dared to interrupt now as her tone was as sharp as a blade. " The moment you got here your whole life changed. No more carefree teenage days, you hear me? This is serious. The future of the Balance depends on your success. If you move on from here there is no turning back. You cannot quit. You cannot go home. Never forget that, or you will face the consequences. I am sure He explained that in the letter. "

Xander thought carefully, measuring every word the lady had said. It was a bit of pressure on them, but that isn’t really that much different from a trainer’s journey. Xander’s face was embraced by a smirk. “ No way I’m backing out now. ” He said straight forward to the woman. She then went for the briefcase and picked a pokeball then got up and handed it to Xander. He reached for the ball and got it, keeping a tight grip on it as he examined the ball closely. Then she took a step back and then spoke again.

" This is the most valuable thing in your life starting now. Never lose, forget, or mistreat your Pokémon. " Were her words and Xander couldn’t agree more. Hearing those words somehow made Xander respect the woman a bit more…any person that treats pokemon that way, regardless of personality, is a worthy person. The woman then somehow gave a tiny smile, but Xander didn’t really see it clearly so he thought it was just his imagination. Next, with a hand gesture, Seven beckoned Xander to come forward, then she gave the rest their own pokeball, a bit reluctant, but no one really cared. " Get to know your partner. Battle a simple Wild Pokémon. If you lose badly, this is where your Journey ends. If you somehow manage to win or at least do well enough I will give you too-curious-for-your-own-good children a few answers as to why you are here. Good Luck - you'll need it. " Were her last words before inviting all of them to see what pokemon was resting in their pokeball and see what was hiding in the tall grass.

Finally somebody besides Xander spoke. It was the ponytailed boy who decided to go a few feet away from them to meet his pokemon in peace. Xander was going to do the same....this moment was one that he had hoped for a long time, so he wanted just him to be part of it. He took a few steps backwards and went back to the tree he had rested to a while ago. He wasn’t far from the others, he could still hear mumbling but at least they wouldn’t hear him clearly. Xander then looked at the pokeball and pushed the button on it. “ Guess this is it!!!” he said, his voice being filled with joy, which was rare for Xander. Suddenly, before his eyes appeared a strange looking plant like reptile. It was a reptilian creature that resembled a toad or a young tiny dinosaur with a spotted blue-green hide and bright red eyes. However the most notable feature was his seed bulb that was on his back. Xander kneeled to the ground as the pokemon shake its confusion off. “ Hi there.....Bulbasaur... if i remember correctly. ” Xander said remembering that this was one of the starters in Kanto. “ I’m Xander. Nice to meet you. ” Lifting one hand towards the pokemon.

The plant like pokemon fixed its attention on Xander and studied him carefully. “ Bulba? Bulba bulba saur..” ( Xander? So you’re my new trainer. Nice to meet you too. ) he replied with a childish smile on his face and brushed his cheek onto Xander’s hand.

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Leon Spaulding
Route 1
Chapter 1 Post 1
Enter Vulpix

Leon pulled up at a spot where he had seen other teenagers gathered, not together and not talking, but they all looked like they have been called together for the same reason Leon was. He followed suit, as he dismounted the bike leaning it against the nearest tree, Leon continued the silence not saying a word about the situation or the letter. The air became thick, or was it always this thick? An uncomfortable silence took over, different from that of the awkwardness of the children not talking or acknowledging the presence of the others. Could it be paranoia or was something really up, the stories that his father told him about Pallet Town and the famous route 1, the start of great adventures seemed to be just stories. Not one trainer in sight, not one sound from the trees or bushes just pure silence, even the road was different from the ones Leon travelled on from Pewter but why?

Leon's attention quickly shifted, the slightest movement in a place like this would ensure anyone was alert, he watched keenly as a figure appeared from out of nowhere standing in front of the children gesturing for them to come closer. With what the person was wearing Leon was prepared for the worst, a lunatic looking for laughs dressed in a clown suit anything was possible but the thrill, the rush and just the overall excitement of possibly getting the chance to have a pokemon that outweighed everything. Leon started to feel a strange sort of vibe coming from the person and it was only a matter of time until the person said there first words to the group "Looks like you are all here." So the other people here were also invited by this person things seemed to have been shaping up. The voice seemed as if it was coming from a woman and the tone she was using was almost impatient as if in the back of her mind she didn't want to be here or was it that she didn't want to be here with the likes of us. Suddenly a pale hand slowly started to reach out from under the persons coat, palm open, as if wanting something.

