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    I saw the doors open, and a young boy came out, who quickly introduced himself as Jack Spark. All of a sudden, he cut himself off as he appeared to take a whiff of the air around, shouted loudly, and retreated back to the freshness of the outside.

    A lot of energy indeed. I notice one of the Pokemon appear to growl at me as well. It appears I really let myself go this time around, I'll be sure to get a shower before we actually get started on this thing...and if not, I'll get one sometime down the road. It'll all work out, the world always works out. I tend not to let myself get troubled by all these little things. They'll pass.

    But now I was concerned for my mentee's well-being. He did seem to be bothered by the smell and awful lot, perhaps a bit too much. I wondered for a second. Was he one of those extra-clean, no-nonsense guys? If so, I guess I'll just have to make a mental note to let him relax a bit. I secretly hope he's not one of those guys, though. I was really looking forward in teaching a new mind about the ways of peaceful zen, about the beauty of a breath of air, the smell of sunflowers, the warmth of the sun, the little things. You always, always, have to enjoy the little things. I intend, as the kid's mentor, to teach him that. And maybe, who knows? The kid might teach me a thing or two as well. I exchange a look with Birch as I apologetically excuse myself to the outside where Jack was.

    I walk out to the kid who seems to be hunched over on the ground, panting hard. I pat him once on the back, and spoke.

    "Hey there, Jack. Are you alright? You seemed to be awfully startled in there. I don't know if you know, but I'm your mentor. The name's Erik! Erik Aikuh. That's pronounced EYE-kuh. I hope we'll get along." I say, giving him a faint smile, and another pat on the shoulder.

    I offer him a hand up. The hand that would unite use for a brief second, and then, the boy's Pokemon journey would soon begin.
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