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    I have seen that there is a thread about funny fake cards. In this thread though, you may post fake cards you made, which do not break the TCG rules.

    Well...I'm waiting for your own cards!;)

    Moderator edit for the thread rules:
    1. All PokeCommunity Rules apply. (Especially the 4 words and 25 characters minimum length rule).
    2. All Pokemon Trading Card Game section rules apply.
    3. All Fake Cards section rules apply.
    4. You can make your own thread for your own cards instead of posting here if you wish to.
    5. If you are going to negatively rate someone's card, give some constructive criticism and don't just say things like "IT SUCKS!!!1111" or "lol ur card be fugly broham it suxorz and u suk". Comments like that are rude and should be reported so the section moderator can deal with them accordingly.