She gave off a huff of annoyance, Leon really had to wonder about this person now, she was the one to invite them here yet it seemed as if she didn't have the time in the world to spend on these kids. The attitude she was showing was not needed and it took everything for Leon to keep quiet before the woman spoke again. "The Envelope please," she growled. Leon rolled his eyes that was all she needed to say so he quickly digged into his pocket and handed her the mint green letter that he had received. She does a short check over it and huffed again - this time with displeasure, what now? Leon wondered as the situation turned again. The woman started to reveal herself by removing the hood that was previously covering her face. Huh Leon now had a confused look on his face, funny how emotions could change and turn by the actions of this one woman. She wasn't quite who he expected probably no one expected her to look the way she does.

She had a baby doll face and her hazel eyes staring at you almost like she was looking through your soul. Leon smirked after realising how small the woman was short and petite how could someone so innocent looking be so mean and cold? Even the briefcase she was carry probably weighed more than her and what was even in it before he could think any further she began to speak again. "Listen, I have no idea what He was thinking. If it was up to me I would have never chose you lot. Who needs a bunch of foolish kids getting in our way? Whatever. He's the boss so I guess I am stuck with you." What was this woman really talking about all Leon knew is he was disrespected and so were all the other children there, she continued again introducing herself. Seven? Code name? No questions? What am I signing up for here Leon's brain really started to rattle now and as she continued her speech it just caused more bewilderment.

Her speech continued and the moment Leon had waited for every second since he rode off from Pewter City as she opened the briefcase everything appeared to slow down, time almost seemed to stop when he saw the six pokeballs and his heart started racing knowing that one was for him. Leon saw as a boy was called over before him, that didn't even matter to him though once he got his own he would be happy. Everything she had said before was a memory he had absolutely no problem with Seven again she could be his best friend. "This is the most valuable thing in your life starting now. Never lose, forget, or mistreat your Pokémon." Seven's words burned themselves into Leon's mind he would never think about dong such a thing and actually holding that pokeball in his hand was like holding total happiness.

All the trainers had taken off in different directions to have some quality time with their pokemon, Leon was doing the same he walked over to where his bicycle was placed against the tree, he flung his pack against the bike and stared at the pokeball into his hand. Leon placed a blanket against the grass and and placed the pokeball in the centre. He's never been so delicate at anything before but he was making everything perfect before even thinking about clicking the button on the ball. He gulped took a deep breath and went for it clicking the button producing a big beam of red light and low and behold there she was a Vulpix.

The little red-brown fox yawned first, as if he was just waken up from a deep deep slumber and as she opened her eyes she and stared at Leon with a smile she greeted him with a simple and cute "Vul"(HI). Leon could do nothing but smile an uncontrollable smile that not even the worst news could remove from his face. Leon still sat there in astonishment without even saying a word even Vulpix was getting confused "Vulpix Vulpix Vul..."What's wrong? Leon's stares just wouldn't stop it just seemed like a miracle to be staring into her big brown eyes. "Wow Vulpix hi" Leon's first words and now the nervous looking vulpix perked up and began to rub against him. LEon was happy to see the pokemon warm up to him and began petting and rubbing her pelt which she responded with a satisfied moan.

"Do you mind if I call you Ruby" Leon asked, your first pokemon was special, extremely special and naming your pokemon was something that really made that pokemon your own. "Vulpix Vul!!"(That's a nice name) Leon was glad to see a positive response from Vulpix or should I say Ruby now. "I'm Leon and i'm your new partner" he said this with a smile and Ruby smiled in response "Vul Vulpix"(And I'm happy to see meet you) Leon looked around and saw what all the others were doing bonding and greeting their pokemon just like he was, but there was also something else Seven wanted them to do and that was battle a pokemon. Looking on his precious Ruby he couldn't think about sending her into battle but knew that it would have to happen sooner or later.

Leon continued rubbing Ruby's head "This is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship"
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Riku Kimura|Route One
Episode 1.1: The Start of...Something?

