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Originally Posted by Tyewatson View Post
All right, I wouldn't mind knowing how many locked threads a day you guys have and how many of them get remade in the correct area or they never fit in at all.

I'm getting a little annoyed with the format that is here, yes one can say maybe you don't belong here. However I think thats a little rude and rash.

I ended up making a post that linked to other threads because of some rules saying I have to post this sort of topic into that section or else the thread would be locked. Its a little bit annoying and I don't know how it benefits anyone.

I am currently waiting for my challenge thread to show up in the Challenge section. I ended up linking up the journal thread into it, the nostalgic thread into it and the general chitchat thread into it, tried to make my own chit-chat thread so people who actually do take my challenge don't start their own mini-discussions in the general chat thread however... There wasn't any point in it. Just because of these rules that state that you can't do this and you can't do that or else we lock your thread down.

I am not even doing anything that actually damages the original forum format and rules which apply to all forums, like double posting, and deleting threads which can have a bad effect on servers. I'm just going through these rules set in place. I will follow them however I will post links to other threads just because of a rule saying you can't discuss this here and you can't make your own thread discussing it so you get to annoy the people in the general thread that was stickied and all ready made.

I actually had no idea where to post this reply seeing as its related to what this is about posting locations. Its a simple question really with a long winded explanation of the stressing behind it. Why are there so many rules that contradict threads people want to make?

I think you may have just misinterpreted the rules a bit. I'd be willing to bet that the part of the Challenges Rules you read about creating discussion, simply meant to be active, not to make random threads. If you want to link me to what you saw, be my guest, because I don't see anything like that in the Challenges rules. :/ I'm kinda confused by what you mean, exactly.

Locking a thread isn't a big deal. We're not going to maul you or anything.