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Wow, I never expected someone to post a review as long as this one! :'o .. Thanks anyway. I'll try to take note to what you've said.

Anyway, this poem is a poem that I wrote a year ago, so I'm not sure if it's good, but my friend helped me write it. :D
If you could look in my mirror
You'd see that I'm a monster
Hiding from the city lights
In this dark stormy alley
I thought I held it all
A gift, this so called "life"
That's all been washed away
By the tears in her eyes
Cascading down the walls
Once set to protect me
A prisoner of my own design
Struggling to break them down
Being invincible means nothing
If I can't ever be vulnerable
To the feelings I once cherished
The same that I'm now scared of
A heart that once beat for love
Has since decayed to dust
No longer capable of feeling
The warmth in me is fleeting
I fine no place to be safe
I fear what I've found true
I speak from lips turned blue
With my last breath I gasp
"I'll never be you"
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