Morning had faded and the sun had burned away the last of the lingering mist. Riku had successfully jumped out of the moving vehicle, which wasn't hard given that it was moving at about five miles per hour. He had a general idea of the direction in which he was headed, having traveled through the place before, but that was two years ago. Things change, as evident by a field of corn in which he found himself a tad lost. The younger stalks poked at his legs and the taller ones that slipped from his hand whipped back at into place, striking random areas on his face in the process. His eye received a minor blow from time to time, making it sting and water, but no real damage was done. Carefully, he picked his way through, knowing the expansive field belonged to some one and did not want to trample any stalks to death. Then again, who would notice a few crushed stalks in the midst of hundreds or thousands? Could be just as well a wild Pokémon had gotten to it. However, he wasn’t going to press his luck. He trudged on. In spite of the uncomfortable prodding by the vegetation, the crops at least provided decent shade though the tightly knitted cluster did make him slightly claustrophobic.

'The same feeling you felt the night your mother died.'

Riku began staring absentmindedly at the soil beneath his feet. The voice in his head was right, it was the same overwhelming pressure on his chest. He had trouble breathing, his need for breathing room caused him to sprint in a random direction. It's not like he'd know the difference a midst all these corn stalks. He made it to the dirt road after jumping over a small wooden fence to keep wild pokemon from intruding into the farmer's fields. He shook his head at the nonsense, he shouldn't be feeling like this. He's grown, matured, these feelings were for children. He stopped and lifted his gaze; coming back to his senses, Riku grew slightly surprised at the sight before him. The skies were no longer the crystal blue he'd seen all the way here, but instead a slate gray. It seemed to cast an eerie blanket over the entire route, making every aspect of the area darker. He took a few steps and noticed the crunching sound from his feet walking over the grains of dirt had vanished. There was no sound at all, like he was walking on a cloud. He looked down and saw the dirt covered in patches of white dust, in fact it seemed to be falling from the sky. Like ash from a recently erupted volcano. It was like another world, separated, discarded, prematurely torn away…

Riku backed himself up to a tree, trying to survey the entire area. The once flourishing Route One had cleared out completely, save for a...Riku squinted. There was a single figure standing in the middle of the road, its concealed face turned toward him. He felt himself freeze, all the sounds and movements around him being pushed out of his mind one after another. It became eerily quiet, and he could have sworn even the swaying corn stalks halted for a moment. Its face was shrouded in the darkness of the hood it wore, but as it raised its gaze Riku was, for a fleeting moment, met with the most chilling hazel eyes he had ever seen. Riku blinked, going against his instinct and standing his ground. Just then, he noticed a couple more figures around him. But these figures were different, they were kids-around his age. The looks on their faces gave Riku the impression they were just as confused as he was. The figure proceeded to take a few steps towards the group of puzzled teenagers, Riku opted to stay right where he was and glare back at the figure. The figure came within speaking range, a few feet away from the group and surveyed them. Its head coming to a halt and Riku could manage to make out a kind of disappointing sight from the figure.

"Looks like you are all here." Riku raised an eyebrow, he could immediately tell it was a woman. But not like any woman he's ever heard; the voice was cold, demanding, and impatient. He kind of liked it. Her pale hand was raised before the group, palm upwards waiting for something. If she wanted the envelope, she surely wasn't getting it. Bastion is a man's name, and if she truly is this Bastion character he would need some proof. The figure shifted a bit and sighed, "The envelope please." It was that same cold, demanding feminine voice. Riku stood there, giving the same cold and demanding eyes she was giving them. It only took a few moments for the other to hand her the letters, so finally Riku dug in his pocket and slapped it onto her palm. His expression didn't change, neither did his stance-in fact he hardly moved at all. She ripped an envelope open and scanned it over, Riku noticing the large briefcase in her hand. Most likely the supplies she is to give them to start their journeys. The figure raised her free hand and lifted its hood, revealing the innocent face of a rather short woman. It didn't fool Riku, her eyes were still as cold as ever. Riku crossed his arms out of boredom as the woman gave the teenagers a thorough inspection.

