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    Black Mamba woke up. Black Mamba, that name is freaken awesome! He brushed his hair out of his face, it was black. Was he in the game? He looked around and saw that he wasn't. He was on some kind of neon green, oval platform with a bunch of other players. Black Mamba had to smirk at all of the anime looking characters.

    To each his own, but Black Mamba didn't like Japanese cartoons. He didn't like their comics either except pokespecial, which was awesome. Black Mamba noticed a whole lot of binary code as far as the eye could see. He then looked at the device with the screen on his arm.

    He selected Pokemon and saw a Deino sprite. He selected it, and a Pokeball appeared in his hand. He pressed the switch, and out came his Deino. It emitted a real sounding cry and Black Mamba smiled. "I'd name you Ryu but I always name my Deinos Ryu, so let's do something different. Your name is Hydra," said Black mamba.

    Black Mamba wondered if this was like the other Pokemon games where you could look at your player character on the screen, he wanted to see if he had red irises like he designed. He decided to ask the dude with the orange hair and the Minccino for help. "Hey, how do you view yourself on the screen?" he asked.
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