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    Alason started getting distracted as Oak explained the situation, standing himself up and staring at his bracer. It was something about having altered the player code. Everyone's control unit was offline, including his own, but the button seemed to work fine. It returned little beeps when he pressed it, it just didn't open the menu. Trying to get through the explanation without falling over asleep, he started pressing the button. A lot.

    -- --- -..

    An interface like the regular menu popped up in front of him with a little window in the front. Moderator Panel status: Online and secure. The window shrunk into non-existence and the menu had several options. Aside from the normal options from the regular menu to the right, some on the left referred to the control units and their functions, the players online which had several bits of information about them like location and current actions, and plenty more regarding the server and client functions and game mechanics, along with a couple applications that were programmed in. One of the more prominent options was called "Cure"; it couldn't be turned off. What kind of name was that? Eh, I can figure it out later, he thought as he closed the menu.

    "I'll do it." Nideous responded to whatever Oak was saying. First time Alason heard his voice, since everyone else was talking amongst themselves. He didn't really pay attention, but if the players were involved...

    "Count me in, too."

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