"Listen, I have no idea what He was thinking. If it was up to me I would have never chosen you lot. Who needs a bunch of foolish kids getting in our way?" Riku leaned back onto the tree he was standing by and closed his eyes, his eyebrow twitched. 'foolish.kids?' He thought, who was she to talk down to him like that? "Whatever. He's the boss so I guess I am stuck with you." Riku couldn't help but chuckle just a bit, Bastion was this woman's boss. She was probably just some lowly grunt, and she think she could talk to him like that? She lifted her arm out, letting the case dangle from her fingers until she let it drop to the ground and pop open. The glimmering red and white capsules wobbled a bit from the impact, but didn't go rolling around everywhere. They were being held in place by the wax seals of the envelopes they laid on. Those were, pokeballs. He would soon have one, inside he could see the tiny creatures shifting. The semi-transparent red tops giving him the sight of their silhouettes. One of those would soon be his, and he would finally get his chance to make something out of himself. Make his city proud, like his sister. "Now pay attention," the woman said abruptly, causing some of the kids to snap their heads up in attention. Riku slowly moved his gaze over towards her, "My name is Seven. That's a code name - no questions, you will receive no answers. You will always address me as such. I will be the one who will watch over you on your journey. You will never see me. You will soon doubt that I am even there. My mission is simple: protect you and help you on your journey. You may think this is some fun trip to candyland and you can just take it easy and quit if it gets too hard. You're wrong."

Her cold hazel eyes narrowed as she looked over the expression of the teenagers. When her eyes met his, he scoffed. She ignored it, for the best, he wouldn't want big ol' mean Seven to get angry. 'After all, six must be afraid of seven for a reason right?' Oh, how Riku cracked himself up. "The moment you got here your whole life changed. No more carefree teenage days, you hear me? This is serious. The future of the Balance depends on your success. If you move on from here there is no turning back. You cannot quit. You cannot go home. Never forget that, or you will face the consequences. I am sure He explained that in the letter." Riku shifted a bit, he was actually interested in what this woman had to say. It sounded...interesting. She handed a pokeball to one of the other boys int he group and looked at the capsule as it lay there in the boy's palm. "This is the most valuable thing in your life starting now. Never lose, forget, or mistreat your Pokémon. I don't except much from any of you. You could never understand." After a few moments, Riku held the red and white sphere in his palm that he had been yearning for since he was younger.

"Get to know your partner. Battle a simple Wild Pokémon. If you lose badly, this is where your Journey ends. If you somehow manage to win or at least do well enough I will give you too-curious-for-your-own-good children a few answers as to why you are here. Good Luck - you'll need it." Riku tightened his grip on the pokeball and looked over the grass besides them. He smirked, he could do this. He looked down at the ball, past the semi-transparent red glass top there was a pokemon looking back at him. Yellow, red cheeks, long ears, lighting bolt tail. He nodded his head in approval, not a bad starting option. Pikachu, female, not too strong at this point, from the looks of her around level five. At this point, it most likely knows one damaging attack and one status attack. He looked down again, she was a mouse alright. Remembering the old Mickey and Minnie Mouse character he heard about. "Minney mouse, you will become the strongest and most reliable on my team. You and I will face this together, are you ready?" Riku didn't bother to wait fora response, his face was intense and concentrated now. He took a few steps towards the grass and looked into the depths of grass blades. His cold eyes looked down at Minney, she wasn't only a pokemon, she was the chance to make a name for himself, to make sure everyone in the land knew who he was. Maybe then...his father would return.


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Xander Knight
Chapter 1 - Part II
- Route 1 -

" Breaking the ice! "

As the pokemon walked forward towards him and greeted its trainer by brushing his cheek on his hand, Xander couldn’t feel any happier. It was true that he had been in the company of pokemon since the day he was born, but nothing could beat that feeling of knowing that the being before him was his pokemon, and moreover it looked like the grass pokemon was pleased with its trainer. This was the perfect scene for the start of something great…..well... almost perfect, if the place wouldn’t have be so deserted. Xander turned his head and saw the others how they were talking to their pokemon, each and every one being at some distance between the rest. Bulbasaur raised its head from Xander’s hand and saw that his trainer was looking at the other teenagers and their pokemon. He huffed and looked around his trainer. The grass pokemon spotted the bag that Xander was carrying around his arm, so with a smirk on his face he decided to take a dive in.

