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    The virus sat munching on the code. It had it's own code, as glitchy and messed up as ever, but it was not too different than a pokemon. All virus's were like this. This was virus just a mass of unused pixels. You could see bits of pokmon here and there, like a Purrloin's tail or a Machoke's belt. Anyone that performed a scan like it was a wild pokemon would come up with two types. Dark/Fighting. It turned when something called out to it. It couldn't see the Mod. All the Mod was was more yummy code to eat. In a rush of hunger, it attacked.


    Nideous watched as first a display came up on his text bar: Black Mamba has sent out Deino. That was awesome. Then Black Mamba's words that he said also appeared on the screen. This happened a split second after he said them aloud. Nideous looked up and realised that Black Mamba was talking to him. He shrugged.

    "How the heck would I know?" Nideous said, his own words appearing on the text log. He grew tired of watching his text log. He clicked on the tab that said Nideous. First thing he saw was his profile. He saw a small picture of him, along with his details. Those of course, he had left blank. He clicked the options tab. First thing he did was change the display so that everyone's name appeared. He could see their names, but unless they did the same thing, they couldn't see his. He decided that his pokemon needed a name other than Minccino. He glanced at Deino. Apparently just saying the name meant nothing. He clicked the Pokemon tab, then clicked on Minccino. He saw the stats, as well as everything else. Huh, looked like this was a girl Minccino... He clicked the name. A bar popped up for him to type it in. Now... What to name her... He typed in Cayla. He didn't know why. Just seemed right. When he pushed enter, Minccino's name changed to Cayla. That also brought a smile to his face.

    "Hey, Black Mamba, try playing with your thing-a-ma-jig. You don't know what kind of things you can do!" Nideous called out to him. He turned and picked Cayla up, surprised at how real she felt. They had really outdone themselves on this. Now, if only they could do something about the load time.
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