“ Guess I’m the only trainer with a grAAAAAASS……..!!!! ” he shouted as he was knocked down when Bulbasaur jumped in his bag. He was now laying down on the grass looking at the clouds that were passing by. The boy lifted his head and saw a cheerful Blubasaur coming out of his bag, that was now on his belly. The grass type pokemon came out with an apple that Xander had bagged for later. Xander started to giggle with a big smile enveloping his face. It was true that the apple was meant for his first pokemon….but never would he had thought that this was the way Bulbasaur would receive it. “ Seems you always get what you want! “ Xander said lifting the pokemon up, just above him, blocking the sun’s rays from blinding him.

“ Bulbasaur!!!! “ ( Your attention and a free apple! ) the pokemon cried as it got picked up. Despite being in air, Bulbasaur felt good as it was bathing in the sun’s rays. It closed its eyes and enjoyed the delightful shower.

“ Even the weather is at your bidding. " He chuckled seeing the pokemon being pleased by the height. “ Hmm... seeing as you like the sun so much let’s call you Zain. ” said Xander putting the pokemon down and lifting up his upper body. “ My grandmother used to tell me that the name means Arceus’s Light in some strange language. It fits you perfectly. ” Xander said as he started to pat the pokemon gently.

“ Bulba? Bulbasaur!!! ” ( Zain? It sounds perfect!!! ) the pokemon agreed as he started to jump on Xander.

“ Ok ok. Off on the ground with you. ” placing the pokemon down. “ You’re one tough pokemon for your level. By the looks of it your still under-leveled and know only two moves if I’m guessing correctly. ” Xander said getting up and brushing the dust off of him.

“ Bulbasaur! “ the pokemon cried to get Xander’s attention. As soon as Xander’s sight was on him, the pokemon started dashing towards a nearby rock, then knocking it away. Bulbasaur, or Zain now, then turned back towards Xander and was smiling like it had done something magnificent.

“ So you know Tackle! And a powerful one too. “ Xander replied at the earlier display, getting down to Zain’s level. But just as he was about to say something the grass pokemon started growling loudly. “….and Growl. ” he said as he put his hand on his ears to stop the screeching in his head. “ Next time practice on a flower ok. ” he joked.

“ Bulba! “ ( Next time! )

Xander then turned and looked at Seven who was sitting still in the same place where she gave him his pokemon. “ Guess she really is waiting for us. ” He said remembering her instructions. “ Hmm nobody dared to enter the tall grass and battle yet. ” He thought seeing that the others were also still with their pokemon out of the tall grass. “ Zain why not we go break the ice? “ Xander said pointing towards the grass. Bulbasaur wasn’t sure what Xander was referring to, but as soon as Xander pointed out towards the grass he was on the same page as the boy. The pokemon nodded in approval and got up. Both of them started walking towards the grass passing by the others and Seven. The atmosphere started to get tense, a sudden rush of thrill and adrenaline got over the cool and calm Xander. From the outside Xander looked as calm and collected as ever, emanating a confident vibe, but on the inside he was as anxious as any other starting trainer. “ You’d better watch closely! ” he said turning to Seven with a smirk. Then with a leap, he went into the grass followed by Zain.

The two started walking slowly through the lush herbs, watching and listening carefully for any movement near them. The grass was up to Xander’s knees, but it wasn’t so thick so it was ok to get and see through. They walked a few minutes and the others were getting farther and farther, and to Xander’s surprise there was no wild pokemon in sight. “ Are the pokemon missing too from this place? “ was the question that was running now trough his mind. “ Pretty barren isn’t it? ” he said towards Zain, that was walking in front of him.

“ Bulb… ” ( Ah… ) Zain wanted to reply, but before he could end his sentence a purple snake jumped in front of him and was glaring at the grass pokemon with bright yellow eyes. Zain didn’t even blink when the pokemon jumped before him, moreover, after seeing the pokemon it smirked and launched a powerful Tackle knocking it a few feet away. “ Bulbasaur! ” ( The way is clear! ) he said turning to Xander. But of course the trainer didn’t understand what Bulbasaur was really saying.

“ Good job! “ Xander said amazed by the pokemon’s quick reaction. Now Xander was more than sure that the two of them would make a great team. However the purple snake pokemon didn’t share the joy of the other two. It was mad and was getting back up and ready for round two. The pokemon started slithering towards Zain with its mouth open. Purple poisoned stings started shooting out of it towards Bulbasaur and Xander.

“ Zain dodge the needles! ” Xander shouted as the stings were approaching at high speed. Both Zain and Xander jumped to the right and nearly escaped the snake’s attack. But they weren’t out of the woods yet, the snake had stopped its attack but was rushing closer towards Zain. “ If we can’t escape it, then we have to face it head on. Zain another Tackle. On the double!! “ The grass pokemon started dashing towards the snake. The purple pokemon leaped towards Bulbasaur just as they were about to collide, but Zain managed to hit the pokemon right under its mouth and sent it flying back a second time. Bulbasaur and Xander were now sitting motionless and waiting to see what the wild pokemon’s next move was going to be.

“ Eeekans!! ” the pokemon cried furiously as it got up again. However this time it didn’t dash towards Bulbasaur like last time….this time it slithered its way into the tall grass and was moving at high speed confusing both Xander and Zain. “ Watch out! It could attack from any direction! “ Xander said seeing the pokemon move from one side of the grass to the other. However the snake had other plans in mind. Why dash out and reveal its presence, when it could easily attack and hide. “ Ekansss! “ the two heard and then a shower of Poison Sting started coming from their left side. Then the snake moved to another spot and used the same attack, afterwards repeating the tactic. Stings were coming from every direction. As Bulbasaur moved from the attacks range, the snake moved and attacked the poor grass pokemon from a different location. “ This is bad. It has the field advantage…” Xander said quietly as another shower of stings were heading towards his pokemon.

“ Come on Xander think…..you’ve watched tons of battles... ” he was thinking. “ If the field doesn’t suit you then…....CHANGE IT! “ shouting the last part. He had just remembered something he learned from his mother’s battles. “ Zain run back out of the grass!!! “ Xander shouted towards the grass pokemon.

“ Bulba! “ ( Better have a plan! ) the pokemon cried as it started running alongside Xander out of the grass, towards were the other were. Xander knew that the snake wouldn’t give up so easily and he was right, the snake started chasing them and was launching one Poison Sting attack after another. The two dashed as quick as possible through the grass, until finally jumping out of it, a few feet away from Seven, and mostly in the other’s view. The snake wasn’t far behind, and before Xander and Zain could catch their breath it was also out into the open field.

“ It has some determination, I’ll give it that! “ Xander remarked. “ Now it’s wide open. Use Tackle! ” he shouted and as soon as his sentence ended, Bulbasaur started running with its head straight forward ready to tackle the snake. Zain was just about to hit the pokemon, yet the snake somehow managed to dodge the grass pokemon and jump behind it. Moreover, while Zain was turning back to face the pokemon, the snake sprung onto Bulbasaur and WRAPed itself around the grass pokemon with a tight grip.

“ Bulba!! “ ( Help here! ) the pokemon cried loud as it got completely wrapped, the snake leaving poor Zain without even an inch visible.

Despite his pokemon being in a very dangerous position Xander was as calm as ever. A grin appeared on his face as he was about to speak. “ Zain you know nobody can see you there right? “ Xander teased the pokemon. Even if he didn’t say it, Xander noticed that his pokemon loved to have his trainer’s attention, so why not use that to his advantage. “ Growl !!! ” he shouted as he saw Zain starting to move and budge through the snake’s grip as a reply to Xander’s words. As soon as Zain heard his trainer a flame lit in him. He took a deep breath and lead out a loud Growl. The loud noise made the snake lose it focus and grip, thus giving Bulbasaur the perfect opportunity to get free.

“ Perfect. Now let’s finish this! ” the trainer shouted as he saw Zain jump out of the purple pokemon’s grip and was now back in front of Xander. “ Tackle it at full force!!!” he yelled pointing at the snake that recovered from the noise. ‘” Bulba!! ( I’m on it! )the pokemon replied and started running towards the snake. The purple pokemon slithering towards Zain, launching a Poison Sting attack as it was moving closer. “ Jump to dodge it, then continue the attack!! “ Xander quickly acted when he saw the snake open its mouth. Bulbasaur jumped just before the stings could hit him. The snake continued its attack, following the pokemon as it was jumping over it, but as it was too focused on its target it didn’t realize that by following Zain, who was above him and about to land behind him, it would result in the snake landing on its back. Xander planned it perfectly and with a well executed dash and Tackle, as soon as the grass pokemon landed on the ground, Zain knocked the snake near the tall grass, leaving it unconscious.

“ Nicely done! “ Xander burst seeing the snake out cold. Zain cried along its trainer as it ran towards him to get his well deserved praising. “ A pretty good first battle! You were great out there.” Xander said patting the pokemon on the head. Then he turned towards Seven. “ Good enough for you? “ he asked the woman who had obviously seen the battle. Now all that he had to wait was for the rest of the trainers to fill their part and see what Seven had installed for them next…

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Leon Spaulding
Route 1
Chapter 1 Post 2
Vs Sentret

Leon continued to just sit there in astonishment of the entire situation, who could have imagined a random letter would have led to him getting a pokemon. Hmmmm a Vulpix Leon's focus had shifted now and Ruby watched as he searched through his bag vigorously looking for something especially since she hoped it would be something for her. To her disappointment though it was only a book, a blank notebook to be exact, Ruby sighed and continued to resting and lying down in Leon's lap. Leon turned to the first page and began writing, the heading big and bold was "RUBY" under that he began writing where they met, its possible level: 5 and moves which he wrote down as Ember and Tail Whip. He shut the notebook and placed it in his bag trying not to disrupt Ruby too much with his movements.

"A battle huh?" Leon sighed as he looked down into Ruby's big brown eyes, how would he feel if something happened to his first pokemon? He couldn't turn back Seven didn't seem like the type of lady to let him off easy and if he lost he was done for anyway. Why am I thinking like this it seemed like fear was taking over Leon's mind he felt like he wanted to give up before he even started but what did giving up mean? If he gave up he would lose Ruby and then the entire point of this trip would be over, he would never have another opportunity like this again. It was just one battle, so was he nervous? Leon never missed a match at Pewter Gym so he has seen enough pokemon battles for him to know exactly what to do. And what about his father, Leon not acting or having this battle here on route one meant that the dreams of his father would be just dashed as well, what was the point of it all if I was only going to come so that I could turn back?

Leon jumped up almost forgetting about Ruby in his lap who nimbly landed on her feet and stared on him oddly "Vul Vul Vulpix?"(What was that for?) Leon stood tall and proud, "Don't worry Ruby we're gonna go far!" Ruby probably wanted an apology but there was no time to waste it look like Leon was behind as a boy with a Bulbasaur had already had his battle against an Ekans and won too. "Already Ruby come on, that's gonna be us". Leon began running towards the tall grass, looked like he was over his little fear and nervousness now.

"Vul Vul"(Oh boy) Ruby nervously and slowly followed behind Leon by now he was sprinting into the grass he wasn't able to control his excitement and joy.

"Let’s go Ruby!!" he shouted dramatically and in similar fashion Ruby jumped in front of him primed and ready to fight, question is fight what? It was definitely anti-climactic, there were barely any other pokemon in sight and they were both all looking forward to it greatly but none were to be seen. "So he found a ekans and I can't find a thing" Leon mumbled prompting a cheeky response from Ruby "Vulpix Vul"(Maybe because he looked) Leon smirked a little it was true but still it was a little hard to believe that this path once famous for it roaming pokemon and new trainers was so lonely.

Leon wasn't giving up, this was just a minor set back a pokemon had to show up sooner or later and he had no choice but to wait until he spotted one, Ruby was the complete opposite it looked as if she cared less as if she just wanted to sleep. Trees, grass and sky he looked everywhere, under every rock and a stone. Wait in the tree, what was that moving? Was it a just a fruit? Was it the breeze blowing playing tricks? Leon rubbed his eyes just to make sure but his eyes weren't deceiving him, it was a Sentret scurrying around in the trees.

"Ok Ruby lets go!" The passion could be heard in Leon's voice and Ruby seemed to have noticed it too as she hoped into action just like before but this time it was serious mode and Ruby had her eyes set on the rustling leaves in the tree. "Ember!!" Ruby began to shoot out bolts of fire towards the tree. Neither Leon nor Ruby saw the move hit Sentret but they both heard its squeals and saw as it fell out of the tree. Leon had a nervous smile "That was easier than I thought, why do people make it look so hard" Ruby smiled "Vul Vul"(I'm just that good) Disappointingly though the celebrations were cut short and smiles turned to frowns as the supposedly defeated Sentret burst through the bushes and Scratched Ruby sending her flying into the ground to the ground.

Leon blanked for a moment, there's always a risk of your pokemon getting hurt in a battle but when it's your first and when it's your first pokemon it seems to hurt even more. Ruby staggered back on her feet but looked ready to go again and get revenge for that hard hit she just took. Leon just stood there not a word not a motion, Ruby still waiting for orders "Vulpix!!!!!!!"(Heeeeeey!). That cry from Ruby was a snap back to reality and to the matter at hand Leon really couldn't have Seven thinking badly of him and he couldn't afford to lose. Dad was known for being calm and cool under pressure so I will be too Leon had to encourage himself in this situation he had no one cheering him on, only eyes judging him. Ok so Sentret is my opponent Leon was also taking up his father’s tactical approach to battling and began thinking up his strategy.

Battles don't stop because one is thinking though and Sentret started his charge towards Ruby looking to land another Scratch attack "Ruby Tail Whip lets go!!" Leon watched as Ruby turned and slapped the oncoming Sentret with her six tails, it didn't do damage but it worked how Leon wanted it too. "Quick now counter with ember" Leon's voice was now full of confidence it seemed as if he was coming into his own and that same confidence looked to have rubbed off onto Ruby who fired off an ember attack from close range. Ruby jumped back in front of Leon and watched as the dust kicked up by the attack cleared, this time they weren't going to let down their guard. As the smoke cleared Sentret could be seen curled up in a ball Defense Curl? "OK Come on we aren't backing down are we Ruby?" She only responded with a nod as she kept her eyes set on Sentret.

Leon and Ruby were both set dead on winning this fight, it was their first as a team together and if they didn't win it was without doubt there last. Sentret began to charge again "No doubt a scratch attack" Leon watched as the pokemon leaped into the air hands outstretched looking to scratch his little Ruby Only chance to get in a clean hit "Ember!!!!!" Ruby followed orders and fired the flames towards the defenseless Sentret who was hit midair and crashed to the ground with a BOOM! Leon was so confident now he could predict the Sentrets next move, it could only use scratch to deal damage and Ruby's ember was the perfect move to counter it.

The Sentret stood up again, its legs were wobbly and it was panting heavily but it definitely wasn't going to give up till its last breath. The Sentret set off running again “Vulpix Vul"(Guess he doesn't learn) Ruby fired off another ember attack Leon was certain of victory now as the bolts of flames headed straight for Sentret. Or that's what he thought at least, Leon learned his second lesson in that instance, expect the unexpected. Sentret catapulted itself using his tail dodging the attacking without a hitch, to the surprise of both pokemon and trainer. Ruby could only watch as the Sentret dived down from the air and scratched her before bouncing away a safe distance out of reach from Ruby.

"Vuuuuuuuuul"(Yoooouuuuuu!!!) Ruby let out a angry growl, this was the second time that this little squirrel like pokemon had scratch her and she was upset and so was Leon. As Ruby picked herself up from the ground Leon had already prepared a next strategy "Ruby you gotta trust me here, its reckless but it might work“ Ruby was hesitant at first but when Sentret began to charge forward again she quickly nodded, there was no way she was going to get hit again. "OK charge that Sentret" Ruby glanced Leon "Vul"(What?) that sounded absolutely mad but she made a promise. The two pokemon were charging straight towards their one another and even the Sentret looked surprised by the maybe foolish tactic. "Now ember!" While running Ruby fired the ember attack leaving Sentret no time to dodge or use defense curl, it was brilliant using the extra speed from running to propel the ember attack. Not bad if I don't say so myself Leon impressed himself with that move.

Ruby ran over to her trainer and jumped at him with joy, she had just beaten her first pokemon and Leon had just won his first battle. Leon glanced at Seven her facial expression didn't change Leon couldn't even tell if she was impressed or disgusted but oh well he won the battle and that all that counts. That was two for two, that meant Leon and the other boy with the bulbasaur both won their battles. He looked over at the blue hair boy and gave him a nod of congrats they were past the first step of whatever was happening. All that was left now was to wait and see what Seven's next instructions might be.